Don’t Drink the Water and Don’t Breathe the Air

KP Stoller, MD


Hey New York City… Whatza matter you?

You are allowing your city to be sprayed with  pesticides to kill mosquitoes cause they carry a virus that has never been proven to be the cause of microcephaly in Brazil?

You know what is going to happen?225965_1670297484427_1447061602_31259751_1441755_s

Cases of microcephaly are going to happen and health authorities will say, “See… Zika is in New York and Zika causes microcephaly.” Then they will spray you more and there will be even more microcephaly.

Two larvicides, Altosid and Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI), are being sprayed in NYC to kill mosquitoes suspected of carrying the Zika virus, which the CDC has confirmed (without evidence) causes microcephaly. 

This is just NUTS!

If the larvicides are even just co-factors in causing the microcephaly in Brazil, and not the Zika virus – an infectious disease patsy, then New York may now be in the process of creating a public health disaster so others can profit.

A spike in microcephaly cases in New York will be announced over the next year… and you can take that to the bank.

“Oh, but what if we just use BTI which isn’t even toxic.” Hmmm… well others don’t think so as it seems to affect bird reproduction

The larvicide pyriproxyfen  (C20H19NO3), was what was used in Brazil and is produced by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is a pyridine-based pesticide that inhibits the growth of mosquito larvae. Sumitomo Chemical is a strategic partner of Monsanto Company of St. Louis, MO. This was the larvicide that was put in the drinking water in the northeastern region of Pernambuco state in 2014, the very  areas in which the vast number of microcephaly cases have been detected.

The CDC and WHO have all fed the propaganda machine that has fingered the Zika virus since February 1.  Congress has not approved the $1.9 billion for Vaccine Research, for a disease that has yet to be proven to as the cause of microcephaly… which has been endemic in other parts of the world without causing microcephaly.

So, since Congress is not approving funds to fight Zika, apparently the CDC will tap into hundreds of millions of unused Ebola funds to which they have access.

The War is on against an evil infectious disease agent and all the relevant pockets will be lined just as they get lined in all wars and never forget…all wars are banker wars – as the saying goes… Fighting an unseen enemy, a virus, is always the best kind of war. Feel the fear!

New York… thought you had enough of this with the polio outbreak caused by the overuse of DDT…guess not.


KP Stoller, MD

2 thoughts on “Don’t Drink the Water and Don’t Breathe the Air”

  1. Whooping cough is a bacteria that colonises the throat, called pertussis.

    1. Near no pertussis Australia whole cell pertussis vaccine (wP) 1953-1995
    2. Change to aP vaccine 1996.
    3. Vaccination rate, all time high levels of over 90%
    4. First Major outbreaks begin 2010, when all first aP vaccinated show 100% failure rates of the vaccine.
    5. No one over age 12 catches the illness, in the outbreak in 2010, one has to assume the whole cell is still working in anyone who got vaccinated prior to 1996.
    6. WA Health Department discover those kids aged 6-12 who they test, during the outbreak in 2010, although showing no symptoms still had pertussis bacteria in their throats for up to 8 weeks, and were able to transmit this to others. These children had still working aP vaccine, which protected them, but did not stop them transmitting the bacteria.
    7. Studies prove that fully vaccinated, with no symptoms, who have not yet had pertussis themselves (when the vaccine fails), do in fact, still catch, carry and spread pertussis to infants, who are too young to be vaccinated..
    8. In an attempt to prevaccinate babies, USA recommends aP vaccine be given to all pregnant women in 2013. Rise from 407 cases in 2006 of microcephalic babies per year to over 25,000 per year.!!!!!!
    9. Introduce aP vaccination to all Brazilian pregnant women in May 2015, GSK brand Tdap made under licence in Pernumbucco, given to babies in utero from 20 weeks gestation…..first babies born October,(exactly 20 weeks later?) a rise to 12,000 babies per year with microcephaly, ( still less than the present rate in USA).
    10. No zika in USA to blame, so how do CDC explain this rise in microcephaly? They are quickly trying to say oh zika has invaded, well it didnt invade USA in 2013, when microcephaly from Dtap in pregnancy, suddenly zoomed up to 25,000 babies a year, and miscarriages from jabbing pregnancy women increased 43 times in number?

  2. UMMM? Lets vaccinate foetus s now, lets vaccinate babies BEFORE THEY ARE BORN, with a vaccine known to kill them if given at birth? Women, do you realise they are terminating your pregnancies, on purpose? Do you know that your baby has a 1 in 50 chance of being microcephalic after your jabs? CDC murderers. Corruption just went to a whole new level of EVIL.

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