TRUMP IS SAVING CALIFORNIA – Despite the Liberal Democrats Best Efforts…

There’s Water in the California Mountains – We Went and Saw it…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

It was late August 2017 when we went to see what others were telling us – that the California Forests were STILL alive despite the Obama-Nation’s best efforts to kill them with an almost eight year drought caused by constant (billions of dollars spent?) SPRAYING of ObamaDust over California Skies.

California Forests span a 400 mile long, 70 mile wide high-country terrain, in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range – all of it in an area the liberal Democrats, in their so-called “Wildlands Project” want to declare to be a “human-exclusion zone,” except, of course, for “the Elites…”  See the Wildlands Project map at the bottom of this article…

And the California Mountains are Not Just Still Alive but GLORIOUS…

It looks to me like the Obama/Clinton “Fake Climate Change” AGENDA 21/WILDLANDS PROJECT Destruction of California has been COMPLETELY Defeated…

Look at this…

CampGround meadow at 7,200 feet elevation in the Sequoia National Forest

There’s water in the streams, and fish in the water.  The Forests have survived the airborne assault of the “climate change crazies.”

Look at what we found, and the water was COLD.  The dog’s name is “Ginger.”  It was her first trip – she is no longer a “City Girl.”

This campground was thirty-six miles from the nearest town up a one-lane Forest Service road.

For the last four years, prior to  Donald Trump taking over as President, these Forests were obvious death traps, for there was NO WATER, neither to drink, keep trees and vegetation alive, or fight forest fires.

Had Hillary been elected President I think the liberal Democrats would have BURNED all 20,061,888 acres in California to accomplish their Agenda 21/Wildland Project” insanity.

The National Forests in California: 

Cover 20% of the land in California.

Total acres of NFS Lands = 20,061,888 acres (NF source, October, 2001).

Produce almost half the state’s runoff water. Many of California’s National Forests were created to safeguard and preserve water supplies vital to the economic and environmental health of California.

As we reported in an earlier article,

In Eight Years the Obama-Nation Killed 164 Million Trees in California…

ObamaDust – Every day starting at 7:00 AM – for EIGHT YEARS…

The “drought” in California was deliberate – eight years of spraying the California skies with whatever crud the liberal Democrats could load into unmarked airplanes crisscrossing California’s skies.

They created the daily chemical haze that, itself, created “high pressure areas” for the express purpose of STOPPING California’s normal rainy seasons.

California WAS America’s largest producer of food.  The Democrats tried to stop that – bringing in heavily chem-sprayed junk produce from third-world countries instead.

But, thanks to our ability to elect Donald Trump, we were able to save our California Forests…

High Country Forest Service roads, although packed dirt, are made for heavy Fire-Fighting equipment, truck-and-trailers with bulldozers to make access to fires. All that was lacking to save our Forests was WATER – and NOW we have that.  Trump has saved the Forests from the liberal Democrat Obama-Nation.
GREEN in the California mountains, at higher elevations, has been sparse – but look at what Trump has done. Yes, it can be scary navigating a motor home over one-lane roads, but this year EVERY turn in the road brought a new beauty. I could have taken a thousand photos if I could have found more flat-spots to stop on.

We Have Just Begun to Revive AMERICA..

I am one of those that disagrees with Donald and his team about prosecuting liberal Democrats.  Hillary’s “Pay-to-Play” Secretary-of-State activities with her “Clinton Foundation” make me grind my teeth, especially over her activities to get US childhood vaccines Made-in-China (with no inspections before they are injected into our children.)  But I can see Donald’s point – that we should focus on re-building America, not on public court trials and public executions.  He wants America to have a positive attitude.

But, to me, the Obama-Nation’s outright destruction of America’s environment through geo-engineering, so as to achieve the appearance of “climate change” as a justification for the Agenda 21/Wildlands Project SCREAMS for massive death-penalty result trials.

What exactly are these “Agenda 21” and “Wildlands Project” things the liberal Democrats are trying to force on us? 

Let’s Start with Agenda 21..

Let me use a Democrat to explain Agenda 21.  On a website called DEMOCRATS  AGAINST  U. N.  AGENDA  21″  we find an explanation:


UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.  INVENTORY AND CONTROL.—- Rosa Koire

In short, a bunch of crack-brained weirdos associated with the United Nations came up with a plan calledAgenda 21,” way back in the late 1970s to reduce the Planet Earth population, one way or another, from 9 billion to 500 million by the year 2021 (four years from now…)  The UN adopted it – and so did Barack Hussein Obama (remember his talks about “Sustained Development?”)

The “Agenda 21” plan was to reduce the world population by 94.5% by 2021.  Hillary, before the election, announced that the plan was running a little behind and that the target date was moved to 2030.

I am not making this up.  It is all on record.

According to these Agenda 21 nutbags, 94.5 percent of Earth’s population was/is to be killed, by one means or another (vaccines, chemtrails?).

Using that formula the US population was/is to be reduced from 325,796,862 to 17,918,827.  Which means that 307,878,035 Americans need to be killed, and our bodies disposed of, by 2030, by some means.

Once again, I am not making this up.  It is all on record.

What is the “Wildlands Project?”

In short, it is a plan to move the entire remaining population of the US, after 2030,  into the cities.  Just below is the “Wildlands Project’s” map of what the US is to look like.  The RED areas are “Human Exclusion Zones” (except for the “Elites”).  ALL other areas are highly restricted land use.

For an current explanation of the “Wildlands Project” – click here.

We have saved America from these plans, so far…

Americans, in Presidential Election 2016, decided NOT to have their standard-of-living reduced to third-world-levels, they and 94.5% of their children killed, and their country turned into a big park for the “Elites” and their pet grizzly bears.  We saved America from this by electing Donald Trump.

But I disagree with Donald over how to handle these two plan’s proponents.   Donald is way too nice…  I’m thinking “hanging,” or the “guillotine.”  Or maybe just drag them out of their favorite Starbucks and hang them from a lightpost using their own Gucci belts, so-to-speak?…

America’s Forests belong to “We the People,” not the “Elites…”

And “We the People,” want our Forests intact, not dead from no water because of “fake climate-change” geo-engineering.  In fact we want our WHOLE COUNTRY intact.

The liberal Democrats were not just trying to destroy the American Health Care System, Judeo/Christianity, Race Relations, and the economy by sending our jobs out of the country – but they damaged the environment too – big time.  So far we have stopped them.  We are reversing it all…

Opinion by “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

10 thoughts on “TRUMP IS SAVING CALIFORNIA – Despite the Liberal Democrats Best Efforts…”

  1. I love your enthusiasm for Trump and dislike for Obama and chemtrails but to say that Obama started them and Trump returned out forests is too big a stretch for me. Chemtrails were started way before Obama and probably are a part of Agenda 21 or whatever it’s new number is and have been very bad for California forests. Also bad has been the environmentalists attitude of no thinning, etc. Yes, our forests were glad to finally get some rain but can’t say Trump brought the watering can. If I am to rely on your research as fact then you must be more careful and not just be throwing out platitudes. I subscribed because you came to my attention with the nice blog you did about the State of Jefferson movement but I don’t want to waste my time with meaningless blah, blah, blah.


  2. Sharon – The reality is simple. ALL during the Obama administration (Every Day) we had spraying of chemtrails in California.

    Trump gets elected and the spraying has stopped – and the rain started.

    California Ranchers, Growers, and Farmers met with Trump prior to the election.

    1 + 1 = 2. It is really simple…

    We are reversing the Obama-Nation.

    Tim Bolen

  3. The Shadow Government and the Deep State are not party-affiliated. Your explanation for what is going on now under Trump doesn’t go nearly deep enough.
    All that two-party politics accomplishes is furthering the Deep State and Shadow Government’s agendas of keeping the public divided and in confusion.
    They don’t care who is in office, since they are controlling it all, Congress included.
    Trump’s administration is doing and will do just as many heinous things as Obama’s did, if they allow him to stay in office.

  4. I totally agree with you regarding UN Agendas 21 and 30. But…BUT!
    By calling those that have aligned with the goals of UN Agenda 21 & 30 “a bunch of crack-brained weirdos: you are doing yourself and this Nation a great and grave disservice”‘ making the same mistake that naïve citizens of this country made and still make when calling out the excesses of the communists by describing their actions with such deceptive and disparaging adjectives that encourage people to think that their ravings and attempts to steal our Nation’s freedom is due to faulty brain capacities. addiction or insanity. If we are to succeed in destroying the Dem/communist power and influence and their master UN Agenda 21 & 30, WE MUST ACCEPT THAT THEIR MALICIOUS, WILLFUL AND DELIBERATE INTENTIONS ARE MOTIVATED BY THEIR UNBRIDDLED PASSION FOR THEIR IDEOLOGY, AND GREED FOR POWER AND CONTROL= GOD SYNDROME. (why do you think they want to erase God out of every public event, and ultimately from individual belief?) Anyone who has read Marx, Lenin, and Saul Alinsky must come to the inevitable conclusion that that there is nothing they are willing to do to succeed ” for the good of the masses” HA! Moral considerations are hindrance to their goal. So why keep insisting in diminishing their threat by calling them immature (they are quite mature in their evilness), spoiled, (if they are spoiled, the fault lies with us)…. insane (give them a legal way out of their responsibility) or crack-brained weirdos (a medical way out). It is time we accept and recognize them for what they are. And Dem/Communist are not the only one aligned with UN Agendas. We got a beehive of republicans and others in the political ideology spectrum, who are working behind the curtains , scheming to thwart the efforts of President Trump; he has not come out and spoken directly against these UN Agendas, but his actions have made him a very obvious threat to the proponents of these Agendas whose ultimate goal is to stablish the New World Order=One World government, were Nationalism, through Constitutions will be erased, where open borders will be enforced; where the right for private citizens to bear arms will be taken away for very obvious reasons, were our Nation’s ability to defend itself will be dismantled. Our President is right smack in the middle of a nest of vipers! Even some high level militaries has exhibited, by their actions if not words, their support for this NWO.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly with everything you have presented us, but please do not bury your head in the sand by negating their true nature and true intentions.

  5. Unusually, Tim, I am inclined to agree with you on a point where others may not.

    Just so long as we keep letting them build and carry out their plans (which we then thwart) they will keep doing it because they believe that they have the “right” to own everything and the suffering of others is of no relevance to them – they believe that they are immune to punishment and so whatever pain and suffering they may cause, is totally OK. They need to be taught otherwise.

    They want to kill billions of people so let them experience it themselves.
    They want to enslave millions of people so let them experience it themselves.

    There are only a few thousands of them. As more and more of them change sides, the ratio is now approaching 1 of them for every eight thousands of us! Once we all get our asses in gear it should be no problem to round them all up and then they must choose which 94% are to be exterminated by their co-members and in what manner and the rest can spend the remainder of this incarnation doing hard labour.
    If we make them do it now, they won’t have to do it in a later incarnation.

    Blessed be


  6. Alicia, I couldn’t have summed it up better, the Totalitarians really do have a “God syndrome” and I think we all know, that as said, they will do ANYTHING to attempt to get the last person, last morsel of food, last drop of water,last rock, twig or leaf FULLY under their control. Their desire is insatiable, it is mutli-generational and along with money and power it is fully what the live for.

    As for weather modification on the World Stage, one must remember this is a WORLD WIDE endeavor and I would really be surprised if CEO Trump has much power to go against the dirction of the “Board of Directors”. It*is* curious that the clearly geo- engineered drought in California seems to have been reversed, at least temporarily, possibly only the rain diversion has ceased there and nature has been allowed to return. But there is a lot of speculation, Texas has not fared as well lately, and though it is hard for lay people to know now what is nature vs. *nurture* , clearly hurricane manipulation has reached the point where all weather must be suspect as to intentional interference.
    Anyway, here is a link to what small scale pilots are doing in weather mod. and don’t forget these guys likely only have a small small percentage of the ability of NATO, or the Pentagon, or the U.N. or even the CIA with their hundreds of billions to spend on modifying our atmosphere and weather warfare.

  7. Interesting info from my linked story above:

    “A growing body of research addresses the idea that many wars and conflicts are stoked by environmental problems, which are often underlain by weather problems.” (hmmmm, read between the lines, what happens when weather problems are created and used as tools?)

    ” Increasing drought across north-central Africa has ruined crops, starved the populace and is thought to have enabled Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s invasion of northern Mali in 2012. A paper published earlier this year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal stated that drought in Syria between 2007 and 2010 was the worst since instrumental record-keeping began, and caused widespread crop failure, mass migration and helped spark the Syrian conflict.” (CIA/MIL. efforts?, who benefits?)

    “If superimposing locations of drought and war on the world map isn’t convincing enough, economists have crunched the numbers. “In sub-Saharan Africa specifically,” reads a 2014 Brookings Institution report on conflict and agriculture, “a proportional change in rainfall (from the previous year) of five percent increases the likelihood of a civil war the following year by 50 percent.” (Really? Hmmmmm…. That’s interesting!)

    “If drought equals poverty equals war and disaster, every single raindrop alleviates the situation. (And every single raindrop artificially with held equals……. what?)
    (Starting to get the picture?)

  8. Arguing whose worse is a waste of time. I’m 75 and don’t have years to keep working on this. I blame mostly Hillary. I think THE CLINTONS WERE IN THERE[ WAY TO LONG AND GEORGE BUSH AND


  9. Beautiful, deep blue, gorgeous skies with lovely, white, cumulonimbus clouds have graced the Inland Empire for weeks now. Not a chemtrail in sight. We just had a thunderstorm in late August despite the searing heatwave. Something has indeed changed.

  10. Dear Mr. Bolan,
    I have just subscribed to your report and I am so happy to find someone who has actually said what I have been saying for years about California’s drought and water shortage. If you live on the coast of any continent you have the ability to harness the water flowing into the ocean which happens on all coastlines 24 hours a day 7. Why is that being covered up with the false meme that California has no water to fight these fires when it has been diverted into the Ocean? Please make this information available again since it is hard to find by your readers and California is now being burnt down post midterms. While President Trump is being excoriated for mentioning Jerry Brown and the Democrats’ intentional destruction of the State by mismanagement he was kind enough not to finish with the rest of the facts. Brown and the Globalists that he works for, in order to continue to use the lie of Global Warming to exterminate the State of California and herd out all of its people. Jerry Brown and the Global mafia are not telling the truth about climate change which is that an ice age is on the way and they want all of the land in the warm and temperate climates for themselves. From the Middle East, to Africa to Central America to the Coasts. Jerry brown and his minions are Environmental Terrorists using the false claim of Global warming to commit worldwide genocide .

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