TWO State Supreme Courts Punch Top Quackpot…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett appears to have fled the State of Pennsylvania for North Carolina, just ahead of the official laughter laid on him by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The Pennsylvania High Court joins the California Supreme Court in its disdain for Barrett’s legal opinions.  Barrett, who among other things, claims to be a “legal expert,” has now been officially, and very soundly, had his pants pulled down, and his butt paddled TWICE by America’s highest courts.

(insert laughter here)

In California, in late 2006, Barrett earned the wrath of ALL SEVEN California Supreme Court Justices in the Barrett v. Clark case, when the court ruled that Barrett had never, ever, been “defamed” as he claimed.  This loss cost Barrett and his co-Plaintiffs in the case, over $500,000 in Defendant’s attorney fees the court ordered them to pay.

The Pennsylvania High Court looked at a different issue, however – but not much different.  There, Barrett was whining, again, about supposedly being “defamed,” by top Chiropractor Tedd Koren DC.  Although it is hard to determine, from Barrett’s cases, just what legal points he seems to be arguing, whatever they were, the Pennsylvania Court took no time at all to legally punch Barrett in the face. Apparently that law correspondence course Barrett took didn’t work well for him.

I’ll get you the details later and get back to you.  Its too funny.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate