The Liberals’ HUGE Mistake…

Everyone Knows That 110 Million US Citizens Voted For Donald Trump…

And the Voting Machines gave the count to Biden…

So, what happens next?

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The so-called “Progressive Liberals” stole Presidential election 2020 from the American people.  Everyone knows that.

The question now is “Are Americans going to put up with this steal, and turn over control of their very lives to the liberal elite?”

Or is something else going to happen.

Nancy Pelosi wants to bring in 250,000 Chinese Troops (calling them UN Troops) to protect her vineyards…

And, of course, to arrest, and/or execute, all Trump supporters.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if she has already made a personal deal with the Chinese to seize Trump supporters’ children and grandchildren to be taken to China for the child sex trade the liberals are so well known for.

As we are all aware the California version of the liberal progressives has already made LGBT sex with children completely legal.  Here, in California, Democratic legislators, headed by San Francisco homosexual Senator Scott Weiner,  passed a bill (SB 145) making it legal for the LGBTPQ community to lure into, and to have sex with, children within ten years of their own age – I kid you not.

They also passed another law (SB 1322) completely legalizing “childhood prostitution.”  The full text of SB 1322 can be found hereDetails of this atrocity can be found here.

Why do the “liberal elites” want UN Chinese Troops in the US?

Because they need to subjugate all Americans by force, if necessary.  Liberals cannot stand the idea that Americans would question liberal self-assigned wonderfullness and authority – in fact, mocking them for their efforts.

To liberals – the US Constitution, with its Amendments, and the Bill of Rights, are documents that need to be torn to bits immediately as they are an impediment to their wonderfullness.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution was created for EXACTLY the kind of situation we are seeing right now – a coup by a “power elite.”

The Second Amendment says – “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

You can be certain that within a few days of the Democrats’ taking office, and control of the US, Chinese AND Iranian Troops will be brought in to march through Red States seizing guns and bank accounts – and raping children.  Nancy Pelosi will dance around in glee while watching the videos.  She’ll call it “Unifying the people through pacification…”

All Christian Churches and Jewish Synogogues will be closed…

…using the claim that they are “breeding grounds for domestic terrorism…”

However, the Elites really are worried…

Why?  A number of reasons.  (1)  Top economists are predicting the US Stock Market is going to crash, worse than in 1929, sometime between February and April.  (2)  The US Housing Market will nose dive.  (3) Biden is going to print money, most of which he will give to other countries, and the rest will go to build electric plug-in stations all along the highways (laugh here).  At some point, fast approaching under socialism, the printed money will exceed America’s net worth (GDP), and not only will the US collapse (and become a Venezuela – with bread costing $200,000 per loaf),  but so will the whole world.

This is why the Democrats want to impeach Trump – so he cannot run again for President.

The Democrats know that using the Covid-19 hoax to get their way is going to have major repercussions.  They are intentionally CRASHING America, so as to make it very poor and dependent on the globalists.  Once this starts happening the general public are going to SCREAM to get Trump back – and will pay VERY close attention to their own State’s voting process…

The Democrats, of course, will want to cancel voting as soon as possible…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

4 thoughts on “The Liberals’ HUGE Mistake…”

  1. Wouldn’t it be just like President Trump to have creepy Joe Biden arrested at the podium, just before he’s about to be sworn in—in front of the entire world?

    I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise!

  2. Pretty wild, Tim. What we’ve seen from our political leaders in the “election” is a mixture of incompetence and cowardice, including Republicans, the Governors and Secretaries of State in the stolen states and the ten who voted for impeachment. And murderous incompetence throughout 2020 with the ‘Rona hoax. Another thought: I never really pondered the meaning of “bear arms” in the Second Amendment. Surely this makes laws forbidding open carry unconstitutional. Seems like an infringement. What think you? I don’t think much of the Supreme Court. Texas brought a detailed, powerful case, and they were too cowardly to even examine the merits. One of the things I most like about Trump is that he is the first President to call the media what they are: propagandists. Its a cinch it’s gonna get ugly. I’m staying tuned.

  3. Hi Tim, very good opinion can’t say that I disagree with you on this unfortunately. Trump wasn’t perfect but he was good for Americans other than our vaccine injured children. I’m worried about the obvious Chinese takeover of the world. I understand that there are Chinese police in Serbia as well, probably other countries too. It doesn’t seem to be heading in the right direction for humanity. God help us all.

  4. “and will pay VERY close attention to their own State’s voting process…” — why? We already know that there is no longer any chance of an fair and free election.

    Ever again. We know there is no redress in the courts. The domestic enemies of freedom are about to take total control of the Federal apparatchiks. They are already using the police state created during the Bush and Obama years against patriots. Hundreds of arrests already. Thousands more to come.

    There is no redress under the Constitution so we must look back to the Declaration of Independence. “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

    As lawyer and freedom advocate Lysander Spooner said a hundred and fifty or so years ago, after the last time Federal burned down dozens of American cities, killing hundreds of thousands of “seditionists,” the Constitution has “either given us the government we have or has been powerless to prevent it…”

    Unless Trump, backed by patriots in the military, acts in the next few days, prepare for the worst.

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