Why Do The US “Blue State” Governors Force Their Citizens To Wear Masks In Public?

Because They Need To Be Able To Hide Their ANTIFA Thugs In Plain Sight…

For What’s Coming Next…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

We have all seen on the nightly news that the riots have re-started and that in the liberal run government areas those rioters have free rein.  The idiot Governor, Andrew Cuomo, of New York has stated that “these people are “just expressing themselves…”   It is obvious that the liberal Democrats want fear and chaos in the streets of America, thinking somehow that that chaos is going to keep Donald Trump from being re-elected so they can finish putting America under globalist control.

I have lived under the administration of fourteen (14) US presidents starting with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and I have never seen anything like this CONSTANT ATTACKING of a US President ever before.

I am tired of it.  So, I think, are the American people…

I have actually lost track, so far, of the sheer number of the wild-eyed “anti-Trump” campaigns.  Let me make something clear – I believe EVERY attack was organized from the same bunker, by the same people.

Same people? Who are they?  We need to look no further than those people who were actually running that Chicago-based “Community Organizer.” Obama who, to declare his presidential policies on ANYTHING had to stand at a lectern and swivel his head from the teleprompter on the left to the teleprompter on the right – reading out loud what had been put there for him, by his handlers, to say.

There was no question that Barack Hussein Obama was put in there to be the figurehead for the next step of destroying the United States of America in favor of a One World Government run by a not-so-secret group of globalist elites.  His actions spoke to that very loudly.  He had his job to do.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to pick up where he left off.

But when Donald Trump was elected instead of Hillary all hell broke loose.  The elites had thought they had the US in the bag, so to speak.  “Agenda 21” was alive and well.  The de-population program was to begin in earnest.  But “Oops”- we beat them with a program to“Make America Great Again…”

And then Donald began to take their toys away from them – all those things that they had gotten through Obama’s endless funding and regulations in their favor – like billions to fund “Climate Change” projects like bird-destroying windmills.

That’s who is behind it all.  They don’t like losing. and they want the power back – at ANY cost to America.

And, it is NOT going to stop…

Why?  Because we here in the US are in the middle of a full-on globalist takeover attempt.  The one-thing-after-another sequence of events was, and is, just an ongoing plot of scheduled activities.  Does anyone believe that all of these things happening one-after-the-other is something that just spontaneously occurred?

Of course not.

What is the “Next Thing” going to be?

It is actually easy to predict.  There is a pattern right here in front of us.  The liberal Democrats tipped their hands when they set up all those nationwide George Floyd demonstrations, in coordination with the liberal media, with an obvious attempt to create a “Race War.”

 CNN. and all of the other “fake news” outlets ONLY news every night is made up of ONLY three main things – all designed to create fear:

(1)  Violence in the streets (car chases, shootings, etc.),

(2)  How Covid-19 “New Cases” are going to kill everyone in those States that opened up their economies because of all of those supposed “New Cases” showing up due to increased testing, blah,, blah, blah..

(3)  Endless “fake news” generated trying to foment a “Race War.” 

They ARE trying but none of it is working out very well…

So, they will move on to the next obvious thing – which I think will be staged in three parts.

(1)  They are going to create violent riots in the Middle of “White Middle Class America.”  One day, in the middle of the week, all across America, normal people, wearing the masks that are required, will be shopping in Costco, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Kroger, WinCo, Target, Sprouts, Whole Foods.

Suddenly phones will ring and almost instantly, Molotov Cocktails will be thrown at normal people, fireworks will explode, bombs will go off, knives will slash the nicely dressed…

Then, as they ALWAYS do, they will run off in make away in their escape vehicles.  Most will not be caught because security cameras will ONLY see masked people everywhere.

Required masks –  a “Terrorists Dream,” nicely provided for by their friendly liberal State Governors…

(2)  Within minutes the “Fake News” media will be interviewing MASKED people who appear to be black, screaming out “Hate Phrases” against white people and claiming credit for the bombings in White America.

(3)  Within an hour more “Fake News” outlets will be interviewing what appears to be masked white people screaming out “Hate Phrases” against black people.

