Wyoming, Montana – What’s the Difference? Both States DESPISE Liberal Democrats For Good Reasons..

Yesterday I Broke up an Article About What Was going On in Wyoming and Montana – Separating Out the Incident With Montana Congressman-Elect Greg Gianforte Body-Slamming the “125 Pound Pajama Boy Millennial” to the Ground…

The WHOLE Story Was Just TOO BIG For a Saturday…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

So, here is the rest of it…

There is no question that liberal Democrats lost Presidential Election 2016 because the American people figured out what they were up to, and on November 8th, 2016, went to the voting booths with a single message in mind – “We’ve Had Enough of This Shit…”

While the Democrats wrapped their campaign claims in mock issues, hiding their real agenda, their strategy was right out of “Saul Alinsky and his Twelve Rules For Radicals” with an emphasis on Rules 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12.  

Dumbass Hillary thinks she’s the only one who ever read Alinsky.  I provide a copy of the rules right here on the BolenReport – click on the link above.  Alinsky is EASY to counter against those that employ it.

The BIG DIFFERENCE between the offerings of the two 2016 Presidential Candidates was startling, and horrifying, in its simplicity…

Few people ever understood what Obama meant in his first campaign when he was for “Change.”  Few, outside of liberal Democrat headquarters had any idea that Obama’s idea of “Change” would be expressed in the “Pajama Boy Millennial”  photo at the top of this page.

Who, in their right mind, would have thought that the Democrats were gene-manipulating our children into a fluid-sex composition, so as to implement a twisted “Agenda 21 program to supposedly lower the world’s population – but that’s what the Democrats did. And worse. The creation of “The Millennials” was just the first step.

If you are not familiar with the Obama “Pajama Boy Millenials” concept read yesterday’s article by clicking here.

And, they are doing it through the US Vaccine Program…

When “We the People” elected Donald Trump we took over the keys to the castle, so-to-speak, and the liberal Democrats are TERRIFIED of what we are going to do with what we find put away in the storage lockers.  They should be – for the reckoning is coming.

What we REALLY need to drag out into the light of day is the hidden away Vaccine Safety Data (VSD) Link data – the vaccine study initiated in 1991 to keep track of vaccinated children – and had been intentionally hidden ever since.  I think that with the VSD we will be able to discover EXACTLY how “Pajama Boy Millennials,” as shown above, were designed, tweaked, and formed into the liberal Democrat’s preferred version of a 2017 Alpha Male – someone a Hillary-type can easily dominate.

Obama was creating a modified “Security State.”  He had turned our intelligence agencies inward, watching Americans.  70% of the US intelligence budget was spent on that.  Now, after Trump got in, all of those cameras Obama put at every US traffic intersection are IN OUR HANDS.  “Homeland Security” is in OUR hands.  The military and intelligence are in OUR hands.  Soon EVERY federal agency will be ours to run FOR the American people.

Slowly, inexorably, we are putting our own people at the top of EVERY US agency, employing a simple message of our own – “America First.”  

That’s why the Main Stream Media (MSM), working as the voice of the globalist elites, is going “apeshit.”  That’s why, every day, the liberal Democrats create a new “fake news” crisis to try to deflect what’s happening.   Is it working?  Nope.

What was all of this Obama Crap being done for?

To serve the globalist elite plan – the destruction of America, and its way of life.  Why? “Agenda 21  Liberal Democrats ALL follow the “Agenda 21 playbook.

Wyoming and Montana Were/Are the “Tip of the Spear…”

The average liberal Democrat being interviewed on TV will tell you that “The Environment” in the US is in trouble.  They actually believe that, because, as a unit, liberal Democrats lack cognitive skills.  They get their ideas, and their Dress Code, from NPR, or Whoopi Goldberg, every morning on “The View,” after they have consumed their eight dollar cup of coffee from Starbucks.

Wyoming and Montana have in common, the largest Coal mining operation in the US – the Powder River Basin complex.

