Why the Doctor’s Data v Barrett case is important to North America…

The US health care system is in tatters.  It is total crap, run by crooks and idiots, who on their best day, either by design, or stupidity, cannot find any solutions.  The “War on Cancer” has been running almost 39 years – and we are not even close to official answers – because the “war” is intentionally designed to fail.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

The US health care system, itself, is the number one killer of Americans. Health problems that could, and should, have been solved years ago, like autism, diabetes and heart disease tear our society apart.

Why is this happening?  Because the system generates way too much money the way it is.  No one within the system wants change.  And, “the system” has built in defense mechanisms designed to kill threats to itself.

One of those built in mechanisms is the “quackbuster” operation, a cleverly designed process whereby virtually any treatment, lab test, device, author, practitioner, or idea that is outside of the current US health care “status quo” gets systematically rolled in excrement, so to speak, and publicly held up to ridicule by a mostly hidden group.  The flagship for this operation is Quackwatch.com and its aging, bitter, loser, Stephen Barrett.

But there is much more to the “quackbuster” operation than Barrett.  Why do I say that?  Because, although Barrett intentionally publicly paints his enemies with sewage, no one would care what this rabid old fart has to say if his material never floated to the top of search engines.  But it does – and it is not by accident.

In short, Obamacare, nor any other current health care solution, on the table, proposed by the “thinkers,”  is going to help North Americans for one simple reason.  The proposed solutions fail, at first, to identify the real problems of North American Health Care – and that problem is that we are on a maintenance of symptom system rather than a cure system.  In short, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and more can all be beaten right now with existing science and technology – but all of that science and technology is blocked, and its proponents intentionally smeared in the public’s eye.

But then, something happened that could change all that.  Someone had enough.  That “someone” is a laboratory called Doctor’s Data, that, in essence, did one simple thing – they took the leash off their junkyard dogs (their attorneys –Augustine, Kern, and Levens) and let them go do what they are supposed to do – bite an unwanted intruder.

Junkyard dogs, by nature, first “bite” an intruder in the crotch area.  Dogs, I guess, have an instinctive knowledge of where an enemy’s power center actually is – so they go for it immediately.

However, it appears that there was an unexpected result.  Instead of ripping off some vital organs, what the jaw clamping actually got was a mouth full of rolled up socks.  Apparently, the alleged Big Man On Campus is actually not.  His power center turned out to be as real as silicone breasts – or in his case, a codpiece.

It’s been 82 days since Stephen Barrett was “served” with the Doctor’s Data v Barrett lawsuit challenging his smear tactics, and Barrett, so to speak, has not gotten it up yet.  Barrett was given 60 days, then another 30 days.  So, Barrett has 8 days left before he, and his operation, go into Default – and that will be the end of that.

Will Barrett actually respond?

Probably – but even if he does, he’s finished.  And, if the case is managed correctly, and it looks good to me so far, Barrett’s minions are finished also.

So, what will it mean to the US health care system to “finish” Barrett and his minions?  It will mean a lot.  For Barrett’s people (and I will explain exactly who they are in the next article), although not particularly successful overall, have one important thing going for them – they control information flow about health care, right now, both on the internet search engines, and on Wikipedia.

The good thing for us is that they are, and were, so arrogant about it that after the Doctor’s Data case was filed they used their power to try to openly (they identified themselves) completely destroy Doctor’s Data – and their malicious activity in this operation is completely actionable.  Every one of them can, and probably will be, added as a Defendant in the case in a future “Amended Complaint.”

Is that a good thing to add on new Defendants?  Yes, it is – for two reasons.  The first is that Doctor’s Data can wrap up Barrett’s network in one simple action.  And the second is that several of the potential Defendants have some net worth that can be used to pay damages.  Liz Ditz, for instance, the person who organized the “Googlebomb” has horses, and horse property, in a very expensive area of Northern California.  The house next door to her, there, is currently for sale at a discount, for four million dollars.  Orac the Nipple Ripper (David Gorski) apparently writes his blog from his desk at the Cancer Center (deep pockets) in Detroit where he works.  And more.

Important though – is that the North American Health Freedom Movement needs to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  So this doesn’t happen again.

So, what’s the big deal?  Why is this case such a hot item?

The Doctor’s Data v Barrett, Federal Court case is well designed.  To me, with one exception which can be fixed, it addresses the big picture of what should rightfully be called “The Quackbuster Conspiracy.”  The attorneys writing the case looked carefully at what was actually happening, realized that what Barrett, et al, were doing was a pattern, and as such, had all the earmarks of an organized conspiracy.  The eleven Counts in the case carefully lay out the legal liability in what Barrett, et al, have been doing.  Each Count addresses a separate point.  Together the points spell out the entire conspiracy and seek temporary and permanent remedy.

The real beauty of the case is in what happened AFTER the case was filed and Barrett’s minions reacted with what is known on the internet, as a “Googlebomb,” increasing, with Intentional Malice, the damage done to Doctor’s Data, taking control of the internet search engines on the subject.  These fools actually bragged that they, in full and open conspiracy, were going to create much greater defamation.

More, the Discovery in the case is going to be a gold mine.  When I say that I think this case will head towards a RICO Complaint I am not exaggerating one bit – Civil AND Criminal.

In short, what this case addresses, is that Barrett, and his cronies, have developed a Modus Operandi (MO) used against their targets.  Sometimes it works, other times it does not.  But they have used it before, and the project is continuous.  The apparatus is right here in front of us.  More, the cronies are so arrogant, they activated their network after the lawsuit was filed to engage in Intentional Malice attempting to destroy Doctor’s Data’s business as quickly as possible.

Just below is the general explanation of the case itself:

Before I give you the specific details, which take up a lot of space, I want to tell you how to read a court case, so that it reads simply.  You will note that paragraph after paragraph, in the text, there is repetition.  In a legal document this is very necessary – but you can scan and skip the repetition, getting to the meat of each Count as you go along.  What is important is to note the differences in each Count, and see how each separate Count applies.

Important here, is that the “we the people,” long ago, put laws in place to stop people like Barrett, and his minions, from doing what they are doing.   Each “Count” deals with one of those laws.  Barrett, who thinks he is an expert in EVERYTHING, once took a correspondence course in the law (insert laughter here), and tried to tell Doctor’s Data’s attorneys “the way it is…” before the case was filed.

So, as you are going along reading the “Counts,” individually, smile, for “we the people” thought this all through years ago.  In short, Barrett, and his minions are SCREWED…


Next, copied from the actual Complaint, is an explanation of the facts specific to the Counts in the case:

Now comes the “Counts,” the actual points Barrett and his minions and cronies are being sued over:

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate