Big Pharma Says – “Anti-Vaxxers Are The Greatest Criminals in the World Today!”

Big Pharma Started With The Funding of Hitler, And They Still Use The Same Tactics And Strategies..

From  Germany – By Karma Singh

Herrmann Göring, deputy Reichskanzler to Adolf Hitler said…

“If you say a thing loud enough and often enough, no matter how ridiculous it is people will believe it.” 

So they shout this opening sentence (“Anti-Vaxxers Are The Greatest Criminals in the World Today!”) at us and we are expected to believe it. This poses two questions:

(1)  Who are “they”? and

(2)  Why do they use libelous criminal accusations instead of scientific proof?

Both questions are very easy to answer and anyone can find the proof which confirms them with a little diligent research.

“They” are the pharmaceutical cartel.

This, after banking, is the second richest “industry” in the world and the second biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity. One of their progenitors is Nelson Rockefeller (Standard oil, later re-named Exxon) who purchased large parts of the, then, fledgling pharmaceutical industry as a possible new sales channel for his oil. (It was believed, at the time, that crude oil had healing properties. Many “over the counter” mineral and vitamin supplements are actually made from crude oil and are spectacularly ineffective because the crude oil information renders them almost unrecognisable to the human body.)

Rockefeller and his successors, in later decades, went on to purchase most of the First World’s press so as to prevent the truth reaching the public as this would bring about an almost immediate collapse of pharmaceutical medicine. The internet with its uncontrolled citizen journalists, researchers and whistle blowers has already blown some very large holes in their propaganda.

“ Truth has the annoying habit of patiently hanging around: No matter how much effort you put into getting rid of it, it never really goes away. – “ Karma Singh, Bard (now Merlin), 1989

Over this last year and more we have seen ever more online censorship…

…operated by the major owners of the public internet, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Paypal and others. Justlast, 22nd February 2019, Facebook’s owner, the pseudo-human called Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they will create a new filter which will delete all content critical of vaccination and replace it with the straight pharmaceutical propaganda.

Why do “They” need to do this?

When we look at it calmly, we see that, instead of publishing hard, scientific facts proving their case, they malign and impugn those who do not share their public opinion. (It is important here to note the very large discrepancy between public and private opinion – Rockefeller, a major owner of the pharmaceutical industry, uses the much more advanced and much safer homoeopathy; never pharmaceuticals!)

Again, we must ask why? Why not simply publish the scientific proof that vaccination works and saves lives? The answer is that this proof does not exist! That is their problem and why they attack those trying to tell the truth instead of proving them wrong.

Ask any pharmaceutical manufacturer and any government health department for the scientific proof that vaccination is safe and works…

…and you will get just vague platitudes or a complete run around. One such example comes from the Bavarian Health Ministry in Germany; “That information is copyrighted and we cannot, therefore, disclose any of it.” Another from the American Academy of Pediatrics (a pharmaceutical front organisation) states that no scientific proof is needed; a general belief that vaccines are effective is adequate.

Scientifically, the pharmaceutical position is completely untenable. They have no choice other than to libel those trying to disseminate the truth for they have nothing else to offer. Even the very basis of vaccination – the “fight against viruses” – lacks a scientific basis: The 19th century postulate of the disease causing micro-organisms called viruses remains to this day an unconfirmed hypothesis. Not only is there no hard evidence that viruses even exist, the work of Gaston Naessens in Quebec, Canada, shows very clearly that they almost certainly do not!

(Here, it is very interesting to note that the only negative comments about Naessens and his amazing achievements are on Wikipedia and Quackwatch – both heavily subsidised by the pharmaceutical industry,)

In the book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” (available online from you will find a very detailed yet easy to read scientific explanation of exactly why vaccination not only fails but actually spreads disease.

