Berlin Does a California…

More “Globalist” World Domination Attempts…

From Germany By Karma Singh

Yesterday, 14th November 2019, the banker/pharma-controlled parties in the German Bundestag (German Parliament), under their various flags, unanimously voted to severely harm the German people for the sake of making money.  They voted to force mandatory “measles” vaccinations on Germany’s entire 83,617,517 population.

As anyone can read in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, every member of the German parliament commits themself to act for the benefit of the German people and to protect them from harm. Not one of them could truthfully claim not to know how harmful and how useless “vaccination” is. Despite this, all of the member of those parties in Parliament voted to impose compulsory vaccination “against” measles upon the German people.

It must, at this juncture, be made clear that the only party in the Bundestag (the German Parliament) which is not property of the bankers is the AfD. Their members voted, in accord with the law, unanimously against compulsory vaccination. It is very well known that the AfD has a strong preference for truth and science which is not shared by the CDU, CSU, SPD, FDP, Greens, etc.. It is for this reason that the banker parties are under orders never to co-operate with the AfD and, contrary to law, never to build a coalition government with them.

Now, why has “measles” been chosen as the first compulsory vaccination when there are other much more serious “illnesses” which need to be dealt with?

It is because the problem which compulsory vaccination is supposed to solve does not exist! This makes it very easy to claim afterwards that the vaccination has achieved something good and that compulsory vaccination should be expanded. It is, hereby, totally clear that this action has nothing to do with health but is solely about money.

The self-same con-job was pulled with smallpox: Although greatly improved hygiene and sanitation combined with the isolation of the sick had completely eradicated this disease long before any international vaccination programme was even proposed, the pharmaceutical cartel still maintains that they made this great achievement with vaccination – just a few decades after the disease had already largely disappeared.

In the mid-19th century in all European and American inner cities, deaths from measles was a large problem. The vaccine proponents claim that the reduction in measles related deaths has been achieved by vaccination. Historical facts, however, prove that this is untrue; health statistics show incontrovertibly that deaths from measles had totally disappeared ten years before a so-called “vaccine” was available.

How was this possible?

Conventional medicine and its owners, the pharmaceutical cartel, maintain that measles is caused by a virus. In 2016, Germany’s highest court (The Bundesgerichtshof) had to concern itself with the question as to whether the measles virus actually exists. Instead of scientific proof, all that was presented to them was assumptions, unsubstantiated hypotheses and guesswork. The judges ruled that these are not evidence and that the existence of a measles virus is, therefore, not proven. Since then, the vaccine proponents have made no further attempt to prove that viruses actually exist.

You can read in “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R. I. P.” – or already have read the detailed explanation of what measles actually is; it is the natural development process through which the liver is “switched up” from baby- into adult-modus. The light detoxification symptoms which sometimes appear on the skin are a temporary effect of the increased liver activity.

Problems appear with this development process if, at the pre-programmed time of activation (4 ½ to 5 years of age), the child is so seriously undernourished that its liver is not adequately developed. This leads to organ failure and death, i.e. the cause is not some fanciful virus but chronic undernourishment.

One sees this same cause and effect nowadays in some Third World countries.

As improved agricultural methods and, most of all, the building of railways and roads made the delivery of foodstuffs into the cities much easier the problem of undernutrition together with measles deaths has completely disappeared.
The year 1954, ten years before a so-called “vaccine” became available, saw the last measles death in England.

Further interesting facts are, for example, in the highly publicised “measles outbreaks” in 2019, somewhat more than 90% of the children had been vaccinated twice! In point of fact, this is a slight increase as the average for this century is 85% pre-vaccinated.

There will, presumably, be many challenges to this proscribed “law” in the courts, not the least of which will use the 2016 Bundes Gerichtshof judgement to pose the question, “how can the imposition of a compulsory “solution” even be considered when there is no evidence that the problem actually exists?”

What should, however, be clear to the German people is that if you have a preference for truth and do not wish to pay to have your children and grandchildren poisoned then, at each election, you must vote AfD.

Blessed be

Karma Singh
Yuletide Bazaar, here

15th November 2019

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

10 thoughts on “Berlin Does a California…”

  1. State-mandated vaccination represents guaranteed income for the criminal vaccine industry, from cradle to grave. Mandatory vaccination is also nothing short of state-sponsored rape—violent, coerced, non-consensual penetration of children.

    But it’s not personal—it’s just business.


  2. I wonder what “Extra Ingredients” Big Pharma and the German government is planning on putting into those mandatory measles vaccines – something, perhaps, to scramble the minds of the German population?

    Or, perhaps, something to stop the procreation of white heterosexuals?

    Isn’t it interesting that the so-called “globalists” ONLY target members of what is called “Western Civilization?”

  3. “It is, hereby, totally clear that this action has nothing to do with health but is solely about money.”
    And depopulation… it’s easier to kill humans with scrambled brains.

  4. This Act by the representatives of Big Pharma in the German legislature violates the universal right of Informed Consent and represents a vicious return to Nazi policies by the allegedly anti-Nazi German political parties. It violates the Nuremberg Code and the UN’s Bioethics Declaration. Clearly the AfD is the only non-Nazi party remaining in Germany. Sad day. Germans must assert their Right of Informed Consent or it continue to be abridged.

  5. Excellent article.

    I would go even further.

    Measles is (and Stefan Lanka who won the court case about the non existence of the measles virus would back me up on this) caused by separation traumas. It is an epidermis rash and *cannot* cause death (unless you scratch the wound and rub lots of soil into it). Those people whose deaths have been blamed on measles have actually died due to medical treatment, panic or something unrelated.

    By the way I’m so sorry for you guys in Germany.

  6. Apparently the puppets in Berlin are following the same script as the puppets in Albany and Sacramento. I think one purpose of the script is to maintain the appearance that Wakefield is irrelevant. But the script is more effective in showing that the puppets care more about pharmaceutical profit than patient outcome.

  7. This article is misleading. There is no evidence that the whole population in Germany is forced to accept the MMR vaccine. My cousin from Germany wrote me this reply:

    “From March 2020, vaccination against measles is a legal obligation.
    All children, nursery staff, schools and other community facilities must be vaccinated in the future.
    That’s what the Bundestag (German parliament) has decided.”

  8. Sorry for not responding promptly, Folks and Folkesses,
    I took part in a 3 day intensive seminar from Friday and only got “home” late last night.

    So, here you go in the same order as written:-

    What you say is no more than truth, Walter.
    Thank you.

    There is more than a little speculation in what you say, Tim.
    Back in 2009, the last time this was tried, (remember the Swine Flu “pandemic” that was going to kill millions, anyone?) politicians and the military were going to get “clean” vaccines especially prepared for them and everyone else was going to get a “shit” cocktail of unknown – because untested – effects. When a laboratory in Austria blew the whistle because one vaccine batch was discovered to contain live bird flu material the whole thing blew up in their faces.

    Hi Terry,
    I presume you mean the so-called Spanish Flu which harmed almost no-one but the medications prescribed to “cure” it killed millions:-

    Very true Jorju,
    rapid cognitive decline following vaccination is now so common that the pharma-industry no longer even tries to deny it – their present stance is to completely ignore it.

    Hi Ralph,
    the day after Merkel & Co. Inc. made this new “law”, the german “Ärztekammer” (medical association but literally “Guild of Doctors”) lodged a legal action against it under the Nürnberg Code. I haven’t got a copy of it yet but will report here as soon as I have.
    Obviously, they had decided that science and truth would not be allowed to interfere with pharmaceutical profits and had prepared their case well beforehand.

    No Rtp,
    measles is NOT caused by separation trauma. It is a natural development process which is only problematical when combined with chronic malnutrition.
    It has gone from a disease for which the law required compulsory notification to one by which most parents and children just take it in their stride – the kids are groggy for a couple of days and then they have made a very obvious jump in their emotional and physical development. Most parents these days don’t even call in a doctor which means that it doesn’t appear in the medical statistics and, thereby, creates the illusion of e decline in measles. See my book for the detailed explanation.

    Please to meet you Einar,
    not seen you here before or have I missed something?
    It is not “more”; it is ECLUSIVELY pharma-profits and their commissions.
    The Merkel regime does not care tuppence for the health of the German people.

    So, how are we going to do it DaWei?
    Tim does a lot but we all need to do a lot more before this Tyrannosaurs Pharmaceuticus finally goes extinct.

    can you really be so naiive?
    Let me take, as an example, a country with which you may be a little more familiar. Let’s call it The United States of America.
    When, a few years ago, vaccine mania took hold, power mad local bureaucrats and businesses with pharma-“friends” started mandating vaccines as a condition of employment. It took more than 2 years and several court ruling to end this practice. It hasn’t however, stopped – look at how pharma-friendly New York tried to quarantine all orthodox Jews because they refused vaccination even though, as a class, due to their strict kosher diet, they are much healthier than the general NY population.

    Once a country starts with this level of infringement of human rights, the gates of and the road to Hell open wide.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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