How the Democrats LOSE California…

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

The legendary former Democratic Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics is local.”

I’m a native son of the Golden State.  Yes, I know it seems overwhelmingly Democratic Party today, but trust me on this, the Democrats are on the verge of losing the state.  The big things are determined by a thousand little things.  I want to share a few of those things which convince me that even in California, the days of the Democrats are numbered.


A few weekends ago I went to Santa Cruz for the graduation of my nephew from the University of California.  His parents live in Santa Cruz as well.  (All names have been changed to protect the formerly liberal, but now conservative.)

My brother in law, Paul, has a business in downtown Santa Cruz.  There are a number of homeless people who will urinate and defecate on the wall of his business and in the front entryway.  Paul has taken matters into his own hands by installing multiple cameras around his business, then photographing them, as they appear, sometimes as they are in the act of urinating and defecating, then calling the police.

In most cities in the country, public urination and defecation would be a cause for shame, or at the very least, significant police interest.  (Let’s call it the ‘one-pee, or one-poop rule.’) The police try their best under the liberal policies, but Paul kept up his actions.  Now his area of Santa Cruz is regularly patrolled.  It is the cleanest section of Santa Cruz, but every week he is still photographing various law-breakers and phoning the police.  He has them on speed-dial.

The vast majority of us do not have any contact with the violent M-13 gangs of predominantly illegal immigrants.  However, Santa Cruz does.  When the mayor allowed ICE to conduct an operation against the M-13 gangs in the town, it so outraged the citizens that the mayor was forced to issue an apology.  (Really, I can’t make this stuff up!)

This is why I could never go into politics.  Because if I was the mayor I would stand up there and say, “I’m really sorry for trying to protect your lives.  In the future I will be more politically correct and look forward to seeing you again at your funerals.”

Both Sides of a Political Argument…

My sister in law, Sherry, is interested in both sides of politics, and took her son to a Bernie Sanders rally during the last election.  There was a large crowd, and they waited for hours, listened to the speech, then left peacefully.

Later in the campaign they went to San Jose to hear Donald Trump speak.  They parked in what they thought was the main parking garage, but left when they saw it was empty.  Unlike the Sanders rally, the Trump supporters seemed to show up just before the 7 p.m. rally.  (Maybe more of the Trump supporters had jobs?  Just a thought!)

The Trump rally was standing room only and Sherry was able to stand right near the front barricade.  She thought Trump’s message sounded like it had a lot of the same themes as Sanders did, but the events after the rally were markedly different.

The rally was calm and peaceful, but right after the rally, the police let in the protesters, who seemed to perform right on cue for the cameras.  Yes, Sherry, was right there when that one female Trump supporter was egged and attacked.  Sherry found some big, beefy guys to stand on both sides of her as she made her way out of the rally.

And it was a good thing she didn’t park in that original garage…

The cars in that garage had been overturned by protesters.

Got the difference?  Go to a Sanders rally and it’s peaceful.  Go to a Trump rally and get attacked, maybe get you car overturned.  (But it’s okay!  When your car gets destroyed by leftists and you can’t get home, just call Uber!)

And the graduation ceremony?

Well, the University of California, Santa Cruz is that fine and brave citadel of learning which endured a multi-day building takeover by the African/Black Student Alliance. They demanded that “ALL African Black Caribbean identified students” be given guaranteed housing in the Rosa Parks African American themed house, the house be painted in African colors (red, green, and black, if you didn’t know), and that EVERY incoming student must go through mandatory diversity competency training.

Of course, the university administrators agreed to ALL their demands.

I asked my nephew, “So these students all want to live in the same building without any white people around?”

“Yes,” my nephew replied.

“Didn’t we used to call that segregation?”

Next I asked my nephew what his friends thought of the university’s actions.

He replied that a lot of them were “trust-fund babies” and they generally had liberal outlooks which matched the fact that many of them weren’t working.  Their rich parents had the houses with the good views of the Pacific Ocean and the political ideology that went along with it.  “I don’t have that luxury,” my nephew said.

I’m proud to report that my nephew has already started his new job, and as his proud father told me, “He’s making more than I ever have.”  Computer programming, of course.

I hadn’t expected the visit to be so political.

I really do consider myself a Californian and all that implies about our ability to live together in a peaceful, loving, even groovy world.

But I can’t deny what I see,

the multiple assaults on decency, what we used to think of as the civic values of respect in a democracy, even basic issues of safety from violence.

To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, “If you haven’t been liberal by a certain age, you have no heart.  If you haven’t been conservative by a certain age, you have no brain.”

The people running California need a lot more brains.

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.
Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



5 thoughts on “How the Democrats LOSE California…”

  1. Also a native of Ca. Many people I know in their 60’s that have always voted a straight Dem. ticket…were so appalled at the Dem behavior that they either didn’t vote or they voted for Trump.

    After that seeing all the pussy hats just confirmed they made the right choice.

    Dems pandering to the 20 somethings, lying, cheating…..yes you DWS, CNN, etc. Jerry Brown not caring that no one wants his train or his gas tax, hiring Eric Holderman….they just keep giving us more reasons to be done with them.

  2. I heard Ronald Reagan say that he didn’t leave the Party, it left him. I understand that now. Salinas is a working Ag town in the Coastal Strip. Our political scene is messy as we are a bedroom community for those who can’t afford to live in the Bay Area proper. But the establishment Republicans living on the Monterey Peninsula and Carmel openly collude with the over the top rich Tech companies to maintain the status quo. The general feeling one gets from them is that they’ve got theirs so screw off. I sure hope that you are right about them losing the State. I also hope that the Democratic Party will get their affairs in order and get off of this Identity crap.

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