Cancer Report:  Vaccines Cause Cancer – We Need to Get Prepared…

International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians (IOICP) – 15th Annual Conference…

By Frank Cousineau – President, Cancer Control Society

Note from Tim Bolen – I have been a huge critic of the mainstream Cancer treatment establishment for a very long time.  President Richard Nixon funded the “War on Cancer” in 1972, challenging mainstream to solve the cancer problem.  They promised to do that within eighteen months if given enough money.  In forty four years they have made ZERO progress.  American have found that there are alternatives to mainstream that work very well, are cheaper, and you, and/or your loved ones get to live.  And, you get to travel…

And, since we now know that mandatory vaccines cause cancer we had best get prepared…

What is this?  

Why is this important?  This (IOICP) – 15th Annual Conference is a premiere training program for physicians to learn how to implement the most up-to-date Integrative Protocols to improve the outcome for cancer patients.

This year, Annie Brandt, Founder of Best Answer for Cancer and a 16-year cancer survivor has organized another excellent physician-training program at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego (Hotel Circle on I-8), California.  Please follow the links below for more information and to make your reservations.

What is IOICP?  

It is the International Organization for Integrative Cancer & Chronic Disease Physicians.  IOICP is a group of physicians (MD’s, ND’s, RN’s, PhD’s and others) dedicated to providing the best patient-oriented protocols to their patients.  The organization supports its members with basic training, as well as advanced courses in the latest, most effective techniques consistent with the prime admonition of the Hippocratic Oath, Primum est nil nocereFirst do no harm.

The Cancer Control Society (CCS) will be among the Exhibitors at the Conference in San Diego.  As we fulfill our Mission to provide information for physicians, CCS will have books, DVD’s and additional literature to provide physicians with the background information to contribute to their confidence in treating patients with these protocols, and the support materials to help their patients, help themselves.

What benefit is there for me, if I am not a medical professional?

For the second year, the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation will have a two-day patient oriented program in the same location.  Patients will learn from some of the foremost experts in Integrative Cancer Treatments, most of whom have been featured over the years at annual CCS Conventions.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and then interact up close and personal with the speakers and recovered cancer patients.

This portion of the Conference also will have its own Exhibitors.  The lectures provide the knowledge about cancer as a disease and the Exhibitors will show you how to implement these 21st Century treatments.  The added advantage is these therapies not only lead to reversal of disease, but go a long way to preventing the return of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

These and many additional topics will be presented over five exciting days at the 45th Annual Cancer Control Society Convention, Labor Day Weekend 2017.

Follow this column every week until September.  Each week, we will provide you with updates; we will introduce our speakers and tell you how to register for the Convention, Doctors’ Symposium and Tours of the Tijuana Cancer Clinics.

Please share this information with your physician and plan to be with us in San Diego 27, 28, 29 April.

By Frank Cousineau – President, Cancer Control Society

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