It is Exactly what the “Fake News” does…

The liberal Democrats need a “Race War,” and they are not getting one.  But they are NOT done trying.

Why do the liberal Democrats want a “Race War?”

For a very long time the US Democratic Party has had COMPLETE CONTROL of the American Black community.  They did it by establishing almost the entire Black community into a welfare system where they would be totally dependent on the government in power (the Democrats) – so long as there were no men living in the home.

As Candace Owens says, in the video below, Planned Parenthood performs nine hundred (900) abortions per day, every day, in the US Black community.

Candace Owens is not alone in the Black community calling for an end to the way Blacks are treated by the Democratic Party “Plantation system.”  The liberals FEAR even a small portion of the Black Community switching over to the Republican Party and voting for Trump.

But people like Candace Owens are waking everyone up about the realities…

Watch all or part of this video.   It says it all – the whole story.  Candace Owens is a nice young woman you are going to like…

Now read the title of this article up above once again. 

Why am I saying that?

I have another much shorter video, just below, that will answer that question.  Watch the whole thing from the beginning, but pay particular attention to the man, Scott Crow, starting at 2:21, describing why ANTIFA, and other related groups, MUST keep their faces covered.

Just think for a minute…

We, as a nation, were able to curtail most of this ANTIFA crap by simply enforcing old laws against face coverings under certain circumstances.  ANTIFA people didn’t want to go out and destroy anything when they couldn’t mask up, and security cameras would ensure that the Police would be at their door in the morning.

But, now, of course, the “Blue State” Governors have found a way to get them their masks back, and they can hide in plain sight…

Security Cameras are now useless.  Get ready.  The “Blue State” Governors have a plan for you…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


5 thoughts on “Why Do The US “Blue State” Governors Force Their Citizens To Wear Masks In Public?”

  1. The original antifa was just acting to protect against right-wing thugs. It has been obviously taken over by agent provocateurs who want to create havoc. We have the two right-wings of the business party, the Dems and the Repubs fighting for control. Neither has our interests at heart but want us to join their team in the fight. Trump is not some savior. He Merck-ed the FDA and allow Goldman Sachs to sach our economy. As you demonstrate continually, Tim Bolen, you have been bamboozled into joining this fight. Step back and join the rest of us.

  2. Doctors group asks court to order release of ‘Trump drug’
    a chart showing that in nations where hydroxychloroquine is allowed and encouraged – such as South Korea, Israel, India and Russia – the case fatality rate is in the range of 1%.

    But in nations where hydroxychloroquine is banned or discouraged – such as Italy, France, Belgium and the U.S. – the case fatality rate ranges as high as 18%.

  3. Roger – Trump has not Merck-ed anything. In fact Trump and Merck are acknowledged enemies.

    Goldman Sachs? You need to read up on how “Money” actually works…

  4. So, now that masks are mandatory, has anyone thought of the great idea of going to a bank all masked up, just to see the reactions?
    (actually, it may not be a great idea, unless one is suicidal?)

  5. Roger et.al.,
    Fascism did not end in May 1945. It just changed it’s name.
    If you want to persue fascist ideologies in the modern world then you have to pretend to be anti-fascist. That’s the sole difference.

    Hitler’s Brown Shirts were recruited in the same way, organised in the same way, got government support in the same way, were financed in the same way and naiively believed the same things.

    ANTIFA is a Nazi organisation, controlled and financed by the same pharmaceutical cartel, receives support from pharmaceutical controlled state and local governments and is dedicated to destruction with no objective further than that.

    They are not given any further instructions as to what will come to pass after they’ve destroyed because the “elite” would have no further use for them and they will be euthanized along with all other “useless” people.

    Trump is right, ANTIFA is an international terror organisation financed by the German government (and probably others as well), Georg Soros etc.. The organisers are, of course, not those who risk life and limb on the streets but use naiive children who don’t make the effort to find out how they are being used.

    It worked for Hitler. Will you let it work for his bosses at the pharmaeutical cartel?

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

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