Elected Democrats “Perform?” on US Health Care Repair…

Laugh Here – They Can’t Figure Out Why They Don’t Win Elections Any More…

Opinion by “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Everyone knows that the US Health Care system is badly broken. There are, virtually, no arguments against this statement.  

So why, you should ask yourself, would one of America’s two largest political parties – the Democrats – not want to participate in the repair of that system?

It isn’t just that liberal Democrats are COMPLETELY out of touch with the wants and needs of NORMAL Americans.

The answers are actually very simple when you lay out what the average liberal Democrat is.  If you think about it the Democrats are almost ALL on one form of welfare or another.  Upsetting the current health care system would cut off that welfare.   I’ll show you what I mean.

What?  How could that be?

Let’s break that down into its elements…

(1)  It isn’t just the Washington “elected” Democrats that kneel in front of Big Pharma’s altar.  A SIGNIFICANT number of Public Employees OWE their very existence to Big Pharma.  Their minute-to-minute survival depends on Big Pharma maintaining control of the US health care system.  What?  How?  Why?

(a)  It doesn’t take twelve years and 1.8 billion dollars to properly test a new drug for the American public.  Everything that needs to be done can be completed in a few months.  So why is there a twelve-year, 1.8 billion dollar, process?  Because the drug approval process is a massive welfare program for radically overfunded universities, their PhDs, and other government agency employees.  ONLY Big Pharma can afford this system, and the costs, of course, are passed on directly to the American public.  Smaller competitors need not apply.

(b)  Washington health care agencies are a simple “Revolving Door” between Big Pharma cushy, high-paying jobs, and the agency – depending on how well the public employee performs for Big Pharma while at the agency.  No one bothers to hide this.

(2) Democrats, as opposed to Libertarians, Republicans and Populists believe in Big Government (with THEM running it of course).  There is a general feeling among Democrats that THEY are a superior breed and should quite naturally be given ultimate power over humanity because of their self-decided wonderfulness.

If others around them smirk at this assumption, and, for instance, if one of the “Deplorables” should happen to park their four-wheel-drive pickup truck where the lib Dem normally parks the Prius near their favorite Starbucks, then they berate them using big words they memorized from the dictionary yesterday… That’ll show them… (sarcasm intended).

Of course sometimes there is a reaction they didn’t expect – as shown in the photo.

(3)  A large portion of the Democratic Party population, nationwide, are Public Employees with Unions.   This has become a HUGE problem.   Those employees have a stake in keeping the health care status quo for three reasons.

(a)  Agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) get a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money from Big Pharma in the form of fees.  Any changes in the system could mean employee cutbacks.

(b)  Public Employee Unions have Retirement investment funds.  Big Pharma’s stocks are a major investment for them.  So, there is a clear financial relationship, and a natural “protection” of Big Pharma’s interests by public employees.

(c)  Public Employee Unions‘ Retirement investment funds invest in “Private Equity”  companies which they can control – and do business with the government, even the very agency they work for – a most definite conflict of interest.

(4)  Public Health Care Agencies now own patent rights to drugs, especially vaccines, that they are supposed to regulate.  Then they can invest in the very company they share a patent with.   This is not a bad joke – it is really happening.  Who do you think they protect FIRST?

Nope, the Democrats don’t want ANY change to the US Health Care Swamp…

They ARE the Swamp..

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


3 thoughts on “Elected Democrats “Perform?” on US Health Care Repair…”

  1. Mr. Bolen,
    I totally agree with you, But the deceit and lies from the elected “socialist democrats” in congress and nationwide goes much father than just in pharmaceuticals and Obamacare.

    A few items that really peeves myself and millions of Americans off is that Government thinks we’re stupid. Take Hillary Clinton’s testimony on Benghazi, “So we have 3 dead Americans. At this point and time, what difference does it make”. Then there was her totally stupid act during exposure of her email scandal. And the topper was her statement against the core of Americans citizens, as a basket of “deplorables”.

    The People of the United States do not forget nor do we forgive. That also goes for the present California government of Jerry ” Moonbeam” Brown and his socialist democratic party elitist crony ruling class such as the mayors of sanctuary cities. Who knows, are they followers a mix of socialism and “Scientology”??

    Anyway the 2018 California State elections are right around the corner. We need to get ready for a uphill battle. Still haven’t heard of any platforms of the 3-4 Republican candidates that say they’re running. Matter of fact, haven’t heard much from the CAGOP or the local Del Norte GOP.

    I’m well aware that the CAGOP operates in urban areas with large populations to get their message out. But you add up the populations of all the rural areas within California, we’re twice as many. Guess it’s up to right wing Republicans such as myself to get the message out to vote and vote republican….

  2. Stedman:

    i have been quietly following Califiornia (non-Democrat) moves for a while – and I like what I see. I VERY much like some of it. but, I need more information.

  3. Tim Bolen,

    Thank you for the reply, and like yourself, I need more information as to the platforms of the Republicans running the office of Governor of California. Problem is, all I get are requests for donations. Sorry, no platform plans or strategies, no money.

    All these candidates are from Southern California and don’t even have an inkling of the needs of Northern California. Such as the repeal of the ’85 “Northern California Timber Initiative” which is an example of government over reach and special interest groups.
    This initiative destroyed Humboldt and Del Norte economies as well as a way of life and livelihood, turning vibrant communities into ghost towns and the lost of tens of thousand of jobs. Which affected myself, a third Generation Logger and millworker with 15 years in. Luckily, with my woods skills I was picked up by the U.S. Forest Service as a wildland firefighter and put another 26 years till my retirement in 2011.

    Just received the following from CAGOP, more California corruption by the socialist democrats…..

    Contact: Communications
    July 27, 2017
    Statement of Senator Jim Brulte (Ret.) on FPPC Support for Lifting Recall Contribution Limits

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – 

    California’s supposedly non-partisan political watchdog, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has exposed itself as a partisan tool of the Democrats.  
    First the Democrat-controlled legislature changes the law to protect Senator Josh Newman from a recall election his constituents are calling for. And today the FPPC overturns years of established legal precedents, over the objection of their own legal counsel, to help Democrat Senator Newman withstand the recall election.
    This is another step in the continued decline of the integrity of California’s elections. It is one more example of absolute power corrupting absolutely. 

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