Federal Prison For Quackbusters?

Official Health care in North America is a disaster.  It is designed “not to work,” INTENTIONALLY.  In Official Health care America, nobody ever gets “cured” of anything – only “treated.”  The system feeds massive amounts of cash into the hands of the greedy – with little, or no benefit to Americans.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The “approved” medical system in America is called the drugs/surgery paradigm. In it, all medical care is made up of ONLY drugs or surgery offerings.  It is all very expensive, and outside of the Emergency Room, it’s nearly useless.

Americans who are forced to rely on approved Medicare offerings are getting system of health care that’s fifteen years old.  It wasn’t any good fifteen years ago – and it’s certainly no better now.  Those that have health insurance are getting health care ten years old.

Frankly, if our official medical system were in charge of our computer industry, we’d all be still using #2 pencils, and we’d have to have a license to use an eraser.

We Americans, leery of new drug offerings, have put a test system in place for new drugs, forcing chemicals which are unnatural, and have never been introduced into the human body before, to undergo rigorous testing.  It can cost $100 to $200 million dollars to develop and test a new drug.

Where the problem begins is that certain government agencies are now trying to force that rigid drug test system on “natural” products – those things that have been part of the human diet since the beginning of time, and “non-drug” approaches like healing, detoxification, self-health, oxygen therapies, energy medicine, and electro-medicine.

Why would the FDA and the FTC do that?  It’s about money.  The answer is simple – drug company influence. The FDA has a “revolving door” program with drug company executives.  They constantly change jobs – from agency to industry – and back.

With this influence, it is apparent that “new” health care ideas, in America, called the “alternative” paradigm, are being subjected to near impossible criteria for approval.  Only the richest of the drug companies can afford the official process – which is why conventional doctors only have “the newest pill” to offer.  “Natural” or the other approaches, don’t generate the kind of income that drugs do.  So the $100 to $200 million test costs are out of reach.

Americans are the losers.  For, if it continues, and we allow our employees at the FDA to continue their incestuous relationship with the drug world, we’re stuck with drugs and surgery.

Combating that situation In North America, is an organization called “The North American Health Freedom Movement.”  It’s purpose is to deal with the organized attack on new health care ideas.  It is very successful.  It is on the side of GOOD.

On the side of EVIL there is an organization grandiosely calling itself the “quackbusters,” who’s sole purpose is to stop new health care modalities.  Their intent is to force Americans to be reliant, for their health care needs, on that which has been allegedly “approved.”  They, in their murderous scam, label all things allegedly not “approved,”  as “quackery,” and the proponents of new things as “quacks.”

Americans are suffering and dying because of this conspiracy.  James Carter MD, Dr Phil., in his authoritative book “Racketeering in Medicine,” carefully explains the problem.  Retired New York Assemblyman Dan Haley, in his book “The Politics of Healing,” does an excellent job of talking about how much damage is being done to North Americans.

The reality is that the “cures” for a good many of society’s most dreaded health problems are already in existence – but are being suppressed FOR THREE REASONS: because (1) they are not drug or surgery oriented, and won’t bring mega-dollars into the conventional medical coffers, (2) they are a “cure” and not a “treatment.” There is much more profit in a “treatment” than there is in a “cure.” AND (3) the health problems are too often caused by the very products, and the very industry that manufacturers those products, used as “treatments.”

Cancer, for instance, isn’t being cured by Oncologists, cancer centers, or the American Cancer Society.  Those groups only use, and promote, expensive “treatments.”  Cancer is being cured by individuals, in different parts of the world.  All of those individuals, and their new ideas, are either being suppressed in some way, or are under outright attack.  It is the same for AIDS, diabetes, heart problems, strokes, autism, MS, you-name-it.

There are cures for almost everything already available – and none of them bring piles of gold to drug companies.

People who are restricted to “approved” medical offerings in North America simply suffer and die.  Those that step outside of the current accepted paradigm – thrive. Medicare “approved” offerings are fifteen years old.  Health insurance companies only pay for ten-year old medical care.  Studies show that Americans go elsewhere for their health care,  to stay alive, and healthy. That’s reality.

It is no great leap to suspect who is funding the quackbusters – and for what reason.  “Quackbusting” frankly, is a scam, funded I believe, by the greedier, and more murderous, of the conventional mendicants.  Those mendicants are simply protecting their mega-dollars by attacking the credibility, and the new health offerings,  of those who would dare to challenge their obscene profits.

