Bye, Bye “Obamacare” – Hello “Health Care?…”

We Need A REAL Health Care System – One NOT Based On Drugs And Vaccines…

From Germany by Karma Singh

Those who have read the book  “Why Nations Fail” from Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson will be aware that one of the principal causes is the establishment of monopolies for “Friends of the Government”.

Obamacare is a classic example of such; it established regional (state) monopolies on health insurance, and a national monopoly on health treatment for the pharmaceutical industry. It was, basically, an extortion racket which cost the American people dear whilst reducing the value and availability of the health care which they could purchase.

In volume one of “Conversations with God” from Neale Donald Walsch, it is stated that this world is governed by lies and liars.

Just one month ago, Nancy Pelosi proved this point by declaring that the abolition of Obamacare and its replacement with something else not ruled by monopolies would be to deprive America of affordable health care – the exact opposite of reality. The truly intriguing question is, “Why does she think that such a bare-faced lie that anyone can disprove in 2 minutes with a pocket calculator will be accepted as a statement of present reality?”

Insanity or criminal intent? I dunno – difficult to tell with her.

I wonder whether “Our Donald” and his team have realized just how BIG a chance this is.

By changing health insurance law, he could demolish the pharmaceutical monopoly! Let me try to make this a little clearer by quoting the health insurance offered by what is known as the “Kingdom of Germany.”

“Kingdom of Germany?”let me explainThe Kingdom is the only German state; the Federal Republic of Germany is not a state. The World Court in The Hague has twice ruled on this; once in 2006 and again just last year that the Federal Republic of Germany has no standing before those courts because it is not a state.

Obama bin Barak himself stated in a speech to American troops in Ramstein, Germany in 2009, “Germany is an occupied land and will remain so.” Only last month, Mr. Grennell, the US Ambassador in Berlin, reiterated this state of affairs and went on to imply that the highest authority over Germany is the president of the USA. Our legal experts agree!

The Kingdom of Germany, however, is a state with principles very different to most other states as can be seen here:-

When it comes to health care, the objective is to create “a chronically healthy people”. It seeks to attain this in many ways:-

Firstly, the health insurance pays for ALL forms of treatment, even including conventional medicine in the rare cases where this is relevant. The choice is left to the patient.

Experience shows that most will opt for the treatment which resolves their problem rather than constantly suppressing the symptoms. As it is undeniable that such non-pharmaceutical methods are vastly cheaper, the costs to the health insurer are very much lower enabling much lower premiums than those applicable where exclusively pharmaceutical methods are permitted.

Then, the insurer offers training courses in healthy life styles and, completing such a course reduces your premium.

The insurer finances research into non-pharmaceutical methods as these, inevitably, further reduce costs whilst giving the insured greater scope for regaining health.

Preventative methods such as human appropriate nutrition – macrobiotics, Chinese 5 element nutrition and others are promoted. It should be noted here that in medical training, nutrition is often not even once mentioned simply because a minimum of 40% of all health problems are caused by inappropriate diet. Did your doctor know this then pharmaceutical turnover and profits would be reduced by many millions of dollars each day! Most doctors are, by design, totally ignorant on this topic.

So, what would happen if insurance companies were compelled to offer three types of insurance?

A) Covering only conventional medicine as at present.

B) Covering all health care techniques with a premium 10% lower than A.

C) Covering non-pharmaceutical treatments only plus emergency surgery with a premium 20% lower than A.

Three things would happen:-

Those who are unwilling to consider alternatives would continue to pay the highest premium.

The potential savings would encourage many to look into the non-pharmaceutical alternatives and then, maybe, try option B.

Those who are already well informed would opt immediately for option C and, at last, be able to exercise their sovereign rights over their own body and those of their children.

At the same time, the abolition of the Obamacare monopolies would open the door wide for the insurers to cut their costs by investigating other non-pharmaceutical methods.

Stopping the Suppression of Things That Actually work…

A case in point here is with the arthritis group of illnesses which costs Americans billions per year just to suppress the pain but which can, in 95% of cases, be completely eliminated with the use of a German technology which was, originally, designed to make a car run better (which it still does) but, it was later discovered, also makes the human body work much better. Here the cost difference is $300 to $500 each and every month for life compared with the German technology a one-off $190 to remove the problem completely.

Set the system free to pursue real health, nee, restructure it so that it sees this as its best option and the results will amaze everyone except the pharmaceutical manufacturers who knew it all along.

There are, of course, details and ins and outs to be worked through and I would be delighted to offer Our Donald’s team whatever help and assistance I can.

Blessed be

From Germany by Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

4 thoughts on “Bye, Bye “Obamacare” – Hello “Health Care?…””

  1. Start of all SicknessPlusWiFi
    My present problem and status
    All chronic conditions start with mercury , mercury buildup and saturation in ones soft tissues. All health problems can be traced to mercury accumulating in your soft tissues as you age because the two modes it operates. First it binds and slowly disables your selenium nerve ending connections and secondly during detox it depletes magnesium (essential for immune system and pancreatic function) in your body. Glyphosate(roundup) also depletes magnesium etc. Keep it simple and understandable and let your curiosity carry you on to cavitations (such as root canal , gum , jawbone infection- see Dr. Levy HIDDEN EPIDEMIC ) This book links to heart disease and breast cancer most in not all chronic (Meaning supposedly incurable) health conditions. Right now I have Ataxia and resistant hypertension as well as Left Ventricular Hypertrphy and two cavitation infections (see 3D ct scan) under one root canal and one dead tooth.
    Terry Harnden
    WiFi exposure

    Unfortunately, Wi-Fi exposure of 2.4 GHz for 20 minutes significantly increased (approximately doubled) the amount of mercury released from dental amalgams into the body of the Wi-Fi exposed group compared to the non-exposed group. Other research showed exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) such as mobile phones and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and x-rays significantly accelerates the release of mercury in dental fillings. The blood and urine mercury load of a person with amalgam fillings is often five times that of a similar person without. Studies have consistently found that the modern, high copper, non-gamma-two amalgams have a high negative current and even a much greater release of mercury vapor than conventional silver amalgams and are more cytotoxic. Recent studies have concluded that, because the high mercury release levels of modern amalgams, mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings is widespread throughout the population. There is also an increased exposure from seafood/fish intake, air in modern society. Further, metals are also passed down through the placenta, so mercury is still involved with autism as well despite its lowered use in vaccines. Many of the earlier studies that suggested mercury as the cause just may not realize its still present and contributing just from these other sources now.
    Terry Harnden
    Thank you for the info . It confirms some IAOMT info I have saved.
    Could you give me the the source reference to add to my research database. the tentacles keep expanding. I now have a 2 to 10 gigahertz meter.
    Canadian Medicare (CMA, CDA) will not acknowledge endemic mercury poisoning. Lawyers cite “conflict of interest”. The cavitations are silent(painless) infections and can only be detected by 3D CT scan. Dentist use these scans internally to deny treatment and avoid the legal liability (billions of early deaths and sickness if not treated) of those who may die during treatment without IV vit C and Hibot.
    This happened to me when I tried to have a root canal removed and a insert done. I was denied access to the 3D scan. I later got one and found 2 massive infections under a root canal with mercury filler and a dead tooth. So far I am unable to find anyone Canada to even recognize or treat my condition.

  2. Karma,

    Thanks for the excellent post. Last year was a difficult one for me and I lived on $11,000 USD. However, having ditched pharmaceuticals (I was once on 4, costing up to $2,000 per month-mostly paid by “health insurance”) I made it through. I am convinced that in a sensible situation insurance itself is unnecessary and some religious groups oppose it on moral grounds and I agree with them. In the US one alternative that has worked well for Christians is “medical sharing”. I have occasionally used hbot at an out of pocket cost of $30 per 50 minutes.

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