The Liberals’ HUGE Mistake…

Everyone Knows That 110 Million US Citizens Voted For Donald Trump…

And the Voting Machines gave the count to Biden…

So, what happens next?

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The so-called “Progressive Liberals” stole Presidential election 2020 from the American people.  Everyone knows that.

The question now is “Are Americans going to put up with this steal, and turn over control of their very lives to the liberal elite?”

Or is something else going to happen.

Nancy Pelosi wants to bring in 250,000 Chinese Troops (calling them UN Troops) to protect her vineyards…

And, of course, to arrest, and/or execute, all Trump supporters.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if she has already made a personal deal with the Chinese to seize Trump supporters’ children and grandchildren to be taken to China for the child sex trade the liberals are so well known for.

As we are all aware the California version of the liberal progressives has already made LGBT sex with children completely legal.  Here, in California, Democratic legislators, headed by San Francisco homosexual Senator Scott Weiner,  passed a bill (SB 145) making it legal for the LGBTPQ community to lure into, and to have sex with, children within ten years of their own age – I kid you not.

They also passed another law (SB 1322) completely legalizing “childhood prostitution.”  The full text of SB 1322 can be found hereDetails of this atrocity can be found here.

Why do the “liberal elites” want UN Chinese Troops in the US?

Because they need to subjugate all Americans by force, if necessary.  Liberals cannot stand the idea that Americans would question liberal self-assigned wonderfullness and authority – in fact, mocking them for their efforts.

To liberals – the US Constitution, with its Amendments, and the Bill of Rights, are documents that need to be torn to bits immediately as they are an impediment to their wonderfullness.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution was created for EXACTLY the kind of situation we are seeing right now – a coup by a “power elite.”

The Second Amendment says – “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

You can be certain that within a few days of the Democrats’ taking office, and control of the US, Chinese AND Iranian Troops will be brought in to march through Red States seizing guns and bank accounts – and raping children.  Nancy Pelosi will dance around in glee while watching the videos.  She’ll call it “Unifying the people through pacification…”

All Christian Churches and Jewish Synogogues will be closed…

…using the claim that they are “breeding grounds for domestic terrorism…”

However, the Elites really are worried…

Why?  A number of reasons.  (1)  Top economists are predicting the US Stock Market is going to crash, worse than in 1929, sometime between February and April.  (2)  The US Housing Market will nose dive.  (3) Biden is going to print money, most of which he will give to other countries, and the rest will go to build electric plug-in stations all along the highways (laugh here).  At some point, fast approaching under socialism, the printed money will exceed America’s net worth (GDP), and not only will the US collapse (and become a Venezuela – with bread costing $200,000 per loaf),  but so will the whole world.

This is why the Democrats want to impeach Trump – so he cannot run again for President.

The Democrats know that using the Covid-19 hoax to get their way is going to have major repercussions.  They are intentionally CRASHING America, so as to make it very poor and dependent on the globalists.  Once this starts happening the general public are going to SCREAM to get Trump back – and will pay VERY close attention to their own State’s voting process…

The Democrats, of course, will want to cancel voting as soon as possible…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

12 thoughts on “The Liberals’ HUGE Mistake…”

  1. Wouldn’t it be just like President Trump to have creepy Joe Biden arrested at the podium, just before he’s about to be sworn in—in front of the entire world?

    I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise!

  2. Pretty wild, Tim. What we’ve seen from our political leaders in the “election” is a mixture of incompetence and cowardice, including Republicans, the Governors and Secretaries of State in the stolen states and the ten who voted for impeachment. And murderous incompetence throughout 2020 with the ‘Rona hoax. Another thought: I never really pondered the meaning of “bear arms” in the Second Amendment. Surely this makes laws forbidding open carry unconstitutional. Seems like an infringement. What think you? I don’t think much of the Supreme Court. Texas brought a detailed, powerful case, and they were too cowardly to even examine the merits. One of the things I most like about Trump is that he is the first President to call the media what they are: propagandists. Its a cinch it’s gonna get ugly. I’m staying tuned.

  3. Hi Tim, very good opinion can’t say that I disagree with you on this unfortunately. Trump wasn’t perfect but he was good for Americans other than our vaccine injured children. I’m worried about the obvious Chinese takeover of the world. I understand that there are Chinese police in Serbia as well, probably other countries too. It doesn’t seem to be heading in the right direction for humanity. God help us all.