According to the far left twinkies:

“The Powder River Basin — A Root Contributor to Global Warming

The Powder River Basin is a geologic region that encompasses most of northeastern Wyoming and southeastern Montana. Nearly 500 million tons of coal are strip mined annually, providing 43% of the nation’s coal, more than any other region. This coal is burned in more than 200 power plants in 35 states.

The region contains the two largest coal mines in the world — the Black Thunder and North Antelope Rochelle mines. These strip mines produce more than 200 million tons every year, 20% of the nation’s coal.  Other mines in the east and west typically produce less than 10 million tons annually. The largest coal companies in the world, Arch and Peabody Energy, operate these mines.

Coal from the Powder River Basin is already responsible for 13% of our country’s total carbon dioxide emissions. This makes coal mining in the region responsible for more greenhouse gases than any other activity in the U.S., making it a root contributor to global warming.”

This Powder River Basin project alone would push MOST liberal Democrat HOT Buttons.


(1)  Democrats embrace “Fake Environmentalism.”  The idea of shutting down the Powder River Basin Coal mining operation, eliminating jobs for heterosexual families, crippling two hundred (200) power plants, and hence the local economy, in thirty-three (33) States would give these people whatever, in Lib Dem land, substitutes for an orgasm.

Electing Trump stopped ALL of that.

The reason there was a Special Election in Montana was that Trump had appointed as Secretary of the Interior, Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke – leaving an opening.  Greg Gianforte was the Republican running for the vacant seat.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a division of the Department of the Interior was Obama’s, and the “fake environmentalist’s” primary tool used to shut down the coal industry and cattle ranching.  Appointing Zinke to unravel all of that for the Trump Administration made liberal Democrats go into anger orbit.  The assault against the coal industry and cattle ranching was STOPPED DEAD.

(2)  Obama, and the liberal Democrats, totally whack-job “Wildlands Project.”

This is something you will NEVER see discussed in Main Stream Media (MSM).  But, it is all VERY true – and was proceeding carefully under Obama, and was going to explode under Hillary.   EVERYTHING was being set in place to do this.  Electing Trump STOPPED all of this from happening.

Look carefully at the map below.

Everything in red was slated to be “Human Exclusion Zones.”

Everything in yellow was slated for “Limited Use”

Everything in light blue was slated for “Normal Use.”

The Plan here was to seize all privately held land and move the population to the light blue areas.  Notice that there are NO light blue areas in Montana, Wyoming, and surrounding States?

This map was compiled from documents at the United Nation’s Geneva Headquarters in 1994. It was produced and shown to The United States Senate as they prepared to vote on the Global Bio-Diversity Treaty. The Global Bio-Diversity treaty was ready to pass until Congress saw the map above. The treaty failed because it could not be brought to the floor for a vote. The good news is that the treaty failed…The bad news is this program is being implemented aggressively through ICLEI as Sustainable Development/Conservation Programs by unelected bureaucrats.

There is a Huge War Going On in America…

And, we Normal Americans are winning…

Yeah, that Congressional Seat in Montana was VERY IMPORTANT. And the Good guys won.  And, we put a new policy in place to deal with OBNOXIOUS LIBERAL MEDIA.

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

8 thoughts on “Wyoming, Montana – What’s the Difference? Both States DESPISE Liberal Democrats For Good Reasons..”

  1. Your unsubscribe link is not working. Please unsubscribe me.
    Violence to someone because they are annoying is too much for me.

  2. CAWS:

    I know what you mean. I watched Main Stream Media practically run “training videos” on how to stab, punch, pepper-spray, bear-spray, spit on Trump supporters.

    They gave out schedules on where to meet-up, lists of who to contact, ran footage on how to smash windows with things, and gave out interiews with people who wanted to be on TV.