It is time to take a hard line against the “quackbusters.”  Hard line, as in “Federal prosecution.”  Hard line, as in “hard time.”  Hard line, as in “seize property.”  Hard line, as in “throw those corporations out of America – officially ban their products.”


It is time for Attorney General John Ashcroft to step in…

A lot of people in the North American Health Freedom Movement are aware that I’ve been coordinating information about quackbuster activities for some time, and for specific purposes.  When, for instance, an attorney defending against a quackbuster attack asks for my files on the likes of Barrett, Baratz, Sampson,  or whomever, part of the price is an information exchange.  I want certain questions asked of the quackbuster witnesses, under oath.  The attorneys always agree, and return the information I’m looking for.

What I’m specifically looking for is enough evidence to motivate US Attorney General John Ashcroft to open an investigation into the quackbuster conspiracy, with all of the resulting criminal prosecutions that could engender.  Simply, I want the quackbuster conspirators to die in a Federal prison, or on the end of a rope, for what they’ve done to Americans.

I’m I getting what I want?  Yes, I am…  Can I get Ashcroft’s attention?  Very likely.

John Ashcroft, the Attorney General of the United States, has the ability to open doors I cannot.  He can get search warrants to seize records I can’t get, even under subpoena.  For instance:  I want to see Stephen Barrett’s (www.quackwatch.com) tax returns for the last twenty years.  I want to know who is paying the quackbuster’s master propagandist.  Despite my best efforts Barrett, so far, has been able to keep them from me.  We’re in court arguing this issue, right now.  So to speak…

Why do I want Barrett’s tax records?  I want to know who’s funding him – and how.  I want to know who the REAL quackbusters are.

Stephen Barrett, in a court case in Oregon, was forced to testify about his income – since he had claimed he was damaged financially by the person he was suing.  Barrett claimed he had only made $30,000 last year, and $24,000 the year before that.  Really, he did.

So if Barrett made only a total of $54,000 over the last two years, how is he paying for eleven separate court actions in North America over the last few years?  At a $100,000 outlay each, that’s $1,100,000 in legal bills.  Interesting…

In the American court system, the Defendant, in a court case, has the right to know about the Plaintiff.  The Plaintiff has to answer questions about themselves, and their purpose in the court action.  If Barrett is having his legal fees paid by someone else – then he’s not the real Plaintiff, now is he?  The REAL Plaintiff is paying the bills.

Barrett is suing me – trying to shut me up.  Does it look like that strategy is working?  Since I have the right to counter-sue the Plaintiff, I want to know WHO THE REAL PLAINTIFF IS…  I have plans for them.

The quackbusters know that I, and my friends, have infiltrated their communications network. They know I have their lists.  I make no secret of it.  They also now know that their being on one of those lists makes each of them a target for a RICO suit or other action.  Their plan to deny Americans real health care options is being revealed.

Don’t hesitate to send me information you think might be part of the quackbuster puzzle – something Ashcroft’s people could use.  Assembling a puzzle takes a lot of pieces, many of which don’t seem to readily fit.  Send it – it may be just the piece I’m looking for…

Dealing with the scam…

There are several things we’re doing, and have already done, to stymie the “quackbusters.”  You can read about them at my website “www.quackpotwatch.org.”

In Wisconsin, we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement, have trapped one of the top quackbusters, Bobbie Baratz, in a case he can’t get out of.  He, and his destructive quackbuster philosophy, are now on trial there.  He’s going to have to fight to stay out of jail, frankly.  We’re mobilizing the entire State to focus on toxic Bobbie – Health Freedom Activists, Senators, Assemblymen, the Governor’s office, health food stores, practitioners, you-name-it, are lining up to take a chunk out of Bobbie.  And, he certainly deserves it.  I’m heading back to Wisconsin to set up even more meetings about the danger of quackbusters to the life, and health of Americans.

Baratz, with his even weirder frequent statements about health care, is playing right into my hands in Wisconsin. The more he opens his mouth, the better I like it.  And, Bobbie can’t keep his mouth shut.

In America we have an issue we need to deal with.  It is, in my opinion, the most important issue facing Americans.  It is just as important as dealing with terrorism.  We need to stop the suppression of real health care – and imprison those forcing Americans into the suffering and death of the current drugs/surgery paradigm.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate