The “Most Dangerous Woman in America – (to the Medical Establishment)” to Speak in Chicago…

Opinion by Health Freedom Advocate Tim Bolen


The “most attacked” proponent of change to the “drugs, drugs, and more drugs” medical paradigm, scientist and author Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, is the primary speaker, Saturday (10:00am, and Sunday 10:00am), with an additional three hour “laboratory workshop” on Sunday afternoon at the Health Freedom Expo Convention in Chicago, June 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2006.  Clark will be doing book signings in her booth at the Expo.

Attendees need not be overly concerned about “quackbuster”  attacks on Clark at the Expo.  Full security will be in effect, and anyone interfering with Clark and her participants will be held for the police.  Charges will be filed.  As you know,  on several occasions, mentally unstable (?) “quackbuster”  minions have attempted to interfere with Clark, but each time they have been thwarted.

I first met  Hulda Regehr Clark PhD in October of 1999, a few weeks after she had been falsely arrested for allegedly “practicing medicine without a license,” supposedly six and a half years before in Indiana.  Clark, during that incident, was rudely dragged from her San Diego home, late at night, in her bathrobe, by FBI Agents reacting to a supposed “fugitive warrant” that had mysteriously, and suddenly, appeared on the US Government NCIC system.

Clark was held in a San Diego prison cell for sixteen days awaiting Brown County, Indiana law enforcement pickup.  Agents from Brown County were as mystified as Clark over the so-called“fugitive warrant,” and were unprepared, and somewhat unwilling, to come and get Clark.  The Brown County Sheriff, himself, issued a public statement that “there are no funds available to bring Clark here for trial…”

Brown County though, apparently bowing to pressure from unknown outside sources, sent two male Deputy Sheriffs, in a Brown County patrol car, to retrieve Clark from the San Diego holding cell.  They transported Clark across country (2,000 miles) in her bathrobe, in the back seat of that patrol car.

The anger and furor, from Clark supporters, was reaching a crescendo by this time.  “Clarkies,” as I call them, were mobilizing worldwide – and that’s something to consider.  In Indiana, one of those “Clarkies” was none other than Mark Cruzan, the House Majority Leader in the Indiana legislature.

When Clark arrived via patrol car, in the middle of the night, in Brown County, she was hustled into a Courtroom at 5:30am, where the Judge took a Cashier’s Check from her attorney for $5,000 bail, and Clark was out the door, into the Indiana air by 6:00am.  I met her that afternoon, after a flight from California, and a drive from the airport in Indianapolis – and we’ve been friends ever since.  Of course, a few months later, the bogus charges were dropped.

Meeting Hulda Clark is a pleasure, for if there were, at all, a US version of “Mother Theresa” it would be Clark.  Soft-spoken, and unassuming, with a giant intellect, Clark, from her Mennonite background, is a surprise in anyone’s day.  She certainly was a surprise to me.

Clark, for those of you unfamiliar with her work, has raised the ire of several “conventional medicine” factions because of her books explaining why, and how, conventional “treatment” approaches to health care need to be shoved aside in favor of “cures, and prevention.”  She says, simply, that diseases, or conditions should be looked at, first, for the cause, not the symptom – and she gives the scientific basis for her reasoning.  For instance, she believes, and argues convincingly, that there is no point in “treating” any Cancer, AIDS, or virtually any disease or condition, without determining what, exactly, is causing the malfunction of the immune system that should be ridding the body of those conditions naturally.

Clark’s all-time best selling book is her “Cure For All Diseases” tome, translated into more languages than countries I’ve been to.  But that book is just one of six different books.  The others are“The Cure For All Cancers,” “The Cure for Advanced Cancers,” “The Cure For HIV/AIDS,” “The Synchrometer Science Laboratory Manual,” and the her latest, and most revealing book “The Prevention of All Cancers.”

Every one of Clark’s book have been MADE controversial, mostly by operatives of the New York ad agency run “quackbuster”  operation.  The “quackpots” as they are known in the North American Health Freedom Movement, like delicensed MD Stephen Barrett of “” infamy, rail at Clark, and her supporters, more than they do at any other health professional on Planet Earth – and with less success.

Frankly, I believe the controversy HAS INCREASED Clark’s popularity and her book sales – and the “quackbusters”  hate that.  I know that after Clark was arrested in1999 her books sales increased 60% over the next year – and those sales levels have never dropped.

Why is the attack against Clark so intense?

There are three reasons, I believe, that the attack against Clark is so intense.  (1)  her intelligence, her science, her books, and her huge immovable worldwide support network.  (2)  The frustration the “quackbusters” feel over their thwarted attacks on Clark, and the humiliations they’ve gotten from their efforts – and those humiliations are many.  (3)  The attack on Clark was THE FIRST TIME that those behind an attack got “the spotlight,” and THEY became the issue, turning negative attention away from Clark – and onto the sleazy “quackbuster”  operation.

The attack, in 1999, against Clark was absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, organized by the New York ad agency controlled “quackbuster” operation.  Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett  played a major role in the attack, soliciting, and organizing a “fake” lawsuit against Clark (the Figueroas v. Clark case), which, apparently, after reflection,  the Figueroas withdrew from.  Other“quackbusters”  infiltrated Clark internet discussion groups, with their thousands of members, and broadcast “hate” messages, using fake names, with the obvious intent of disrupting Clark’s support base.  And more.

Stephen Barrett, having his actions in this case exposed, went into a rage, laying down on the floor, so to speak, and kicking his feet like a spoiled three-year-old.  Barrett, in one of the most laughable legal actions, perhaps, in US Courtroom history, then sued Clark, myself, and a whole host of people, claiming (insert laughter here) that Clark was making millions off her books, etc., and had hired me, Tim Bolen, to “defame” Barrett, using famous California litigator Carlos F. Negrete to harm him (blah, blah, blah, blah…).

It’s true that  I NEVER miss an opportunity to swat Barrett, and his minions, one more time.  I’ve provided useful information all over America to those attacked by Barrett, etc., – and  I actively work, every day, to dig a deeper hole to bury the “quackbuster”  operation in.  The Clark case was the first time, in my work as a Crisis Management Consultant, that I openly pointed out how the“quackbuster” operation works to damage those trying to change health care  from the “drugs, drugs, and more drugs” paradigm.

Now, almost every cutting-edge practitioner under attack routinely looks for the “quackbuster” footprints in the attack against them – and uses that information to show Judges, prosecutors, the media, and the the public “what’s really happening here….”  For instance in Massachusetts last year, in a lawsuit brought against the Dental Board, it was pointed out that the State’s ONLY witness, Robert S. Baratz, was a card-carrying “quackbuster”   The Dental Board called two special meetings and DISMISSED all charges against cutting edge Dentist David Satloff.

The “quackbuster”  operation is being battered worldwide.  For instance, again, a segment of the US Chiropractic profession is openly, on the internet, gathering funds for an all-out legal assault against the “quackbuster” operation.

There is no question that the US healthcare system is broken.  There are, literally, within the US, millions of people trying to change it.  The Health Freedom Expo Convention in Chicago, one of four meetings around the US put on by the same group, is a very good place to see, and hear, those on the front lines of change.  I’ll be there, of course.

What Clark will be talking about in Chicago…

Hulda Clark, in her latest book “The Prevention of All Cancers” compares the actions, in our society, against Cancer to those against Scurvy for over 400 years.  She points out that with scurvy, the medical establishment knew, for over four hundred years, that scurvy could be PREVENTED by infusing Vitamin C in the victim’s diet.  Drink your orange juice, or whatever choice of Vitamin C you have available, and you’re safe.  But, for those four hundred years, that medical establishment called the Vitamin C solution “controversial, unproven, quackery.”

For Cancer, Clark says, the situation is similar, and there is virtually no conventional clinical or scientific research being done to eliminate the “cause” of cancer and its tumors in each of its victims.  Conventional Cancer “treatment” is all about reducing tumor size – ignoring whatever is causing the tumors – and thereby insuring the return of the cancer and tumors.

Clark’s lectures, three of them, will be on the subject of detecting, using a real case involving cancer in a horse, and that cancer’s elimination – or prevention.  On Saturday, at 10:00am, she’ll begin talking about the progress she’s making in her research using that “horse case” as an example.  On Sunday, at 10:00am, she’ll be lecturing on “what, specifically, to do about that cancer,” using the “horse case” as the example.  And, on Sunday afternoon, during the workshop, those that want specific details in a laboratory setting are welcome to bring their own equipment, and duplicate Clark’s METHOD with Clark watching, and commenting, over their shoulders.  The “horse case,” again, will be the laboratory example.

Stay Tuned….

By:  Tim Bolen, Health Freedom Advocate