    It WAS appalling, wasn’t it? Imagine if it was YOU wearing a TRUMP hat. Wow? And MSM would be right there filming the attack on you – and laughing…

    I’m glad you brought that up…

    Tim Bolen

  3. Unfortunately CAWS,
    “passing by on the other side” is not a pro-survival trait.

    Neither Tim nor I are in favour of gratuitous violence so we ACT to try to remove the causes.
    Running away is that which encourages it!
    Try being a Samaritan instead.

    Blessed be


  4. “Battle ye not with monsters, lest ye become one..” — Friedrich Nietzsche

    Battle with ideas — as the pajama monsters seem to be out of them!

  5. Mercury content PER BTU for the Powder Basin coal is better quality over all compared to other areas, about comparable to KY and WV (Central Appalachia). but of course transport to the burning sites is a factor in desirability…

    In any case, the mercury aspect is part of our concern, though ingesting it in air, water and food is not on the same level of hazard as injecting it so we will still have to be wondering just what targets our ally RFK, Jr and his World Mercury Project are figuring on,,,,

    …Not to mention the aspect of not wasting our resources before our progeny can enjoy American opportunities… We are still in the early stages of the vitally needed switch from burning our resources to the ONLY nuclear generation that has NO hazard of meltdown and very little toxic waste and sensible costs (namely the Molten Salt THORIUM nukes that the war mongers stifled back under Nixon so that we the people could suffer the URANIUM nukes in order to produce massive weapons of mass destruction and sit here with now decrepit uranium nukes about to destroy ourselves, if mishandling of the WMD don’t do it first…. rotfkas… as I don’t know why i’m writing this unless it’s because I am tired of all these treacherous people in the DC swamp… aren’t you…

    Lot’s of we-the-people don’t have that much solar and wind to make our industry work…….. hence the coal now… and somewhat later use of biomass with the coal to escape the DC mongers of the run-away EPA…

    hope that keeps all the pieces in their places along with WY and MT coal with its more decent mercury loads and annoyance with DC in perspective… So you can sit down and calm the rhetoric over anger and still be friendly

  6. Now can we leave the poor Millennials out of the discussion as they have their own trouble mounting under the handiwork of the bankers and DC who have set the Millennials up for the bankers and DC’s next massive financial bubble… the duped kids’ bankrolled useless “education” they were duped into buying dumbed-down edu at the expense of now losing their homes (trying to pay it off) to the bankers who were DC-granted huge freedom from knowably failing bad loans to kid-victims and that mess now sits in front of them, along with the mountain of ‘health’ consequences of the DC treachery from the FDA/CDC/AMA etc… lay off their bad actors who just don’t get it yet and are just being USED by the desperate MSM….. they will get it soon enough… ttyl hopefully

  7. I want to share with you my ‘second’ lifes work: http://www.AmericansRestoringAmerica.com – the title itself should bring full understanding to the fact that NEVER will our elected, appointed or hired ‘public servants’ ever do anything but look to increase their wealth or their powers, the two being intertwined.

    Please read ABOUT US and PLEASE CLICK HERE to understand just how powerful We The People truly are. Some have said ARA with http://www.GrassfireCommunications.com is more powerful than the 2nd Amendment.

    I hope you join me and many other Americans to restore our REPUBLIC and return to the Vision of our Founding Fathers.

    May YaHuWaH bless you and keep you.

    Michael Edward

  8. A big part of the energy problem is radical environmentalists believe that all human interaction with the earth is disruptive and destructive, and while there are many examples to support this belief there are also examples where human interaction actually improves the land. The historical land management practices of American ranchers improved the land and the ancient civilizations of the Amazon improved the Amazon river basin:


    We cannot depend on a limited number of sources for energy production. We must have diversity and rendundance because there is no single method that can withstand all the potentially disruptive variables.

    A free market and commitment to innovation will bring us ever cleaner forms of energy production from all sources.

    The old system is in a slow spiral of destruction. Gradually, the pajamafied millenials are being put to the test and will have no choice but rise to the occasion.

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