US State Department Holds Another (cough) “Mercury” Meeting…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


I got a phone call from Lisa Sykes over the weekend.  She, and Paul G. King, on behalf of their organization CoMed, had attended the US State Department’s meeting on Friday May 4th, 2012 in Washington DC, to establish the official US position on mercury amalgams (deadly dental fillings), and the use of Thimerosal (49% mercury) as a preservative in vaccines.

According to Lisa, the vaccine conglomerate was there in force to speak, and not-so-quiet desperation was in their words – and present on their faces.

Why?  Because the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) has agendized the removal of mercury amalgams and mercury from vaccines, and the vaccine industry wants the US State Department to act as their champion at the UN conference, keeping mercury in vaccines in place at all costs.

The meeting lasted two-and-a-half hours with the mercury amalgam argument taking up most of the time – the first two hours.  Then the vaccine conglomerate began their comments – and all the big boys were there: Novartis, etc.  Then there was the so-called vaccine supporters (all, of course, funded by the vaccine big money boys): GAVI, PATH, and the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP).  And, they were there with a unified message, one that sounded like it was read from the same cue card.

Their message:  (1)  Thimerosal is safe, effective, and has been extensively tested, and (2)  Removing Thimerosal from vaccines would make vaccines too expensive for third world countries, because, they claim, without deadly mercury in the mix, vaccines would have to be refrigerated – and that is unaffordable in the Third World.

If they were looking right at you when they said that stuff, you probably couldn’t see their noses growing.  Thankfully, Paul G King PhD (photo at the right) was there, and Paul, simply stated out loud, “That is a lie.  You are lying” each and every time.  Everyone in the room heard THAT.

Paul, being a heavy duty science advisor, isn’t shy.  He’s from Texas, AND New Jersey.  Imagine that.

King is the author of many well written “rebuttal” articles.  One, for instance, a rebuttal of Paul Offit’s 2005 “Conventional wisdom must conquer medical sensationalism.”  In that, King points out Offit’s lack of basic knowledge of vaccine issues – using specific references.  And, he does NOT pull punches.

More, King has taken on the pseudo-skeptics, in the form of Steve Novella.  King humiliated Novella far better than Dr Oz did, in his “Updated Review of “Another Salvo in the Mercury/Autism Controversy.”

Unlike the usual pseudo-skeptic like Novella, King actually has credentials.  And, a very dry sense of humor.  Paul G. King PhD is the current Secretary and Science Advisor of the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD).

Look up Paul G. King PhD on Google.  You will be reading  for quite a while.

The Rev. Lisa Sykes, of the United Methodist Church, is the President of the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD).  She is the mother of an Autistic child, and has written a very powerful book “Sacred Spark” on the subject.

Nancy Stodart from Fourth LLoyd Productions says on her webpage “Interviews with Lisa Sykes:”

Sacred Spark is the compelling true story of a child affected by mercury-poisoning and his minister-mother’s decade-long battle to restore the light in his eyes.

Sacred Spark is also the inspiring story of Rev. Sykes’ work with the United Methodist Church to pass the first global resolution advocating the elimination of mercury from medicine. As such, Rev. Sykes helps her church ignite a social justice movement on par with historical faith-based campaigns against child labor and slavery.

Sacred Spark is a pragmatic and compassionate call for putting the well-being of children first. Parents and physicians demanding safer vaccines will find clarity to support their informed choices, as well as inspiration and guidance to become advocates for children.

Rev. Sykes weaves into a seamless whole several strands of fast-paced and engrossing narrative: her family’s horror in witnessing their happy toddler slip into autism; her victories in appropriate and landmark biomedical treatments for her son; her attempts to find precious allies against a corrupt and protected industry; the success of empowered parents to enact state bans on mercury and to approach Attorneys General across the country, and her own family’s lawsuit defeat on a procedural technicality against a pharmaceutical company.”


Both Sykes and King had the opportunity to speak, and of course they did – pointing out, one more time, that mercury is a deadly poison that has no place in medicine.


And CoMed wasn’t alone against the drug-lords…

SafeMinds was there with there Executive Director Eric Uram.  Beth Clay, formerly of Congessman Dan Burton’s office observed the situation.

Beth tells me:

(1)  The State Department needs to represent the American people in this issue, not the vaccine manufacturers.  The State Department needs to recommend the removal of Thimerosal in medical products one way or another.

(2)  If the pro-vaccine groups like PATH and GAVI want to continue to promote thimerosal in vaccines as safe, then they should offer to accept legal liability for those vaccines.

(3)  The public needs to engage in constructive input to the State Department over this issue.

You can read more about Beth Clay, and her activities, at and

In Summary…

The vaccine construction is in trouble, not just in getting the State Department to back them, but worldwide.  UNEP has 150 delegates looking at this issue – and they are real scientists, none of which are the usual spokespeople for the vaccine industry.

Frankly, this argument, it looks to me, has already been decided.  When Bill Gates addressed the UNEP group in Africa a few months ago, claiming that mercury in vaccines was safe, the whole audience yawned.  I’ll bet there were some comments whispered among the delegates to the effect “Now I see why every new Windows issue doesn’t work…”

Stay Tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate