FaceBook Jail – Training Americans To Unquestionably Obey Their Globalist Masters…

It is ALL A “Pavlov’s Dog” Training Regimen…


Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Ivan Pavlov

In 1904 Russian Scientist Ivan Pavlov conducted some of the first experiments leading to the science of psychological “conditioning.”  His first published experiments were on dogs – and it made him famous  worldwide. Below we have a short video of Pavlov’s work.

B. F. Skinner

Later, in about 1936, another scientist, B. F. Skinner, described as an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor, and social philosopher  expanded Pavlov’s work enormously, creating, as it were, a method to manipulate people, and in fact whole societies.

Pavlov’s Dog – the beginning of “Classical Conditioning” of Humans…

The short three minute video below, viewed by over a million people so far, sums up the process very well.

Them Along Came B. F. Skinner…

I HATE  using Wikipedia for much of anything because it is VERY CLEARLY more freak-a-zoid spittle than fact.  But for today I am going to use a quote from it about B. F. Skinner, obviously taken from some more reliable source.

“Burrhus Frederic Skinner (March 20, 1904 – August 18, 1990), commonly known as B. F. Skinner, was an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor, and social philosopher.  He was the Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University from 1958 until his retirement in 1974. 

Skinner considered free will an illusion and human action dependent on consequences of previous actions. If the consequences are bad, there is a high chance the action will not be repeated; if the consequences are good, the probability of the action being repeated becomes stronger.  Skinner called this the principle of reinforcement.

To strengthen behavior, Skinner used operant conditioning, and he considered the rate of response to be the most effective measure of response strength. To study operant conditioning, he invented the operant conditioning chamber, also known as the Skinner Box, and to measure rate he invented the cumulative recorder. Using these tools, he and C. B. Ferster produced his most influential experimental work, which appeared in their book Schedules of Reinforcement (1957).

Skinner developed behavior analysis, the philosophy of that science he called radical behaviorismand founded a school of experimental research psychology—the experimental analysis of behavior. He imagined the application of his ideas to the design of a human community in his utopian novel, Walden Two, and his analysis of human behavior culminated in his work, Verbal Behavior.  Skinner was a prolific author who published 21 books and 180 articles.  Contemporary academia considers Skinner a pioneer of modern behaviorism, along with John B. Watson and Ivan Pavlov. A June 2002 survey listed Skinner as the most influential psychologist of the 20th century.”

Operant Conditioning…

Once again from the dreaded files of Wikipedia comes this:

“Operant conditioning (also called instrumental conditioning) is a learning process through which the strength of a behavior is modified by reinforcement or punishment. It is also a procedure that is used to bring about such learning.

Although operant and classical conditioning both involve behaviors controlled by environmental stimuli, they differ in nature. In operant conditioning, stimuli present when a behavior is rewarded or punished come to control that behavior. For example, a child may learn to open a box to get the candy inside, or learn to avoid touching a hot stove; in operant terms, the box and the stove are “discriminative stimuli”. Operant conditioning involves voluntary behavior. However, in classical conditioning, stimuli that signal significant events produce reflexive behavior. For example, sight of candy may cause a child to salivate, or the sound of a door slam may signal an angry parent, causing a child to tremble. Salivation and trembling are not operants; they are not reinforced by their consequences.

The study of animal learning in the 20th century was dominated by the analysis of these two sorts of learning,  and they are still at the core of behavior analysis.”

So, Let’s Look at FaceBook’s Behavior…

For years FaceBook, while building its User Base was an Open Forum – an interesting place where ideas were exchanged.  Then one day ALL OF THAT ENDED.

Some say that FaceBook was taken over by left coast liberals there, in the building, to steal Free Speech from conservative Americans.  But, although very true I think that’s only PART of the story.

I think it is ALL about embedding conformity to globalism – training free thinking Americans, and other members of Western civilization, to salivate, so to speak, on command.

