Alice Ate the Mushroom…

Reversing Creeping “Cultural Marxism.”

We “Populists” Have a Lot of Things To Fix In America…  We Have Only Just Begun…


By Sharon Anshaw

In the wake of the worst mass shooting in US history, I have heard quite a lot of statements like “how could someone do this?” “How could someone even think of something like that.” “How can something like that happen?’

Have we, as a society, become so desensitized that we cannot even see our own faults? Do we not see what direction we have been led in?

How can someone really think that? 

Have you see the violent movies coming out of Hollywood?

Have you seen the so called “reality” shows on television with violence being celebrated?

Zombies  – where automatic weapons are the preferred form of killing?

Or how about the violent video games where you can literally buy all the weapons, ammo and ability to mass murder as many “opponents” as possible?

This is a form of distancing yourself from reality.

The game players get points for killing. Let that soak in. Don’t forget, these video games are also linked via the internet so you can challenge as many people that are as willing as you to commit mass murder.

How about the “Haunted Houses” during Halloween? The more violent the better. More blood, more gore, more craziness.

And people wonder how the Vegas shooting could occur? Mix that mentality with hallucinogens and bingo!

Lets start at the beginning…

Unfortunately, through the infiltration of our schools by big government, the curriculum was hijacked. Institutions teach anything but moral lessons and factual historical lessons. That is the norm now. Students who display original and conservative thinking are shunned and ostracized. Or worse, drugged with medications to make them “fit-in”.

We have created a society of little children who have no more of a grasp on reality than the mad hatter would.

These “adults” as they claim to be, are only capable of reading the first lines of a story, if they read it for themselves at all and not just listen to the general public’s opinions. They are convinced the Main Stream Media is telling the truth, and believe liberal politicians when they are told the “government will do it for you”.

I have even had these people argue with me that “Reality shows” are real and not just a form of “entertainment”. And I use that term loosely.

There are people out there that believe there are no “truly evil” people. I’m not kidding, there are. Could it be the medications?

This type of mind set is accepted completely of course, because they were never taught free thinking, problem solving skills or how to fail.

Learning how to fail, teaches you how to succeed. But mommy and daddy wouldn’t let you feel bad that your team lost the ball game, or let you participate in anything that was unfair because another team won. It didn’t matter that they were better- just that it was unfair. So, participation trophy’s and ribbons became the norm. You no longer had to strive to do your best, you would get a trophy anyway.

Not fair? Complain to government because they could pass a law to make it fair. Many times, mommy and daddy had to send them to the early “learning” centers so they could go to work and afford all the necessities needed to survive. And of course, all the extra’s for little babykins.

The new generation has such an entitlement attitude…

They expect “free” from everyone, not just mommy and daddy anymore. They believe as long as there is a government that it is their piggybank. All they have to do is complain or cry “unfair” and their needs will be taken care of.   Just like throwing a fit in a department store. “Waa, Waa look at me. I’m treated so unfairly.”  They actually think the government generates its own money. They have no idea that the government isn’t in business to make money.

The government is in business to Spend money.

Paying attention yet?

The “deep state,” and yes, I believe it really exists, is trying to make government responsible for everything. That my friends, is not a Democracy. That is socialistic communism, pure and evil.

They press the public – in repayment of what the government is doing for you, support us in government. Vote for us and we will take care of you, they say. And the mindless believe every word.

In the meantime, the average joe is still living paycheck to paycheck, still struggling to own a home, pay the bills and keep that old car working for one more year, while the elitist millionaires in government know this, and are purposely perpetuating it.

There they are sitting on their mushrooms smoking their hookah pipes dishing out advice to the unknowing but accepting supporters they created. It serves their purpose.

So, while you are out there making 75K a year and paying 50K back to the government, they are making millions off the American people and off of secretive donors who play the same game with them. The only advantage the government has is they get paid, they get the money we make for them, while we remain the slaves. They all have sold out to big money, big business, big banks, big pharma.. the list goes on.

Just look at Big Pharma who is out there constantly pushing the drugs. Hey! Over here.. free flu shots, free…free….free. No reports of the damage they cause.

But anyone who even dares investigate them ends up with some “strange illness” that is unknown caused by who knows. Or worse.

Hmmm, paying attention yet?

Which leads me back to the mass shooter.

Let’s see, He was A multi-millionaire. 64 years old. Appears to not be in the best of physical shape. No criminal record. No social media history. Shooting at people enjoying a country music festival.

You don’t see it do you? Are you paying attention?

This one man, well known in Vegas, rents a double suite. Brings up enough luggage to start a small department store. Sets up an arsenal to effectively institute a mass killing spree, and no one notices? The maids don’t see it? The video cameras don’t see it? The security people don’t question it?

Seems like they are all pretty distracted to not notice something like that.

Wonder how you distract that many people?

Then the media all gets on the same narrative, he worked alone. He planned it out. He killed himself.

Only one problem, the facts aren’t adding up. There are more questions than answers.

Do you really think a 64-year-old can effectively fire thousands of rounds into a crowd 400 yards away through broken out high-rise hotel windows? Physically, he would have to be living in a 20 yr old body. That type of abuse on the body is exhausting. Unless, of course, he was given some type of drug to test.

It was concluded years ago that certain drugs could make you have “super human” strength. Where did those drugs come from originally before they hit the streets? You honestly think some high school dropout created them in their basement?

What better way to trial mind/body controlling drugs than to use human guinea pigs? Especially when the subject would be considered impossible to do it on their own? That is, without the effects of a substance that would transform them into someone capable of doing just that.

Conspiracy theory you say?

Really? Think that is out of the realm of possibility? Hardly. Can you say Ritalin? If that can “dull” the senses, don’t you think they can create something that does the opposite?

Interestingly, there is no word from the federal agency who is as corrupt as the deep state can get. The ones that took over the investigation from the locals. Are they busy preparing a plausible narrative? Remember they have to get it written out and copies to each of the media members who regurgitate it word for word on the evening news and in their newspapers.

Ever wonder how is it that they all have the same report, use the same phrases?

Are you paying attention?

While we sit in your homes, or cars or on our cell phones we are being monitored at all times by unknown powers. (remember when google, facebook and all the popular sites willingly gave up customers information to the NSA?). Cell phone games have “sensors” that map your emotional responses. Interactive towers answer your every whim and monitor your every move.

Ever wonder where that data goes?

It isn’t being thrown out that’s for sure. Try logging into a site, lets say Walmart to order something. Notice they pop up with suggestions based on our buying habits.?

I’m sure the shooter, while not connected to social media, certainly had a cell phone, credit card and a trail of interactions that is held in a file and being reviewed. By whom you say? When in doubt, follow the money trail.

Paying attention now?

We should be questioning the lack of facts. Questioning the predetermined news story that is across all networks. Consider any alternatives. Refuse the free drugs. Open your eyes.

Understand that just because we don’t want to believe it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Or does that hurt our brains too much to think about…….

By Sharon Anshaw

4 thoughts on “Alice Ate the Mushroom…”

  1. Does anybody really believe this geriatric Rambo BS? I don’t think Sly Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger could break one of those hotel windows with that 12 ounce hammer he claims. I have when I was in my 30’s and it took well over a dozen whacks with an 8 pound sledgehammer. Then the 200 shots at point blank range scoring one hit. Then 3000 shots at 400 yards + and scored 600 hits. Paddock has brown eyes and the stiff (maybe dead but I doubt it.) has green. And when the sheriff releases his daily sewer gas to the public, the guy standing to the sheriffs left that says nothing is related to the Podesta’s. Didn’t anybody learn anything about the FBI, DOJ, Al-CIA-duh, and the other lying alphabet agencies during Hillary’s email inquest? I mean other than Putin did it? Putin really wasn’t inside the gate hosing people on the ground. Puting wasn’t driving through Vegas shooting out the front doors of the other casinos. Does Putin control the presstitutes? This is BS like the kid that never existed doing Sandy hook, or a doped up kid studying to be a neurologist shot up a movie theater like Rambo, and booby trapped his house like a Demo expert. This whole Vegas thing looks like a well run Hillary operation and her flying monkeys.

  2. Isn’t it comforting as well to know that the same FBI that can’t come clean on what really happened in Vegas, is now looking into all the Hollywood sexual abuse?

  3. If you want to start at the beginning, you will STOP saying this is the worst mass shooting in american history. Are people really that stupid?? Go read over at Lew and you’ll find out this is not the worst, by far. Get a grip on reality, folks.

  4. This has nothing to do with that guy who was dead on the floor. He was dead before shooting started. CIA signature is all over.

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