You Can Smell Barrett’s Fear…  Why?  Doctor’s Data’s “Expert Witnesses” Are REAL…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


The unfolding Doctor’s Data v Barrett Federal Court case is, for many, just one continuous bag of exciting good news.  Kind of like when we were kids and we went trick-or-treating on Halloween night – when we got home and reached in the bag to take out all of those different things – everything at hand was a delight.

However, Stephen Barrett, and the Board Members of both The National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF),  and Quackwatch Inc, right about now, are probably checking out what life might be like living in South America.  For judgment day is coming.

And, unless Barrett, et al, can manage to empanel a jury of twelve “skeptics” fresh from a “popper” party, judgment, I predict, from a jury of normal people, is going to be harsh.

Harsh – as in millions, and millions, and tens of millions of dollars.

Why do I say that?

Because push has come to shove.  Reality has set in.  Barrett’s fabrications and obfuscations have been called to task.  Innuendo is looking down the gun barrel from the receiving end.

Doctor’s Data’s expert witnesses are REAL.

What does that mean?

In a earlier article I wrote:

For years Stephen Barrett MD and Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD )bobbie baratz) have been practically joined at the hip attacking cutting-edge health care practitioners and paradigms.  Barrett with his sleazy website combinations, and Baratz, alleging himself to be the president of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), formed a one-two punch across America.  They did it virtually everywhere.

Usually, in a health professional State licensing hearing situation, Barrett files a Complaint against a practitioner victim, and recommends himself, Baratz, or both, as an expert witness.   If they are successful in getting a Formal Complaint filed, either or both put that information on their websites, then they seek out local attorneys, near their practitioner victims, to arrange lawsuits against that practitioner, offering, once again, their “expert” services.

Sometimes, as in a group of lawsuits filed supposedly by the NCAHF in California, they filed suit using the NCAHF name, and made themselves paid “expert” witnesses.

However, as it turns out, some, if not most, States could call this activity, Barratry, a criminal act.  Texas calls it a Felony of the Third Degree.  California lists it as a Misdemeanor.  Illinois, on the other hand, calls it a Petty Offense.

Barrett, the NCAHF, and Quackwatch Inc. have decided NOT to bring any expert witnesses.  Without doubt, they simply couldn’t find any that could back up their stories.

So, what this means is that Barrett and Baratz will be the ones to testify – and I want to be sitting right there watching this slaughter at the hands of Doctor’s Data’s legal team.   I want to see the looks on the faces of the jury members when the attorney hands Barrett the Decision of the NCAHF v King Bio case – and ask him to read what the Judge, in that case, said about him, Barrett, to the jury.  Then make him read the words that the Appeals Court said about Barrett – especially the part where they described him as “Biased, and unworthy of credibility” in a PUBLISHED Decision.

Then too, bobbie baratz had his day in hell several years ago when he was dragged into a scheduled three-day “credibility hearing” in Madison, WI, and asked about his fake resumé, his three losing legal actions for the same allegedly broken left arm against three separate people, and much more, and the termination from his job over sexual harassment issues.  There is a huge file over that – and, of course, Doctor’s Data’s attorneys have all that.

bobbie baratz is the kind of person who, if he were to take the White House Tour and the elevator operator were to say “How about those Redskins?” to him, the next day it would say on his resume “Consultant to the White House.”

So, Now what?

Let’s take a look at Doctor’s Data’s “Expert Witnesses” so we can get a glimpse of how bad the situation is for Barrett and the other Defendants.  There are three of them – one lab expert, and two medical doctors, both with extensive laboratory knowledge.

What I am going to do, here, is to show you, first, part of their actual prepared statements, so you get a feel for how the legal system, for expert witnesses, actually works.  We’ll start with Gregory D. Clark PhD DABCC.  Then I’ll link you to the statements of the other two witnesses.

Happy reading…

See where this is heading?   The rest of the report goes into great detail about Barrett’s claims – and this guy Gregory D. Clark, Ph.D., DABCC is a REAL laboratory expert.  Look again at his employment history above.  This guy, alone, buries, Barrett – and there are two more coming.  To read the entire Clark report click here.

Then go to the report by Robin A. Bernhoft, MD, FACS, FAAEM, DABEM, by clicking here.

Then go to the report by Russell Jaffe, M.D., Ph.D. by clicking here.

Now, for the funny part…

I’ve got partial transcripts of the depositions of bobbie baratz and Stephen Barrett in this case.  I’m going to ink you to the baratz deposition section so you can read to see what bobbie is really like.  The type is small – because that’s the way deposition copies come – but the words will give you pause.  bobbie baratz lives in a different world- and his attorney was trying to keep the wolves away..  Click here.

The fun continues…

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate