Barrett’s Calamitous Legal Defense Against Doctor’s Data…   A Foison of Frequent Frantic Floppy Floundering in Fluff and Flummery…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

I thoroughly enjoy reading the latest legal filings in the Doctor’s Data v Barrett Federal Court case every time something new comes out – and something new HAS come out.  Why do I enjoy them?  Stephen Barrett is such a piece of work.  He is, to me, a megalomaniac so immersed in his own crackpot view of the world that, after watching him for a while you can’t help but see humor in his antics – not one he, HIMSELF, would see, of course, but there none the less.

The real beauty in the picture is to observe Barrett try to force his nonsense on the court system and then watch what happens to him.  Oh, to see the look on his face when his idiocy is rejected by a Judge, in a State or Federal Court.  Life can be good.

And, boy oh boy, is that happening…  There is almost no end to it.

Today I am going to point out what I call “Desperation Deposition” on Barrett’s legal team.  In short, Barrett’s attorney Michael K, Botts, Esq is SO DESPERATE for something to use to defend that he (prepare to laugh) was asking each Doctor’s Data employee that was deposed (there were three) to opine “What is false or defamatory about this title, phrase, sentence, or paragraph…?”

As in “what is defamatory about the word “the?””    Go ahead and laugh.  Everyone else is.

A Foison…

Foison?  Archaic word for abundance.

Of Frequent Frantic Floppy Floundering…

The hard part in this case for Doctor’s Data is not what we are currently watching – Barrett and the other Defendant’s laughable efforts to stave off the inevitable.  What we really want to see is what will happen once the jury in the case finds against Barrett, Quackwatch Inc., and The National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).  When that happens there will be a damage award.  A big one.

There is no question in my mind that Doctor’s Data has already won this case.  Barrett, et al, have no defense.  None.  Their attorney  Michael K, Botts, Esq.  shows, by his “discovery” actions, a visceral fear, a bowel-clenching, sweaty-palmed, passing-out fear, of what’s coming.  I would guess, from reading the court documents, that it is very unpleasant to even be in the same enclosed room with Botts – to have to smell the concentrated dread odor he gives off.  I’d guess that each of Doctor’s Data’s attorneys carries, in his/her briefcase, a spray bottle of Fabreze, just to get through Deposition segments.

The hard part will be collecting any money from any of these useless, worthless, posers.  As I said about an earlier quackbuster, Victor Herbert (the screamer), after ten years of Herbert and his attorney Michael K, Botts, Esq.’s losing litigation attempts to destroy the “Alternative Medicine” movement, the courts had awarded the Defendant’s “costs,” but collecting those costs was another thing…

“Of course Herbert was a quackbuster.  Which means that he had the personal substance of a flea fart, and HALF of his net worth was three thousand dollars.”

This case has been going on for a very long time.  As a memory refresher, take a look at an earlier article I wrote, from way back in 2010, called “Barrett Gets The Attorney He Deserves…”  You’ll get a picture from that about attorney Botts.  Give yourself a laugh.


In Fluff and Flummery…

The latest round of court arguments surrounds Botts’s attempt to get more Deposition time of Doctor’s Data’s employees.  Doctor’s Data’s attorneys point out that Botts had shut down a Deposition, when they were claiming that Botts was simply wasting time, and abusing Doctor’s Data’s employees with useless, meaningless, repetitive questions and directed their client not to answer.

Botts, in his usual presentation, was hissing and spitting, so to speak, in his ultra-nasty, excrement- wielding, skeptic-talk.  Doctor’s Data’s attorneys have grown used to his misbehavior, and, now, simply accept it as “It’s just Botts…”  Botts filed a Motion to get his way, increasing the Deposition times.

Botts lost.  No big deal – he’s used to that.  it happens to him all the time.

So, what I’m going to do here is let you read the first part of a court document.  It pretty well tells the whole story.

All of the damning emails were redacted because they were attached to another case.  So there was nothing to see, yet.  But those emails WILL be presented to the jury.

There were about forty pages of them.


If you want to see the whole seventy-one document, with the redacted emails, click here.

Barrett, et al, are dead meat.  There are specialized companies out there who go and find assets after a judgment.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate