Was the “Election Fraud” a Trap set up by Trump?

US Presidential Election Update…

Since long before the first ballot counts were in, we have been persistently told by the main stream press that Joe Biden had won by a huge margin.

From Europe by Karma Singh

To bring a little clarity to this, it is necessary to point out that more than 90% of the world’s press, including such names as Reuters and the BBC, are (often through a series of dummy corporations,) owned and/or controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and their owners, the banking cartel.

Throughout this century and with rising intensity, a serious problem has beset these two entities and all that pertains to them. This problem is the daily growing numbers of people who question the effectiveness of pharmaceutical medicine, the honesty of banking and the veracity of ruling politicians. This questioning has led to large scale rejection of these; so much so that their dominant positions are seriously threatened.

History shows us that the usual method of dealing with such domestic problems is to side-line them by starting a war.

Vladimir Putin has, however, despite massive provocation from the Deep State, refused to participate in such an event.

The candidate presently being groomed as the alternative aggressor is the People’s Republic of China. Indeed, China has become so aggressive in the last two years that any military action (against the Republic of China, for example) is likely to find even Russia ranged against them.

With their military based much more upon ideology rather than training and technological superiority, such a war could be over very quickly unless a major player can be eliminated.

Undeniably, Joe Biden, family and associates have very strong ties to China. Biden has already promised an appeasement policy towards China as opposed to Trump’s deterrent strength posture. The plethora of reports of Chinese financing of the Biden presidential election campaign are already partially verified and much more is the subject of investigations by the FBI and American Department of Justice.

What China needs, to have any chance militarily, is a puppet regime in the White House; an objective which they, presently, appear to have attained.

Trump and team have launched a number of legal actions supported by the daily growing amount of evidence that the election was carried out fraudulently. Many of these have been dismissed by lower courts on technicalities and without hearing any evidence. So far, only one action has been submitted to the Supreme Court but this was rejected on the curious grounds that the Attorneys General of the 11 states which launched the action are not eligible to challenge the veracity of the vote counting in other states.

The biggest bombshell that has emerged in this battle is the confiscation of the servers of Dominion voting machines in Spain and Germany by special units of the US military.

Despite claims to the contrary, we do have definite confirmation that these actions DID take place and that five soldiers were killed in the action.
The German servers, it is well to note, were housed in the CIA building near Frankfurt am Main.

Although a full analysis of the enormous amounts of data on the servers is not yet complete, Sidney Powell who is also running legal challenges to the proclaimed voting results has stated that preliminary results indicate that Trump won the election by 401 Electoral College votes to 137 for Biden.

In addition to this…

…a detailed analysis of one Dominion voting machine in Michigan authorized by a judge has not only shown a reporting inaccuracy of 68.05% (the maximum permitted, by law, is 0.08%) but that, although the log files for a previous election in which the machine was used are intact, those for the presidential election have been manually removed.

The forensic analysis is carried out by Allied Security Operations Group, made up of former Department of Defense, Secret Service, Homeland Security, CIA and other agency members. Allied Security Operations Group specializes in Cyber and cyber forensic analysis. The results of the investigation of this one machine on which, totally illegally, the operating software was changed in mid-count when it became clear that Trump was on the way to a massive victory indicate most strongly that the entire Dominion operation needs to be investigated in detail.

Adding fuel to the fire under Dominion is a report Thursday morning out of the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee investigating the allegations of election fraud.

John Poulos, the CEO of Dominion had some trouble keeping his story straight whilst giving evidence and, whilst admitting that the chief programmer (Nick Ikonomakis) and certain of his colleagues were present in the counting center in Detroit, claimed that they were there only to clean the machines’ screens. Mr. Ikonomakis, we may wish to note, holds many of the patents used by Dominion in their voting machine software.
(Note, American Freedom Fighters have, for some reason, set their Cloudflare security software in such a way that their newsletters are not readable outside of the USA. You will, therefore, have to set your VPN to an American IP to read the article if you’re outside the US.)

Donald Trump is a man well-known for long-term strategic planning.

Many an opportunist politician and abuser of the American people has fallen into his skillful traps.

In September 2018, he signed an Executive Order which anticipated an attempt to fraudulently hand the 2020 presidential election to a Deep State nominee and puppet.

It may well be that the present slew of civil legal actions are merely a smoke screen and the “clean up” action may well have its finale at the end of January with Biden and Harris together with many others being arrested and charged with treason. These arrests are not made by the ordinary police but on military authority. There are already reports of a large increase in the number of flights to Guantanamo Bay over the last three weeks. Who or what they are carrying is not known. Military authorities neither confirm nor deny these flights.

Whilst we are concerning ourselves with Dominion Voting systems, we note the following two facts:-

1) The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has recently and publicly expressed her confidence in the accuracy and integrity of Dominion.

2) In the last general election in Germany in September 2017, the only REAL opposition party, the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) received, to almost everyone’s astonishment, only about one third of the votes anticipated.
The election management was, to a very large extent, managed by Dominion Voting Systems!

Things are very much still happening…

Blessed be
Karma Singh
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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

9 thoughts on “Was the “Election Fraud” a Trap set up by Trump?”

  1. Yeah ok, just like you told me that Trump was going to tackle the vaccine autism link in his second term which means it’s never happening since they planned to steal this election from him since they couldn’t impeach him. The fact of the matter is that he will soon be out of office and he didn’t do a damn thing for the vaccine/autism link instead he keeps pushing the most dangerous vaccine ever on our vaccine injured children. While he was in the White House he kept his big mouth shut about the subject and please don’t make up excuses for him since I’ve heard them all. No he is not working behind the scenes, he sold us out so snap out of your delusional self and realize that this liar is not on our side. Wake up already!

  2. JoeJoe:

    You must be from California where they say “The trouble with instant gratification is that it takes too long.”

    US Health Care is in far worse shape than people understand. It is not a simple task to unwind. No problem solver can walk in and solve EVERY PROBLEM at once. Trump was heading there, and may well still be.

    As I said consistently “Election 2020 is Big Pharma vs Trump.” Honest counting of the legal ballots shows that Trump won in a landslide. However, as we know, 2020 election fraud was massive. “The Elites” treated Americans like we were, and are, ignorant bumblers.

    We cannot let what they did stand. When the people of France were starving and the French Royalty, in response to the complaint “There is no bread…” said “Let them eat cake…” the French people responded with wagons loaded with guillotines, where they went from town to town hunting down their “Elites,” dragging them out into the streets, and beheaded them.

    The French people, I guess, wanted “Social and Economic Management Change…” as soon as possible.

    Do you suppose that groups of 20 Red State licensed pickup trucks pulling trailers with guillotines each simultaneously entering the parking lots of CNN, FaceBook, Twitter, Google, NBC, ABC, etc on any given day might alert the “Elites” as to the seriousness of our requirements for America?

  3. No Tim I’m from Ohio and there is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to autism/vaccines as you know. I am being realistic and not out of touch with reality like some. Please explain how vaccine pushing Trump is going to do something when he’s out of the White House when he wont say or do anything now? He won’t and you have to be realistic about him doing nothing. If I am wrong show me what he has done other than try to take credit for the covid vaccine which is a slap in our vaccine injured childrens face.

  4. Ellen,
    I firmly believe that I always talk sense.
    This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with me or even like what I write. The First Amendment covers that.

    Blessed be

  5. JoeJoe:

    Not only do you sound like one of those “I want it right now, and I want it for free in my new silver BMW convertible” Californians, but you sound like one of those that never had the advantage of attending a Civics class, so as to have it explained to you how the US Government ACTUALLY works.

    You sound, like we hear from most liberals, that the President is some kind of a Dictator who can issue all-encompassing edicts like Obama tried to do, and Empress Hillary was intending to do.

    We have THREE branches of government in the United States, the purpose of which is to assure that no one branch has ultimate power. As we saw, throughout Trumps superb Presidency, the filth-encrusted gender-challenged liberals used, and abused, that system so as to slow Trump down. But not that much…

    His second term is going to be interesting, to say the least…

  6. Ok, think what you want of me but I guess we’ll have to wait until January 20th and see what it is that he’ll do then. I will be back and hopefully you’re right.

  7. JoeJoe raises a most interesting point that very, very few people realise.

    Health services were set up world-wide following World War II

    In an atmosphere in which even most bureaucrats and politicians believe the pharma-propaganda implicitly, it is a very difficult thing to dismantle such a multi-national monolith. The first necessary step is to destroy their credibility. President Trump has made some significant stepsin this direction.
    I do my best to help and I’ve just uploaded a new article to the Bolen Report which has this as its objective.

    I would love to help Our Donald in any way which he thinks he could use me. We both have the same ojective – to rescue humanity from the maw of an evil and voracious ogre.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  8. Ok Tim, you say I want it right now but its over 4 years and he’s out in a few short days so please explain to me when and how this is supposed to happen, maybe after we’re long gone! You and your guests told me I was wrong when I criticized him after dropping RFK junior and his vaccine commission. Just curious, how long do you think we should wait for Trump to do something after he leaves the Whitehouse keep in mind he’s 70 years old and powerless now. I don’t know what he’s going to do when he gets out especially after being kicked off most social media sites. Where is that lady Phd? The lady that also told us Trump was working behind the scenes which was nothing more than a fantasy. Needless to say Trump did nothing for our vaccine injured children and yet here we are with people still defending him as he pushed the coronavirus vaccine.

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