Dear Donald – It is Time To Take Off The Gloves…

You Are Being Intentionally Distracted – And We Have Issues We Need To Deal With…

Like Vaccines, Health Care, Liberal Control of Social Media, Election Fraud, Human Trafficking, Border Walls, Jobs, Cracked-California, and the Preservation of America…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Mr President:

We know that OUR opposition is trying desperately to distract you from your work, and I know how uncomfortable that crap must make you, and your family, feel sometimes.  We thank you for your efforts.  America is with you,  We’ve got your back.

So I want to remind you that “We the People” elected you to lead the way, in America, to get certain things done, to fix long-standing problems that ALL of us recognize..  You have accomplished a lot in your first year, but, as you know, this job is massive.  The changes we need to accomplish are immense.

America knows this.

So, Donald, I Have a Complaint…

Sometimes it seems as though you are getting distracted by those that DID NOT elect you.  You treat them as though they had some value, as though their opinions were of some importance, as though their constant harping at you is worth listening to.

Please stop that.

We need to focus….

We the People,” those that elected you, don’t care one bit about the globalist “liberal” political position.  We rejected it long ago.  We, the American people, made the mistake of NOT watching what was going on and allowed America to be “Changed” into an “Obama-Nation.

We ALMOST lost our national identity.

In 2016 we listened to YOU, Donald Trump.  YOU, like us, had said “Enough is Enough.”  So, we elected you, and you have made it very clear that you are one of us.

We are in this together.

Ignore the distractions. Stay on the road…

We need to deal with “those distractions” differently.

Let me give you some examples…

(1)  Sometimes, you are just too damned nice, Donald. 

Sometimes you just handle things wrong BECAUSE you are a nice, caring, good-hearted person.  Sometimes a man has to be a “roaring asshole” to get something done – raise your voice so-to-speak.

Maybe, Donald, you need to revise the way you, and yours, sometimes look at things.

For instance, when your National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was VISITED by a couple of ROGUE federal DOJ employees while Mike was performing his duties to protect America, ending in him being charged with “lying” to those same scum-bag agents, YOU let it just happen.

Perhaps, you, and Mike, should have viewed this whole scenario as an attack, by enemy agents, to interfere with the function of the elected President of the United States?  I know I would have – and the way the story is unfolding about two hundred million Americans see it that way too.

Mike Flynn, I think, at that first visit, should have pulled out his  .45 ACP pistol and calmly told those “Agents” to kneel on the floor with their hands on top of their heads – and, after some handcuffing, the appropriate investigatory process would have begun.

As we now know, these were, in fact, “rogue agents,” with an agenda to topple the duly-elected government of the United States. 

We could have found out their plans and intent a whole lot sooner had you, right then, treated this as an attack on America (which it was).

You have the right, under the law (National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – Section 1021) that came into being during the “Obama-Nation,” to order the military to grab these scum-bags, and hold them.

Section 1021 of the NDAA says:

” includes the power to detain, via the Armed Forces, any person “who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners”, and anyone who commits a “belligerent act” against the U.S. or its coalition allies in aid of such enemy forces, under the law of war, “without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF]”.

But Donald, your “nice guy” side intervened.  I think you should have activated some people in Military Intelligence, scooped up these traitors to America, hauled them down to Guantanamo Bay, hung them by their ankles for a week or so.  We would have had their whole plot right in front of us, between screams, much sooner.

And you still could.

This is America we are protecting…

(2)  You Are WAY TOO NICE to the Main Stream Media (MSM). 

Why?  Didn’t your big brother teach you how to spit?

You treat them as if they mattered, as if their nastiness went somewhere other than nastiness – it does not.

Why do you do that?  WE the People” don’t. Why do you even let these nasty-mouthed nobodies into the White House?  None of us, out here in flyover land, would allow them into our homes so why do YOU, the President WE elected, let them into YOUR (our) house.  There is plenty of “American” Media that can get the news out.

These MSM people are not operating for the GOOD of America.  They have an entirely different agenda – one that works at odds with ours.  So, why are they still standing?

Yes, they are “Fake News,” so why give them any time at all?

Please stop doing that…

When North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un mocked Americans you sent the fleet and you made it very clear they were to cease their activities.  Yet, when CNN runs 24/7 hours of anti-American activity you just call them “Fake News.”  Why not just shut them down?

Shut them down?

Certainly – there are lots of ways to get that done.  Let’s name some:

(1)  Cut out their income.  How?  Shut off Big Pharma’s Direct To Consumer Advertising (DTCA) spigot (Executive Order).  MSM would be without 70% of their advertising revenue overnight.

We should do this anyway.

(2)  Grab a few of the mouthier TV commentators using NDAA Sec 1021.  Target those that, very obviously, are trying to start a race or gender war.  Grab them right off the Nightly News, right in front of the audience – sort of an enhanced “Perp Walk.”  One or two from CNN, MSNBC.  What would be the problem in that?

300 million American would watch THAT video repeatedly, clapping their hands with joy…

(3)  The “Special Prosecutor” to Investigate Russian Influence in the 2016 Election Saga is Getting Moldy. 

Please just wrap that up.  This guy Mueller and his Clinton people he hired are far afield from a “Russian Interference” investigation.  Jeff Sessions needs to come out with an “Enough is Enough” declaration.  Sessions may have recused himself from a “Russian Interference Investigation” but no one has found ANY evidence of such a thing, and this group of Hillary-ites is abusing the position for a fishing expedition – just stop it.

We have a lot of things we need to accomplish Donald.  Let’s get  going, please.  It is not time to slow down.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


7 thoughts on “Dear Donald – It is Time To Take Off The Gloves…”

  1. More Garbage from the politically divisive Rag the bolen report. This rag is nothing but a hack for the criminal Republicans and their new criminal in chief donald trump.

  2. You seem to have missed a few things, Thomas.
    Perhaps this letter I wrote to David who also lives somewhere in the USA may help you:-

    Good afternoon David,
    I can, of course, understand how you come to such an opinion with all of the banker controlled press screaming their propaganda at you all the time. It is, further, no surprise that you know nothing of Russian history: The bankers have made an enormous effort to make sure that you only hear their version of events. Before we go into this, however, just why do you believe that to be a good leader one must be perfect? Why is a good leader not allowed any mistakes?

    What has been kept from you in Russian history of the last 100 years is that the revolution was not fired by the people to “throw off the yoke of tsarist dictatorship” but was instigated and financed by the bankers because Tsar Nikolas had founded a people’s bank through which any Russian worker could obtain interest-free finance to start his/her own business. For the heinous crime of depriving the bankers of profit and a large pool of slave labour, the Tsar, his wife and all of their children were brutally murdered. The bankers then appointed Lenin who mercilessly and very violently stamped out all trace of communism. There then followed a series of banker appointed dictators ending with Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin was a spineless drunken sot, who brought Russia not merely to her knees but almost supine. Riding a wave of popular backlash, Vladimir Putin took charge. A strong man but a strong man was essential to do the needed job. One of his first actions was to throw the bankers out of the country and to imprison those who had so mercilessly exploited the Russian people. This is why you only hear black propaganda about him in the banker owned press (about 94% of the total!).

    Recently, in open and fair elections, Putin gained more than 60% of the popular vote. Why? Because of the job he has been doing for the past years in office of re-building the Russian economy, eliminating national debt, constantly improving infrastructure, housing, health care and much more. He is a man who cares about the people and the country entrusted to him.

    Similarly, Trump is someone who has no truck with criminal sycophants of the bankers. He has not only sworn to end the rule of the bankers but, from day one in office, set about doing exactly that. The criminal gang headed by the Podesta brothers who ran the child sex slave business for the Clintons have been in jail since December. Many more have joined them and many more will.

    No way is Trump against environmental protection (and has done more than Clinton, Bush and Obama combined to achieve this) but the needs of the American people and the country must also be balanced with this. Many difficult decisions have had to be made and Trump, unlike his predecessors, has made them.

    Both Putin and Trump are master strategists with the same end in view – the liberation of humanity from the exploitation of the bankers.

    I would gladly shake hands with either or both of them but I would never play chess with Putin or poker with Trump.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. I would like to thank the Bolen Report for the blog post and Karma Singh for the excellent summary of what is going on in Russia. I am grateful for President Trump and whoever is behind the “Q” Anon posts. It seems we have a new season upon us where the vast majority of decent humanity, simply wanting to live with dignity and godliness, are being “heard” by true leaders and patriots. Yesterday was, notably, the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. We are in the beginning phases of a revolution and there is a lot to be accomplished yet. While I rejoice at corruption getting rooted out at the highest levels, it is a continual grief to me that so many have been killed or harmed by vaccines, so many are damaged by poisons in foods and even things used to clean our houses. I will continue to be inspired by Trump and the many unknown patriots standing for truth. At the same time, I will do my part to expose the wicked system that treats men like cattle and “profits” from human misery.

  4. I believe to date there are 28,000+ indictments. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and to tear down this mess that is called America isn’t going to happen overnight. Our country was over thrown when Wilson sold us out the night before Christmas Eve in 1913, when CONgress was home for the holidays. Then we had a full blown coup in 1933 by bankers, and industrialists like DuPont, Harrimann, Carnegie, Bush, Walker (ie HW Bush), but thanks to the quick thinking of John J. McCloy, future world banker, former lawyer, and at that time Ass. Sec. of War. Came up with an unconstitutional solution. Some may even recall his steady hand on the Warren Commission, and his Al-CIA-duh buddy Allan Dulles for JFK.

    I can say we’ve been in some phase of a coup in 1913, 1933, 1963, 1981, people should recall when H.W.’s oil buddy’s kid, John Hinckley Jr. shot Ronnie Reagan. 8 shots with a 6 shooter. Who was that in the window above the door. Some one nearly kills the POTUS and he’s out and about now? RIGGED?? Poppy pretty much ran things since then.

    The Octopus as Danny Casolaro so elegantly put it (RIP Danny, your a hero!) has had 105 years to get it’s slimy tentacles all wrapped around everything that was thought to be an American institution. So as Poppy leaves, the Clinton’s take over. Poppy had Al-CIA-duh, and HitLIARy and Slick Willy have the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, Barry Soetoro’s and the Clinton’s get the drug business. (LOL We’ll see) The DC whores know the American public is like the 2 buzzards on the cactus, where one looks at the other and say’s “Patience my ass!!! I’m ready to kill something!”

    As Dr Jerry Corsi said the other day, “Just when you think Trump is going to loose, he wins!”

    AS you can see by the story told by Karma Singh and myself. 2 country’s at opposite ends of the globe, with a common enemy with 100’s if not 1000’s of years perfecting there system. They’ve about lost control of the fake news, fake science, and FAKE MONEY!

    Just look at the Q drops! The music is blaring, and were ready to dance! The last days in April will be in the history books!

    Good article Deplorable Tim from the Deplorable Russian Bot Abe. I sent Trump Sec 1021 NDAA as to how to handle the inauguration if things got Snooki smart. I wonder how well Thomas knows Snooki?

  5. Thomas you are too funny. So a health blog one would really have to search for that has important questions about causation, treatment and politics is politically divisive? Don’t visit.

  6. When can we stop pretending Trump will be out big hero?? I had hope too but time and again he has shown no interest in stopping the vaccine haulocost! His meeting with Gates this week should be the nail in the coffin right??

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