Then we have, just as an example, in evidence given to a special committee of the Washington State Congress on 9th Feb 2019, “Over the past ten years in the U.S., there has been one reported death from the measles, and it is unclear based on the medical history of the patient whether and how measles played a role in their death. During the same time period (based on Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports), there have been 105 reported deaths associated with the MMR or MMRV vaccinations.” Thus showing that, completely contradicting the verbal abuse hurled at vaccination opponents, the scientific facts show that vaccination is at least 105 times deadlier than not vaccinating! Over the same period, 84% of those involved in measles “outbreaks” had already been vaccinated thus showing that the vaccination is not only deadly but also useless!

In a recent report in What Doctors Don’t Tell you…

… it was disclosed that merely 35% of adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals ever get reported in studies.

Adverse reactions to vaccination go largely unreported, it is claimed, because most doctors refuse to get involved in the massive amount of paperwork this entails as well as the great pressure from the pharmaceutical manufacturers to not report them.

Nonetheless, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Court in the USA has already paid out more than four billion dollars; this despite the fact that 80% of all claims are settled by negotiation with pharmaceutical representatives before they come to trial. Add this all together and we arrive at a probable sum paid in compensation of some $10,000,000,000. Then we add the fact that the majority of vaccine injury claims are never made because those injured did not know that this special court exists and we are approaching sums equaling or even exceeding the national debt of some countries. These sums are all paid out of profits made by the pharmaceutical manufacturers on the sale of “vaccines”.

So now you can perhaps begin to grasp what is really at stake here;

…tens of trillions of dollars in annual profits selling useless nostra. The killing and maiming of tens of thousands of (mostly children) every year is, to the pharmaceutical manufacturers, an “incidental cost” of no importance.

It has been reported to me that the question of compulsory vaccination in Germany has been referred to the government ethics committee. Clearly, because there is no substantive scientific evidence supporting vaccination, there are no grounds for even considering such a question. There is, however, a real need for this question to be answered:-

“Do the actions of the pharmaceutical manufacturers constitute crimes against humanity which should be referred to the International Court in The Hague?”

This question is not so strange as it may sound for a recent court decision in the USA has opened the way to do exactly this – not against the whole industry as yet, just against one particular very large manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Blessed be…

From Germany – By Karma Singh



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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

4 thoughts on “Big Pharma Says – “Anti-Vaxxers Are The Greatest Criminals in the World Today!””

  1. Awards in vaccine court are funded by a modest excise tax placed on every vaccine. Big Pharma can continue to kill and maim children with impunity. One reason pro-vaxxers are opposed to admitting any link between vaccines and autism is that such an admission would require rethinking our vaccine injury compensation program.

  2. Pharma, seeing the writing on a wall is panicked. What came to surface, is what they least expected to happen. People in masses are waking up and there is no end of the questioning of the whole vaccine issue. It became a debate, scientific evidence is overwhelming to the futility of the whole vaccine program. What can one expect to happen in a desperate situation like this one? Of course, spare no effort and money to suppress any debate about it.Welcome to the present situation we found ourselves in. They are using the ‘almighty hand’ of the UN, all influential establishments, and entities, to force all questionings of vaccine to be banned thru all social media outlets, to use all Governments power, to bribe politicians, to mislead the masses by false propaganda thru the MSM ans more. Really there is no stone left on stone any more. One thing they cannot afford is to loose.The power of scare tactic is enormous. Those, who dare to question the validity and wisdom of vaxxing are quickly suppressed and banned. This war is so intense and desperate like nothing ever before. By using all these Draconian measures must cause their downfall eventually. At least, this is what History is teaching us. There is no secret (nor ever was) that didn’t see a daylight, reverberating Christ’s saying. Evil is permitted to happen and this gives opportunity for earthlings to take a stand, right or left and a Universal judgement is sure to follow as day to follow the night and dispersing all darkness. Man, is but a mortal being and is not within his own power even to direct his own steps.

  3. It’s actually much simpler to expose pharma. Lacking any proof for both safety and efficacy vaccines are entirely based on belief. It’s a belief system, a.k.a. religion. And the constitution forbids that the government forces a religion or religious practice on the people. Therefore the whole system of vaccine mandates is unconstitutional and should be abandoned right away. Take that to court and it’s a guaranteed win.

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