Top “Non-Drug” Cancer Researcher Under Attack, Again…

Independent Research Scientist Hulda Regehr Clark PhD is the most frightening woman in the world to “Big Pharma.”  Her five best-selling books provide scientific basis, and argument, for significant social change in North American Health Care. Clark severely criticizes current cancer methods.  She says that the whole “War on Cancer” is an expensive, and deadly, scam. I’m not surprised she’s under attack, once again.

And, under attack she is…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Attached to this article, are two letters recently written by Hulda Clark, which she has allowed me to make public.  Read them.  One is called “Hulda Clark’s 4/14/04 Letter to the San Diego US Attorney,” and the other is calledHulda Clark’s 4/20/04 Letter to Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen.

Hulda Clark, in her books and speeches, is a world leader in criticizing the current state of health care in North America.  For instance, she says that the whole emphasis in Cancer Research is wrong – that the emphasis on “finding a new drug” to ‘treat’ cancer”, is nonsense – that the emphasis needs to be on “finding the cause of cancer, and removing those causes.”

Clark says that all cancers, and other diseases current in our society, are caused by environmental issues, and the human body’s absorption of toxins.  She says that“the human body, in today’s society, is simply faced with environmental toxin overload, and once the overload point is reached, the body can’t function properly to deal with parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc. – and a vicious cycle begins, leading to tumor growth, and an early, and unnecessary death.”

Clark says that “finding the cause of the body’s inability to deal with health issues, is the FIRST, and most important, thing that needs to be done – then REMOVE those toxins, etc., both from the body, and from the patient’s immediate environment.”

Well, “Big Pharma” doesn’t like that a bit.  And, when “Big Pharma” doesn’t like something they do something about it.

What “Big Pharma” is doing…

From what I can gather from conversations with Clark’s legal team, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s so-called “Operation Cure-All” (OCA) appears to be behind the latest assault – and that, of course, means that, in reality, it’s “Big Pharma” and their New York ad agency conducting an anti-competitor scam.

“Operation Cure-All,” we know, doesn’t actually exist.  Despite their press releases claiming all sorts of victories against their definition of “health fraud,” OCA has no offices, no Director, no phone number, no budget, no Mission Statement, no employees.  Those letters they send out don’t have a return address, they are not signed, and the ONE contact listed on the FDA website, the Press Contact, won’t answer ANY questions about “Operation Cure-All.” 

In short, The FTC has been compromised.  It no longer acts in the interests of the American people.  In the case of Operation Cure-All,” it is simply a device used by the pharmaceutical industry to rain terror, in the form of “prosecutions,” on their competitors – the supplement industry, the electro-medicine industry, their critics (like Hulda Clark) and virtually ALL cost-effective “emerging technologies” in health care that compete with expensive (and useless) drugs for the US health consumer dollar.

The “Quackbusters…”

Several years ago, “Big Pharma” set up an organization, now commonly known as the quackbusters.” 26 drug companies banded together and funded it, put leaders and directors in place, and set it up as a business – one that would act as a mechanism to constantly damage, and discourage, competition to drug “treatment.”  Their primary target is the emerging “health” industry – those entities that propose“alternatives” to the drug/surgery paradigm. The “quackbusters,” as a tactic, deride ALL new health ideas as “quackery.”

No studies have ever been done to determine the amount of death and damage the “quackbusters” have inflicted on Americans.

Big Pharma is in a panic over the fact that over 50% of the total US health dollar is being spent on “alternatives.”

The “quackbuster” movement has been around a while, but what’s changed, recently, is their Modus Operandi.  In short, for the most part, the actual operation has gone underground.  Targeting, and actions against those targets, have become clandestine.

Why clandestine?  Because the old way, exemplified by that GOOFBALL Stephen Barrett MD, and his asinine website “,” or the equally stupid offerings of the so-called National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) have become an embarrassment to Big Pharma.  Those aspects, the ones we commonly see, are simply inept, and non-productive.

What’s happening now, is Big Pharma’s campaign to use Federal Agencies to do their dirty work.  The Food & Drug Administration (FDA), for instance, is acting OPENLY on behalf of Big Pharma over the issues surrounding the importation of cheaper prescription drugs, using the internet, to the US from Canada and other parts of the world.

So, How is the Attack Against Clark Organized?

That’s an easy question to answer. It’s done the same way every other attack is done against every other currentquackbuster” victim.

Let me refresh your memory on how they do it, with this reprint from an earlier article called “Big Pharma Fears Electricity…”

They decide who they’re going to hit. The advertising agency writes up the stories that are going to be distributed to their “letter writing brigade,” the“testifying whores.”   The letter writers, following the guidelines,  then write to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to set a basis for the complaint.  Then the ad agency writes stories, getting quotes from the likes of Barrett, Baratz, etc., on the victim. The stories are sent out to the media in which the advertising agency’s drug clients advertise. The stories are printed in the media as though they were true.

Once the stories hit the press, a second wave of letters goes out to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to put pressure on upper management to act.  Then more media is generated, this time with quotes from the quackbuster insider FTC employees to make it sound official that the FTC is interested.  Once this happens, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly “irate consumers (quackbusters),” once again to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All upper management, demanding to know why they aren’t doing something.

Then, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly “irate consumers (quackbusters)” to certain members of Congress demanding to know why the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, aren’t doing something.

Within days, upper management of the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, are deluged with questions from more media, and Congress.  They see the issue as important, and act against the victim – even if their is little or no evidence.

What is Clark going to do?

I like her attitude.  When I asked her what she thought about the current investigation, she said “Great!  This will give me, and my friends and supporters the opportunity to prove, in Court, what I’ve been saying all along.  I welcome this opportunity…”

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate