From the Makers of “Russiagate” – the Sequal – The “Ukrainian Whistle-Blower”…

It is Getting Hard To Tell The Difference Between The Democratic Party and “Saturday Night Live…”

From Europe By Karma Singh

Act I:  Scene 1 (Russiagate):

The plot is hatched. An anonymous “administration official”, acting upon information received from a highly disreputable source paid by the Democratic Party, alleges That President Trump received widespread support from Russia to win the election and that his election is, therefore, null and void.

Scene 1 (The Ukraine Whistle-blower):

The plot is hatched. An anonymous “administration official”, acting upon hearsay information from undisclosed sources hires a team of lawyers dedicated to removing President Trump from office. This team of lawyers then write for him a whistle-blower complaint alleging that President Trump demanded that the new Ukrainian president launch an investigation into the employers of Hunter Biden (the son of the then Democrat front-runner for the 2020 presidential election) upon pain of US aid to Ukraine being suspended.

Scene 2 (both dramas):

The main stream press – owned largely by the major financial backers of the Democratic Party – takes up the allegation and presents it as an already proven fact whilst rejecting any attempt at investigative journalism to ascertain whether there is any substance to it.

Scene 3 (both dramas):

Using the paid-for publicity in the main stream press, Democrat politicians demand a formal investigation into the allegation with the declared intent of using them to remove President Trump from office by impeachment for “High Crimes and Misdemeanours”

Act II:  Scene 1 (Russiagate):

Democrats in Congress force the appointment of an official investigator (a former FBI top man with known close association with organised crime) to find the evidence which would enable the impeachment of President Trump.

Scene 1 (The Ukraine Whistle-blower):

The Democrat controlled House of Representatives holds a secret “investigation” into the accusations with snippets of testimony which appear to support the accusation being “leaked” by the chairman of the investigating committee.

Scene 2 (Russiagate):

Nearly two years later the official “Mueller Report” states that no evidence of Russian collusion has been found. Democrats claim that lack of evidence does not prove innocence and call Mueller to give personal testimony before the House. (This backfires badly as Mr. Mueller had obviously not read either the script OR the “Report” he’d been paid enough to house 20 homeless families to produce. The Democrat attempt to show that President Trump had, somehow, subverted the Mueller investigation fell flat on its face.)

Scene 2 (The Ukraine Whistle-blower):

Here it must be noted in parenthesis for those unfamiliar with the American government structure just how such things are managed. The US Congress is the legislative branch of Government. It has two organs; the House of Representatives and the Senate. The President heads the executive branch of the government. To the House is given the responsibility to open investigations which may lead to impeachment of a sitting President. Their evidence is then passed on to the Senate which runs it’s own enquiries and then passes judgement. There are clearly laid down legal and procedural rules which determine how such investigations are to be conducted. One of these, enshrined in the Constitution itself, is the right of the President – or anyone at all – to confront his/her accusers, to hear the evidence and to present witnesses on her/his behalf.

Following strong indications from the Senate that any impeachment charges will be rejected out of hand unless proper procedures are followed, the Democrats in the House establish formal semi-open hearings but, again, fail to follow legal requirements. The Democrats have granted to themselves the “right” to reject out of hand any and all witnesses called by the Republican Representatives in the House as well as denying President Trump all rights to hear the evidence.

The objective is to publish all “evidence” which tends to support the accusations against President Trump whilst supressing any evidence which shows that he is innocent. This also backfires as the Republican controlled Senate, which has not been given copies of the script nor been paid to act it out, has already stated that, unless the whistle-blower testifies and President Trump has access to the hearings and is able (through his attorneys) both to question Democrat witnesses and to put forward his own witnesses as required by the Constitution, then the Senate will neither accept it as grounds for an impeachment trial nor act upon it.

Act III:  Scene 1 (Russiagate):

Following the failure of the attempted coup, the Democrat conspirators meet to discuss how to proceed. One of them, Adam Schiff, puts forward a suggestion that a disgruntled government employee and close associate of Joe Biden well known to him might be persuaded to act as a “whistle-blower” if immunity from prosecution were guaranteed. Eric Chiaramella was thus drawn into the conspiracy.

Scene 1 (The Ukraine Whistle-blower):

Adam Schiff acting as chairman of the investigative committee claims that, although he, himself, has already publicly identified the “whistle-blower” having him testify would reveal his identity and put his life in danger. (Actually, his life could only be in danger from Democrat supporters – were Trump to have him killed this would be viewed as an open admission of guilt – but, as with Epstein and others, the Democrat hierarchy may well have urgent need to shut his mouth before he can testify.)

Further, discontent with his arbitrary and illegal rulings on witnesses is growing amongst House Representatives which has led to Mr. Schiff loudly complaining that people are just not sticking to the script.

Act IV: Scene 1 (The Ukraine Whistle-blower):

The American people burst out laughing….

Keep Smiling….

Karma Singh –


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5 thoughts on “From the Makers of “Russiagate” – the Sequal – The “Ukrainian Whistle-Blower”…”

  1. One would think that Russia would collude to get Hillary elected, as thanks for getting a big chunk of our uranium. But I guess we’re not supposed to know that.

  2. The main stream press – owned largely by the major financial backers of the Democratic Party -Big Pharma-Follow the money.

  3. The Dems. are so far down the BS Road, they can’t stop the Circus and do the Job they were Elected to do !! The Swamp just gets bigger, and the American People are paying the Bill for these Jack-Asses !!!

  4. This was a good idea for a post- to portray the events in Washington as a series of dramas/movies. This is very much the way the anonymous “Q” presents a lot of the events, too. I think we are to understand that certain events have been allowed or guided to play out a certain way so that people have the opportunity to wake up to the fact that they have been living in a manufactured reality.

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