  4. “and will pay VERY close attention to their own State’s voting process…” — why? We already know that there is no longer any chance of an fair and free election.

    Ever again. We know there is no redress in the courts. The domestic enemies of freedom are about to take total control of the Federal apparatchiks. They are already using the police state created during the Bush and Obama years against patriots. Hundreds of arrests already. Thousands more to come.

    There is no redress under the Constitution so we must look back to the Declaration of Independence. “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

    As lawyer and freedom advocate Lysander Spooner said a hundred and fifty or so years ago, after the last time Federal burned down dozens of American cities, killing hundreds of thousands of “seditionists,” the Constitution has “either given us the government we have or has been powerless to prevent it…”

    Unless Trump, backed by patriots in the military, acts in the next few days, prepare for the worst.

  5. I thought of you Tim while reading an article called “The radicalization of Kevin Greeson” on I worry about the JFK and now RFK, Jr. supporter and how you have changed your focus from vaccine-injured children to supporting Trump. Please, please take care of yourself and stay away from violence. I don’t want to click on your site and come across your obit written by Kent. Please take care.

  6. K. Christensen – I think 2021 is going to be FAR MORE tense than 2020.

    I just love how the “Stained Panty Media” is now portraying EVERY Trump supporter as an “Insurrectionist.” This is going to be worse for them than California SB277 was for the pro-vaxxers.

    “Stained Panty Media?” Oh yeah. They crapped their pants EVERY time they heard Trump giving a speech. Now, 110 million Americans who voted for Trump are sitting here thinking about what was done to them. I think they, the media, are going to need adult diapers in 2021.

    For the moment the cooler conservative heads are just figuring out what and where their platforms are going to be. Social Media stocks are nose-diving.

    There is going to be a major house cleaning in the US.

  7. Tim~I saw your reply and it looks like it was removed. Well, since it appears we are heading closer and closer to forced vaccination and our right to exercise control over our own bodies despite the mounting numbers of vaccine deaths and injuries from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, let’s focus on our inalienable right to medical freedom. The twin problems of our breached right to privacy and medical freedom are coming together with Bill Gates’ pushing all-digital money systems and vaccine passports. See on Youtube: Meet Bill Gates Corbett Report full four parts. Gates and pharma already own media’s health reporting (see Columbia Journalism Review story: Gates’ Keepers detailing his purchase of media in detail). Let’s meet on something we agree about…

  8. 1) Biden will not be coronated as usual, and a complete fraudulent affair is most likely in the making with rehearsals cancelled and upheaval in the area… picture Biden/Roberts in the SCOTUS chambers, 2 pedo-peas in a pod, and just the media, maybe with cgi-persona fakery involved.. totally not the religious rite that even the loyal-dem liberals will find encouraging…
    2) suppose the White House gate keepers simply refuse entry to the beijing=puppet… think he’d make a grumpy move, with this scenario in play…
    3) with 22,000 NG troops loyal to Trump and undoubtedly fully aware their own votes were stolen, will make it more likely that a few bolder legislators will reconsider the errors of their ways.. so the imposter-prez ain’t gonna tempt those 22,000 either…….

    so then what?
    As for voting machines, that’s a county by county choice, and WE GOT THEM BY THE BALLS AT COUNTY LEVEL…..

    i’m not so sure this is as hopeless as Ralph and you, Tim, are thinking…. it’s then up to citizen journalists to reassure the rest of the online world that they actually saw what i’m suggesting we think about…… ttyl

  9. MJ – I don’t see this as a hopeless situation at all.

    I see the opportunity of a serious wake up call, followed by a clean up of epic proportions.

    I have followed the world of investing for a long time, so I have more than just a health care insight. Right now almost all investment letters are counseling the fact that a major shakeout is about to happen in the Stock Market and the inflated Real Estate market. Top strategists are saying that the biggest hit is going to be in what’s called the QQQ or SQQQ portfolios.

    QQQ and SQQQ groups are made up of Microsoft, Google, FaceBook, and Amazon.

    Read between the lines.

  10. Tim, i’d assume you’ve read Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Report on ‘Currency’ stuff, since you brought up the shakedown and investment schemes into this conversation…

    In that latest report and even more focused in her video on the perpetrators of the Great Reset / Lockdown/MagicVirus and RIOTS, she said her staff compiled the lists of all the riots, along with location data etc … it appeared to her to add a column to that spreadsheet to tally which locations were FEDERAL RESERVE BANK [and affiliates i guess] LOCATIONS

    BOOM… massive correlation with banks and riots… SO then she had the staff look at the comparison with the map data on OPPORTUNITY ZONES…. my, my how neatly clustered… so it looks like there were major funders directing their targeting of A FUTURE REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION BONANZA since those small entrepreneurs targeted were already LOCKED DOWN by the MAGIC VIRUS in the HANDS OF ‘UNFRIENDLY GOVT’… so the damage and bankruptcy will make for a FIRE SALE which would even be a GREAT INVESTMENT GAME since purchasing in OPPORTUNITY ZONES HIDES CAPITAL GAINS TAXES……… so it ain’t street-poor academics in antifa that were funding the riots and magic virus combo….

    That sort of WallSt game is going to be exposed for their use of bolsheviks, all summer and now at the Capitol.. which the complicit liars in media will dub the ‘inflated real estate market’,… when in fact it was the take down of the uppity small business entrepreneurial class that was in league with the Trump resurging middle class, and specifically against the ethnic groups in the opportunity zones….. ROBBER BARONS IN LEAGUE WITH THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKERS…..

    Guess I’ll have to get a copy of the report to see where the Chinese and currency and all the rest fit in…………….

    As for Amazon itself, that resource is GOLDEN with a wealth of ALT-MEDICAL RESOURCE SELLERS and similar ALT-CONSTRUCTION RESOURCE SELLERS that are NOT AT THE LOCAL brick-n-mortar STORES so i am opposed to lumping that in with ‘the enemy’ as IT PROVIDES A MARKET FOR RESOURCES VITALLY NEEDED and never accessible to us otherwise… and those ‘sellers’ are many times very small business entrepreneurs we don’t want to harm…

    Facebook is a puzzle, there are some alt-med groups doing real medical knowledge sharing [but forbidding/avoiding ‘words’ and having no official voice] with sizes in the 80,000 range.. yet FB is brutal for other alt-medical voices…

    Ditto, Google’s search engine is unmatched [as long as you know how to use the advanced features in most cases, though not all]… but yeah gmail put me in the penalty box for 120hours for accessing the anti-pedo page [Robert David Steele, CIA whistleblower funded book] on USA perverts which supposedly says our SCOTUS Chief Justice is a murderous paedo… among the crowds in power….. oy….

    It’s monopoly status and inviolable liability that needs taking down…. ditto for the AMA/FDA/CDC and they ain’t on the stock market game……

    So that’s how i read between the lines….. ttyl

  11. MJ – No I have not seen Catherine Austin Fitts Solari Report on ‘Currency’ stuff, but I am not one bit surprised.

    Liberals actually have begun to believe their own hype that Trump supporters are toothless, eighty IQ gun wielding racists who go to church to get information on how to “hate” everything more efficiently. Good – and it was and is a BIG mistake – a fact that liberals are now discovering.

    So, how do liberals respond to the results of their mistakes? They try to shut down what Trump supporters are saying by blocking them on social media. What fun!!!

    What they have done is just exactly what we wanted them to do – create an incentive to DUMP those social media outlets and create massive competition. Look at how much they FEARED Parler.

    Watch (and LAUGH here) – I predict that FaceBook, if it survives at all, is soon going to start to kiss conservative ass, going through their employee ranks tossing out liberal employees, trying to make it look like this was all caused by “rogue employees.”

    The liberals’ power, right now, consists of one simple fact – anonymity. The ability to be anonymous on the internet, and to be able to be 300 different people on the internet, at the same time. All smoke and mirrors.

    Stock up on popcorn.

  12. Tim: What’s not to like about popcorn? But, unless you grow it yourself (which I have), it will be contaminated with glyphosate. Anybody else but me notice the troops in D.C. have no mags in their rifles? Are they going to use them as clubs against the false-flaggers? On the other hand, the troops in Sacramento do have mags in their rifles. We must be a dangerous bunch here in the Golden State.

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