“Wuhan” – Another “Bhopal” On An Enormous Scale, or Genocide?

Sherlock Holmes said: Only a solution which includes ALL of the facts can be true.”

From Europe By Karma Singh

Unless you’re from Bhopal, India or have other good reasons to remember it, you’ll probably have to do an online search for the details. In short, years ago, some chemical plant in Bhopal, India sort of exploded and pumped several tons of poisonous gas into the town. Many thousands died. 600,000 people were affected.  From The Atlantic…

“Bhopal: The World’s Worst Industrial Disaster, 30 Years Later”

Bhopal – Thirty years ago, on the night of December 2, 1984, an accident at the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, released at least 30 tons of a highly toxic gas called methyl isocyanate, as well as a number of other poisonous gases. The pesticide plant was surrounded by shanty towns, leading to more than 600,000 people being exposed to the deadly gas cloud that night. The gases stayed low to the ground, causing victims throats and eyes to burn, inducing nausea, and many deaths. Estimates of the death toll vary from as few as 3,800 to as many as 16,000, but government figures now refer to an estimate of 15,000 killed over the years. Toxic material remains, and 30 years later, many of those who were exposed to the gas have given birth to physically and mentally disabled children. For decades, survivors have been fighting to have the site cleaned up, but they say the efforts were slowed when Michigan-based Dow Chemical took over Union Carbide in 2001. Human rights groups say that thousands of tons of hazardous waste remain buried underground, and the government has conceded the area is contaminated. There has, however, been no long-term epidemiological research which conclusively proves that birth defects are directly related to the drinking of the contaminated water.

I don’t recall what excuse the company running it tried out but (then anyway) India had an open government and the truth quickly came to light.

China, with its all-out economic growth and total disregard for public health and safety…

…has at least allowed, if not directly encouraged, manufacturers to pump enormous volumes of toxic chemical wastes into the air and water.  Because no-one is even allowed, let alone employed, to examine this chemical cocktail in the city’s air and water, no-one knows what deadly combinations are whistling along the streets of Wuhan.

Let us take, first, the verified facts and reports known to us:-

1. Typically, influenza kills a mere 68,000 Chinese each year.

2. This season’s “Coronavirus ‘flu” is much, much milder. Most (apart from those unfortunate enough to receive medical treatment) recover fully within a few days. The present death toll is way below that of a typical year.

3. All of the deaths so far admitted are from pneumonia which is endemic in China, due to the heavily polluted air and water, where it kills more than two million each year. No-one has died from a mythical virus.

4. Despite (according to Chinese official figures) the numbers of ill people being way below that of a typical ‘flu season, suddenly, the Chinese military have to build several “emergency hospitals”. The questions which immediately spring to mind are, “Why do they have bars on all of the windows, including those INSIDE the building?” and “Why do they look like Stalin’s Gulags?”

5. The Chinese government has many problems, not the least of which is, due to their “one child” policy, a rapidly aging population which the economy cannot support. Wuhan, a very wealthy city by Chinese standards, with strong Western influences and with a very different climate to that of Beijing has always been a more difficult region to control – almost a hotbed of dissidents.

6. According to BBC reports from London, those who enter these “hospitals”, following medication, suddenly get very ill and die as do those who receive medication outside the hospitals.

7. In the Autumn of last year, unspecified vaccination was made compulsory throughout China.

8. The “hospitals” have a very much larger capacity than could reasonably be required in a severe influenza season. (Don’t forget, the so-called “coronavirus, also called COV-19 just to confuse” is, purportedly, a ‘flu variation). The present numbers indicate a very mild ‘flu season and so the question is to be posed, “What is all this extra capacity for?” Are people to be shipped in in “cattle trucks” to “death camps”?

9. The official “death toll” does not jibe in any way with observations on the ground and other reports: Why are bodies being laid in front of houses awaiting mass-collection? Why, so it is reported, are crematoria, designed to cope with a population of more than ten million, suddenly so overwhelmed from a relatively tiny number of deaths that piled-up bodies are waiting a week and more to be cremated?

10. The Chinese government has now decided that manufacturing has to be restarted and quarantines lifted. What does this tell us about the veracity of the “epidemic” claims? What does this tell us at all?

A man cups algae-filled water in his hands at the Donghu Lake in Wuhan, Hubei province, August 17, 2009. REUTERS/China Daily

That the Chinese government cares not a whit for the well-being of the individual is a statement which even they would not deny.

What it could also mean is that they have now sorted out all those who are to be taken to the “death hospitals” and they no longer need the cover of a phantom “Coronavirus”. I have vague recollections of Stalin doing something like this to completely depopulate the odd town or two. It has also been done in the USA and Canada whereby indigenous Indian populations were first starved, then injected with some “vaccine” from which they all became ill. They were then transported to “quarantine areas” where they all died away from any public scrutiny. So, nothing new or unusual.

Then we have a few unverified things which, on the face of it, appear unlikely.

A) One senior military officer is reported to have said that half of the population of Wuhan had died. Unless you’ve already made provision to deal with this level of carnage, five million dead bodies would raise a stench which would make the rest of the region uninhabitable and would, downwind, cause vomiting up to 50 miles away.

B) A senior Chinese general has been said to claim that the Chinese economic growth has been permitted in order to finance a massive military build-up. It is, further, claimed that he stated that the USA is the sole obstacle to Chinese military expansion and that germ warfare facilities have been charged with the task of developing a weapon which will kill most Americans and, thus, enable the Chinese to take over the American continent as their new living annex.

The problem with this is that he has, apparently, failed to notice (or subordinates were afraid to tell him) that germ warfare has never worked because it is based upon assumptions which are contrary to fact. What appears to be more likely is that a new sort of chemical weapon is being tested behind a smoke-screen of this year’s ‘flu.

When the preponderance of the evidence for the existence of a coronavirus is, at best, very tenuous…

…and 30 years of careful research shows that viruses, as a life-form, almost certainly do not exist then it behoves us to seek elsewhere for the source and cause of the problem. (Karma Singh)

Certain personages in high places who are either not connected to the pharmaceutical manufacturers or have decided to ignore their orders have reached the conclusion that the problem is some sort of chemical weapon and have set the wheels in motion to identify and neutralise this toxic cocktail.

More on this as soon as I am given permission.

Blessed be

Karma Singh
25th February 2020

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

14 thoughts on ““Wuhan” – Another “Bhopal” On An Enormous Scale, or Genocide?”

  1. I suspect that the whole “Wuhan” thing is just one more carefully crafted Big Pharma street theater introducing a laboratory-made virus into a community weakened by pollution and food and water contamination so as to use that situation to force-vaccinate the First World’s masses with a new vaccine that contains the very things to spread the virus…

  2. That’s what I thought, at first, Tim but as things have unfolded it’s looking more and more like genocide using a harmless “virus” as a smoke screen.

    This is what I hinted at in the last paragraph and hope, soon to be able to tell much more.

    Blessed be

  3. There are a lot of layers to this hoax. And it won’t be easy to figure out who are all involved, for what reason, and what part they play in this hoax. It’s a conspiracy between China, the WHO and others. Which others? I don’t know yet.
    The goal is to disrupt the world and the world economy. And so far it works all really well. Nothing works better to achieve this goal than a good old-fashioned germ scare.

  4. Tucker Carlson on Fox last night laid into the WHO calling them a great hoax.

    Well, well, well…

    So if the Great Hoax “WHO” calls the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement bad names, does that mean that…

    Well, well, well…

  5. I notice that there are now THREE ‘Vitamin C’ based trials being planned/started.
    How convenient, that around 90% of the world’s Vitamin C production is in China !

  6. No, no, no, no, no, Janet!
    Almost all of the vitamin C that humans need is produced in your skin! Proctor & Gamble amongst others then sell you “soap” to wash it off and then sell you artificial vitamin C produced from coal dust to replace the vit. C that they’ve removed from your processed foodstuffs.

    That which your skin produces and your body needs to get rid of is readily water soluble. That which your body needs to keep isn’t. Showering with water alone is perfectly adequate – perhaps a little soap on the furry bits – that way you get rid of what your body is discharging but keep that which your body needs sunlight to create.

    All green vegetables and many fruits contain useful amounts of vitamin C. With a natural diet of fresh foods, i.e. from garden to table not with the word “fresh” on the packaging, provides all the vitamin C that you would normally need.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  7. President Trump recently agreed to give the CDC 2.5 billion to address the coronavirus problem. Dr, Brownstein recently wrote an article critical of giving 2.5 billion to the liars at the CDC. How about tying the 2.5 billion to the subpoena of William Thompson? I don’t think telling the truth is an unreasonable condition for a 2.5 billion grant.

  8. Head of the CDC is Rosenstein’s wife—different last name, gee I wonder why? My money is on the 5G that bathes that area in China. Dry cough, people keel over with no symptom….The cruise ship has massive 5G “roasting” the people. The agenda is always the same: promote massive fear, kill off who they can. I believe the target is bringing economies, food supplies to a standstill.

  9. Great article, as usual from Karma Singh.

    Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but it does relate broadly to the topic of health care, vaccines, and everything and many people who are wrapped up in this corona virus story might be rushing to seek treatments or whatever the latest fad is to protect their health.

    As most of us intelligent, well read people are aware, there are a lot of charlatans and controlled opposition about trying to get us to believe in their methods. These guys are no better than the mainstream, and sometimes even worse.

    I thought this particular “clinic” called “Viribus Klinik” may be something of interest to Karma, since whoever started this website is a fluent German speaker. I only became aware of them after an op-ed was published on Vaxxter a couple of years ago.

    Take a look at these guys. https://www.viribus-klinik.com/en/
    At first glance, much of what they write about the state of our health care, vaccines, synthetic vitamins, chemo therapy etc. seems plausible and consistent with the evidence many of us have gathered.

    However, taking a closer look, not all is as it seems. Firstly, the site uses a lot of stolen and doctored images. Their “laboratory” is actually Rojana Industrial Estate in Thailand (they claim to be located in the Philippines). “Dr E Menser” (the 35-year old lady) is actually a generic image of an Asian looking lady stolen from a US dental clinic website. “Prof. Cairns” in this image never went to Harvard, but he is a recently deceased professor from Virginia Tech. The German guy is a mathematician pictured on a trip to Israel. He never made the comments claimed.

    The images of the accommodation appear generic and from somewhere else. No proof exists this clinic is even in existence since there are no real or independent testimonials (the 3 testimonials on their website don’t count). Go to Google Maps and hover over Samal Island. There’s nothing on this clinic meaning it doesn’t exist…otherwise there would be hundreds or even thousands of testimonials, good and bad, as you would expect from any legitimate business.

    If you contact them, they’ll try to force you to sign up for a lengthy and expensive treatment, which they claim is “guaranteed” to help you, but without any proof (anyone can claim that!) You’re not supposed to ask any real questions, otherwise they’ll ignore you and claim they have better things to do like treat patients who ‘want to learn’.

    Are these guys the medical equivalent of Nigerian email scammers?

    I mean, no legitimate clinic has their “doctors” making conspiratorial statements on news websites and uses stolen imagery on their website.

    I’m surprised there’s no independent analysis of this website to be found anywhere on the web. Whether you search in English or German, the only results that come up are their website or a few health related blogs with comments from their supposed ‘doctors’, all probably made up and written by the same person.

    Any thoughts, Karma? Haven’t even seen the “Skeptics” attack this one. Maybe because even they don’t think it’s worth touching hoaxes? I mean, if they were legit, the Skeptics would surely be all over them, like they probably are over the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, which is legit. Instead, this almost looks like a creation from intelligence to make us look bad. Show this Viribus Klinik website to any “normie” and they’ll start laughing in your face.

  10. Hi Jim,
    difficult to say exactly but I tend towards your opinion.

    The “guided tour” (in German) is someone reading from a script whilst using a hand-held camcorder – very unprofessional. The “clinic” itself reminds me very strongly of a 2 star hotel in Bangkok – clean but definitely not comfortable.
    The rest is, as you say, blurb that they’e downloaded from the internet and not their own texts.

    I certainly would neither use nor recommend it – best forgotten I would say.

    Blessed be

  11. Neither. Unless you’re following Q you will not make sense out of all this nor will you know what’s happening.

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