Why “Anti-Vaxxers” Are So HATED…

– And So CRITICAL To Saving “Western Civilization…”

By Elissa Meininger – Historian and Health Policy Analyst

Over the years, The BolenReport has been publishing articles about the evils of vaccines, the lies about crooked science, the arbitrary political forces that want to dictate how parents take care of their children medically and run our lives.

The anti-vax community is the largest activist group in the world, with communications networks everywhere.  Even though from time-to-time  The BolenReport’s connections are removed from Facebook and many of our articles are officially blocked, our news is still circulated worldwide thanks to you.

Just so you know…….

When Donald Trump came on the scene, a lot of the venom that had been aimed at the anti-vaxxer movement was shifted to him

One of the earliest political statements he made was regarding his concerns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  Trump followed through immediately after the election by asking Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the scion of the great liberal Kennedy dynasty, to help get to the truth about the entire industry.

We need to understand why Trump set this up, quit whining about why we don’t like him, and not get distracted by side issues the Marxist left keeps bringing up for the purpose of creating angry headlines and general chaos.  It is part of an overall strategy to destabilize our country.

Trump is NOT the problem, despite all the propaganda being peddled about him.  It is the goals he is in the process of achieving to protect our Western Civilization that are driving his detractors crazy.

Here’s why Trump went after vaccines first.  Mandatory vaccinations represent ultimate control of the population. 

The goal of the anti-Trump forces is to take down our government and transform our country into a controlled Marxist state.  Call it a social democracy if you like; it amounts to the same thing.  First, a nice friendly socialist state with free health care for all that then morphs into a controlled communist state Bernie Sanders and his fans forget to mention.

In fact, according in an article from the Orange County Register entitled, “School Curriculum Whitewashes Communism’s History”  

…the horrors of the Marxist state are never taught in our public schools. Even more worrisome, according to the Southern California Young Communist League, “Whoever controls the minds of the next generation basically controls the future.” In other words, for example, students are not told that during Mao’s Cultural Revolution, 3 million Chinese were killed and somewhere between 20 to 43 million died of starvation in the worst famine in world history which Mao proudly called “The Great Leap Forward.”

Another detail never mentioned is that during this famine, children were killed, boiled, used for fertilizer or eaten.  These facts are hardly topics worthy of classroom discussion, apparently.

Think “Bernie Sanders” when you realize the death rate in Marxist countries worldwide, during the 20th century, is estimated to be between 85 million to 100 million.   What Trump has said from the beginning, he’s for getting America back on track and cleaning out the Swamp of the corruption, such as that which we all know exists in the vaccine industry.

As for Trump’s understanding of the medical industry…

He, and everyone else who knows anything about the medical system, knows that Big Pharma runs the whole shebang.

From the 1800s, when the German chemical industry realized it could patent synthetic drugs, the whole slew of small companies knew they were sitting on a goldmine of potential worldwide trade in patented drugs.  Instead of competing against each other, they banded together as an industry.   Vaccines were the first pot of gold they went after.  It didn’t matter that from the 1790’s homeopathy showed major success in preventing and/or controlling infectious diseases.  Public records and contemporary medical records confirm this.  Homeopathy was something the chemical industry couldn’t patent.  The allopathic medical community not only couldn’t understand its principles of healing, they hated the competition.  Homeopathy was very popular among the public because of its humane and gentle methods of healing.

What a gold mine vaccines have proven to be! 

It’s no longer just the shots themselves.  It’s all the damage they cause, the medical treatments, pills and housing for the most damaged by the shots that have turned out to be a bonanza.

We know that who knows how many of us and our kids are no longer functional people either mentally or physically thanks the side effects of vaccines.   Many of us would be unable to mount a campaign to protect our capitalist society and, as of now, untold numbers of us can’t even think straight enough to know what’s really going on.   Getting through the day is challenge enough.   We know, also, what a goldmine of information and evidence Robert F. Kennedy has gathered, just as President Trump wanted him to do.

The fact is, we are the largest group of activists in the world. 

We know our very lives are at stake but what we have not contemplated is how we could actually be organized into a fighting citizen army to protect our families from destruction.  Families are the basic stabilizing unit of Western Civilization and the first target of Marxist ideology to destroy.

As I explained in a prior article It’s Time to Pull the Plug on POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, it was the goal of Sigmund Freud and his fellow Marxists to destroy our Western Civilization by using brainwashing techniques to reprogram every basic tenet of social stability to turn our world into chaos.


Because they hated capitalism and the orderly psychological social structure it provided for us as individuals so we could become all we wanted to be.  His favorite nephew, Edward Bernays, made it possible to take over every avenue of public communications here in the US to spew out all manner of misinformation.  Meanwhile university intellectuals were assigned the task of becoming an endless mind-altering machine manufacturing intellectual gibberish in what is called Critical Theory for the purpose developing arguments  to justify rejecting all norms of behavior or thinking that represent the values of Western Civilization.  The chaos we see on university campuses and in the streets today is the hoped for result.

Because Marxism had already taken over our public schools even before Freud and his colleagues took over everything else, in my article,  Trump Opens Door So We Can Purge Marxism From Our Public Schools , I described how we have been robbed of learning the history of our country and, for that matter, the history and the values of Western Civilization.

I hope you realize that by our aggressive campaign to protect our families from medical harm, we have already demonstrated our desire to preserve the authority of the family unit, the centerpiece of Western values, so we can raise our children to be functioning and happy adults without government intrusion.  No other group is as large and as powerful as we are, and so well positioned and ready to protect the next generation of people.

Keep in mind the official philosophy in every public school in America is dictated by people like Harvard psychiatrist, Chester M. Pierce who provided at his keynote address at the 1973 Childhood International Education Seminar in Colorado the following overview of policy:

Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity.  It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well by creating the international child of the future. (P.284 Kindle)

And keep in mind also, the ultimate goal of Marxism in America, (call it social democracy, postmodernism or whatever else you can think up,) the ultimate goal for this international child of the future that Pierce speaks of was already explained by Brock Chisholm, who was the first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), from 1948 to 1953, thusly. 

 To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.

And, this glorious Green New Deal so ceremoniously laid out by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just the new name for the  old UN Agenda 21 master plan to create a worldwide Marxist government often touted as the way to build sustainability or save the planet from climate change, two particularly hot topics of the moment.

I attended a three-day Agenda 21 conference several years ago. 

Tim’s article, US “Mandatory Childhood Vaccines” Programs Are Just One Part of The UN “Agenda 21” World De-Population Plan…  is spot on.  It’s loaded with critical info and links and I’d like to add this outfit to the list as well. https://www.freedomadvocates.org/ You can download the booklet with the Philosophy of Rights chart below in it.

In the meantime…

I suggest you do some homework so you can see the big picture of what Trump is now revealing as his health care reform plan to put people in charge of all their health care decisions in what he describes as a transparent free market system. 

Couple that with his desire to whittle Big Pharma down to size and clean up the corruption in the vax industry, you can see why you may want to start sharing this article with friends and take a look at the broader political issues you may not have thought much about before.  Us anti-vaxxers are positioned to lead the charge for REAL health freedom with a whole lot more people than we have now.

Robert F. Kennedy’s Report to Congress Regarding Vaccine Safety…


Free Speech on Campus


Trump Lowers Drug Prices


Trump Orders Health Care Free Market Price Transparency


What we anti-vaxxers need to think about clearly is that we have the sheer numbers to influence public policy. 

If Trump is re-elected and he has both the House and the Senate on his side, the ability for us to mount a massive political action to demand that Kennedy’s report be used to investigate vaccine industry corruption is far more likely to get done.

I was part of the massive public action to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.  With only modest funding from health food stores and small dietary supplement companies, we succeeded against Big Pharma and its endless supply of money and power.  We only had telephones and a few public faxes, yet were able to mount the most massive public letter writing campaign in that era.  We wanted put a stop to the FDA’s plans to remove dietary supplements from the marketplace as the agency considered them a “disincentive” for drug research.  (see FDA: Dietary Supplement Task Force Final Report P.11)

By Elissa Meininger – Historian and Health Policy Analyst

11 thoughts on “Why “Anti-Vaxxers” Are So HATED…”

  1. I find it weird, this misguided faith that Trump will somehow help. He has done nothing but put more swamp monsters in the swamp and stir up the mud at the bottom. Any results will only come from grassroots action no matter who is in office.

  2. Why headline that we’re “hated”? Why not show us in positive way… “Why Anti-Vaxxers Should Be Loved.”…or Understood.

  3. Although I have concerns about vaccination I do dislike your politicisation of the issue.

    If you want to try and skew evidence of death rates in socialist countries, don’t forget that in the capitalist west iatrogenic ie- doctor caused disease is the third highest cause of death. The US with its still largely private enterprise medical system, rated last in terms of neonatal mortality, last for low birth weight percentages, third from the last for postnatal mortality, third from last for age adjusted mortality, third from the last for life expectancy at 15 years for girls and next to the last for males.

    To quote Dr Mercola ‘the poor performance of the US medically was recently confirmed by a WHO study, which used different data and ranked the US as 15th among 25 industrialised countries in medical competence’

    Really, if you want to criticise vaccination, you have our support but as the old adage has it, ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ The US with its system of privately funded medicine is clearly far from being a paragon of virtue.

  4. The author is spot-on: we are more powerful than we know. The example of DSHEA and how we overwhelmed Congress to get it passed unanimously points us in the right direction for the future.

    The globalists are abolishing all state-law vaxx exemptions and making medical exemptions nearly impossible.

    IMHO, the way to stop vaxx mandates is to assert our universal right to Informed Consent.

    One might say that the universal right to informed consent trumps any state legislative repeal of long-standing conscientious exemptions.

    We need to force Congress to enforce Informed Consent. A first step is to go on record: “I refuse informed consent for all vaccines.” https://tinyurl.com/AVDcard

  5. To Roger, the draining of the swamp is what we accomplish by raising so much exposure to the crimes going on — just as our heroes did [with us cheering them on] in their work as Congressional Intel and justice overseers Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, et al did with amazing citizen help from Judicial Watch FOR THE HEAVY LIFTING… Then Trump fires some, others leave on their own, and some are disgraced totally, but we get more cleaned up.

    ‘No matter who is in office’… rotflh… can you imagine Hillary or Obama — the slitherins who gave us THE ATTEMPTED COUP, plus Benghazi, Ukraine, 20% of our uranium sold to the Russians, and the wide-open-to-our-enemies private servers, plus enticements to mobs of gangsters to run trafficking and drug running, etc, etc. etc. Where did that grassroots get us……?!?!? We got a wall in progress with a war-hero and masses of motivated helpers, including former KS secretary of state, etc and major embarrassment in the media that there WAS AN EMERGENCY Seriously, you think that would have happened without Trump to favor it in his own way.

    And now we have the immediately panderizing demise of the pedophiles… hundreds rounded up in city-wide waves, not just Epstein.. THINK LONG AND HARD HOW THAT CHANGES THE VACCINE DAMAGING OF CHILDREN AS OK [they’re still usable by the pedos]… Admit that it was NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN UNDER OBAMA OR CLINTON…. NEVER because they are part of it

    It damn well does matter who’s in the Whitehouse…… ttyl

    Trump is our ace in DC as well as every CONSTITUTION-CARRYING, Twitter-using, LEGISLATOR that we can elect.

  6. Your forgot to mention it that it was the Rockefeller/Beninzky clan behind the Chinese debacle, the bunch of gangsters who want to do similar things in the west.

  7. Suppose the stupid law assigning vaccine liability to the federal government were repealed. Who would be liable then? If the vaccines were honestly represented and freely chosen, I think the liability should fall on the fools who chose to get vaccinated. In cases where health care professionals sink to levels unacceptable in used car salesmen, and say, for example, “vaccines are safe,” they should be liable for vaccine injuries. Without assigning vaccine liability to the federal government, mandatory vaccines become problematic. I don’t think it’s too far fetched to hold Richard Pan personally liable for all vaccine injuries in California.

  8. I wondered why there didn’t seem to be follow-up on the Vaccine Safety Commission idea. However, I think that when Trump took office it was made abundantly clear that the fox was guarding the hen house when it came to vaccines. We don’t have a few bad apples in our DS government, we have a bad barrel. The real objective from the moment Trump took office, was to return the authority back to “we the people”. Trump has not abandoned this issue, in my opinion. I hope we will live to see our total emancipation from pharmaceutical medicine.

  9. Alexis, et al, it’s possible that Trump has a wider vision of what’s going on in that hen house, because Jon Rappoport is relaying such a possibility. His latest article was to introduce the work of Donald W. Light [a medical socio-economist] and his cohort of related medical ethicists.. and their concept Bad Pharma AND Good Pharma…

    Have a look at their webpage PharmaMyths.com and see the data that illustrates how totally bamboozled are the true-believers in Pharma when the facts on how little impressive medical wizardry exists in their massive propaganda actions to keep true-believers asleep.

    By comparison [still within the pharmaceutical drug research concepts, no ‘fringe’ ideas allowed] is the ‘good pharma’ MODEL — the MARIO NEGRI INSTITUTE — that has amazingly existed for many years in Italy, who do NOT patent their discoveries and drive their operation totally opposite of the entire rest of the industry. The payroll spread is about 4, from top to bottom. The researchers are devoted to their concept. The book describing that model shows us how a large institute (51 labs) devoted to developing better medicines for *patients*, not patent-profit marketing, provides “a public health model that works with an open-science, collaborative, self-critical style at much lower costs, with data transparency, than commercialized research.”

    We may think that the commercialized gangsters would never be unseated from their thrones but Trump has already struck one blow in his EO that insists that drugs sold worldwide may not be sold in the USA for more than the European or Canadian prices. But price [and myths] are just the openers…

    It’s up to us maybe to draw attention to the MASS MURDER being perpetrated by the BIG FOUR IN THE VAX WORLD on others than their heinous vaxxing of our children. Which seems to be where Robert F Kennedy, jr is going when he pointed out that the big vax four were CONVICTED FELONS in their general drug operations… i think he hit the bullseye when he named them, as there is something powerful in being able to identify the exact enemies…. PFIZER, MERCK, SANOFI and GLAXO-SMITH-KLEIN… without those names their felony patterns are noise in the wind.

    And i’m wondering how much more outrage is currently waiting to awaken as we see just how bad the felonies are… MERCK for example likely KILLED OVER A HALF MILLION TRUSTING PATIENTS among the mostly elderly, based on the statistical evidence PLUS THE COURT CASE THAT SHOWED THEY KNEW they would be causing heart attacks and strokes with VIOXX.. Here’s a dynamite explanation of the evidence for the estimate of 500,000 unexpected deaths caused by Vioxx.. https://www.legalexaminer.com/health/vioxx-killed-half-a-million-the-facts-are-grim/


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