Behavior Modification…

United Nations (UN) “Agenda 21” psychopaths, those that ACTUALLY BELIEVE that THEY need to reduce Planet Earth’s 2021 population from a projected nine billion to five hundred million, by any means necessary, have OPENLY made it very clear that the biggest threat to their plans was, and is, the American Middle Class – who they know, have been trained to be innovative independent thinkers – a very direct threat to globalist conformity plans.

The UN crazies have, in essence, declared war on the American Middle Class.  The Obama-Nation, we all remember, kept using the term “Sustainable Development,” a term which translates to mean:

“The destruction of Nations, especially the United States, in favor of a One-World Government run by self-styled Elites…”

All those jobs taken from Middle Americans and sent overseas were part of the destruction plan.  And, with Trump, we are bringing them ALL back…

FaceBook is running out of time…

I see complete, utter destruction coming their way.  And, it is well deserved.

It is VERY obvious that the Elite see FaceBook as a tool to turn the mid-term elections against Americans in favor of a one-world government managed by those that work for George Soros.

I am not at all interested in seeing Hillary Clinton appointed to be Planet Earth’s first “Empress.”  Are you?

Opinion by “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

6 thoughts on “FaceBook Jail – Training Americans To Unquestionably Obey Their Globalist Masters…”

  1. Your piece on Pavlow and Skinner is well researched. And how it has been and is used throughout all avenues in our country and throughout the world, . We can see it in the “Pharma bought Media. Liberal universities – remember the hysterical reaction of students when President Trump was elected? We see in the reaction of so many parents and young adults when they are told of the serious threat of vaccine to human health, psychological and life.

    Sometimes. or most of the time their reactions borderlines total breakdown of individual critical thinking and sanity. The Democratic/Communist party and their past and present leaders have convinced the black population that they are their champions, same with females of any ethnicity or race. All of these people react like computers. when they are exposed to facts-truths contrary to their settings… They crush. All indicate clearly that they have been programmed with a Pavlow-Skinner type brainwashing reaction.

    All of these “strategies” have one source: the World population reduction and one World Government spoused by UN Agenda’s 21 and now 30.

    This agenda has been methodically, slowly but horrifically successful since the 1940. And what is more insidious that even among Republicans we have supporters of this obscenity! But we, in this country, (and the World) are exponentially awakening, and that has these psychopaths extremely worried to the point that their reactions and actions to deter us has become a knee jerking – same o, same o. They themselves have become Pavlow-Skinner reactive, not wanting to face the fact that humans are not stupid and damn as they ‘TAUGHT” to believe, and horrors of all horrors, they are not superior to us at all! Their reactions have become increasingly mechanical and easy to foresee. And that is our strength and the gun of their destruction.

  2. I was thinking learned helplessness.

    But I think Trump has a different thought. I think he was still mad from when Twitter censored him.

  3. I think you are completely correct about Facebook. However, I think more and more people are doing what I did and simply quitting the platform. The manipulation and suppression of my ability to comment on Facebook upset me so much that I became determined to figure out how to navigate away from all the Big Tech services including Google, Netflix (already quit), and Amazon. My iPhone is a 4 and I don’t plan to upgrade. I don’t plan on shutting up about the truth, either. I actually speak to people face to face! I am looking forward to “self-banning” from a lot of worthless Big Tech and actually building quite a presence IRL (In Real Life).

  4. It’s not only fluoride in water but in conventional toothpaste and other dental products. Get rid of chlorine too. The Nazis used fluoride to get their prisoners to be easier to control. So buy organic dental products and water /shower filters that filter out as much as possible or buy pure water bottled in glass. Eating organic as much as possible is also extremely important.

    I too have gotten off Netflix and Facebook. I still use Amazon and Youtube, mostly to listen to music.

    iPhone5 is supposed to be very dangerous to our health so I will avoid that as well.

  5. Skinner emphasized the difference between operants and respondents. With operants, the reward always comes after the behavior. With respondents, the stimulus is always prior to the response. In a token economy, faked emotions are rewarded. Real emotions are respondents. We don’t need the globalists telling us what to think and what to pretend to feel.

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