The “Church of Vaccination” – The Latest Incarnation of “The Protection Racket…”

“Anti-Vaxxers,” world-wide, are killing it…

From Europe by Karma Singh

We’ve all seen this in the cinema and on television where gangsters sell “protection”, i.e. “Give us money and we won’t break your arm or smash in your windows”. But are these small enterprises all that there is to such practices?

Lost in the dim recesses of ancient history, the first practitioners of such arts are hidden away from us.  The Roman army collected “taxes” for protection against….. what? The only threat to the Roman army was another Roman army!

Historically, the master practitioners of the protection racket are undoubtedly the major religions and, especially, the Catholic Church.

I once took my two young daughters to a church service because they wanted to experience what it was like. The priest put most of his efforts into talking about protection: Protection from evil, protection for God’s wrath, protection from sin, etc., ad nauseum. When we look at it more closely, do we not see that this is their sole selling point? They propose a danger in order to sell you their protection against it. For it to be successful, however, they must convince you that you are incapable of dealing with this “threat” on your own. Only by their “intercession” can you escape punishment and eternal damnation for your sins**. They must make you appear to be small and helpless in your own eyes.

In the ninth and tenth centuries, the church hatched one of their many “get rich quick” plots; they would sell “indulgences”, i.e. guaranteed entry to Heaven if you paid them sufficient money now. It made the priesthood very rich. It did, however, backfire: Having a guaranteed entry ticket to Heaven, the rich aristocrats and merchants who had purchased them “saw” that there was no longer any need for them to go to church or to do what the priests told them. The common folk noticed this and began to stay away from church themselves. This put the Catholic Church into a crisis whereby their greed was destroying their power base. They had to find a solution and drive people back into the churches.

Here comes “the Devil…”

It was at this juncture that some genius in their marketing department (the synod) came up with the concept of “The Devil” – a sort of anti-God that would take over your whole life unless you regularly went to church. This proved itself to be a stroke of genius which so completely rescued the Catholic Church that just one century later they were able to begin a war of conquest in the Middle East. Again, the driving concept was “protection”, i.e. the holy sites located within the lands of the Saracens must be taken over to protect them even though the Saracens considered themselves to be the custodians of the Christian Holy Sites, protected them and held them open to all. The real reason, of course, was that the Saracens refused to pay rental for the Christian Holy Sites to the Vatican. In the following century, this same Devil teaching enabled them to commit genocide with impunity (the Cathars).

Along comes Martin Luther…

Following the extermination of the Cathars, the Catholic Church then invented the Inquisition which was charged with the task of destroying any threat to the ever increasing wealth of the Vatican.

Time progressed and, in the 16th century, the power of the Vatican suffered its first major losses as Martin Luther’s teachings transformed northern Europe and King Henry VIII in England terminated the double government of the monarch and the Catholic Church, created the Church of England, dissolved the monasteries, confiscated their wealth and made the English Crown the head of the church in England.

But, people have a tendency to wake up…

In the 19th century, the gradual slide into impotence began. The cause was the gradually awakening awareness that much of the Church’s teachings made little or no sense and that science offered much better explanations. This is not to say that scientific explanations were any more true than those from the Church, just that they appeared to make more sense because they offered something that enabled people to take more control over their own lives instead of being handed “the Word of God” via a priesthood that required total obedience in return.

This shift in public perception…

…has major ramifications for the “elites” who have ruled this planet for centuries. Although the power has moved from one group to another – the church to the aristocracy to the bankers – it has, to date, always remained within that same, small “club”.

In the 1960’s another major shift began in that people have, since then, gradually become more spiritually aware. This process is accelerating daily and is, for the old “elites”, deadly for it disempowers the “protection” belief: When your spiritual growth reawakens your natural, personal, direct relationship with God/Goddess, all perceptions of any need for protection simply disappear, i.e. they become replaced with reality. This has presented the self-appointed “elite” with the very real problem that their power and privilege could very soon completely evaporate into nothing. A new “Super Protection” racket is needed!

Enter, from Stage Left – the Religion of Vaccination.

It has been, for many decades, an article of faith that “viruses” cause disease. There is no hard evidence that they actually do so: There is not even any reliable evidence that they actually exist! Nonetheless, huge numbers of people still believe in them. These beliefs form the foundation of the second richest religion that this world has seen in recorded history; the Religion of Vaccination.
(The religion of money, i.e. Banking is the richest.)

Vaccination is not a science, it is a religion, i.e. it is practically a required belief for obtaining a license as medical practitioner. It is a dogma – a compulsory belief which it is a crime to question – and one of the core beliefs of the latter half of the 20th century.

As science and spiritual knowledge have progressed and, especially, since the emergence of Quantum Biophysics which shows that these are both aspects of one and the same knowing, the Vaccine Religion began to falter and to fail.

Although the Vaccine Priests have made many attempts between 1960 and 2009 to create mass fear to drive People into their “protection”…

… having even bought up more than 90% of the press in order to spread the fear and to suppress the truth, each has failed miserably and brought the Church of Vaccination into ever more disrepute.

In February 2020, they began their final assault upon humanity, this time using a mysterious, deadly sickness based upon a micro-organism variant known to be associated with mild forms of influenza. In this, their final desperate attempt to hold onto power and privilege, all of the “elite” groups – the Church of Vaccination, the Club of Politicians (also known as the Bilderberg Group) and the world’s dominant religion, banking – have all acted in concert.

Absolutely essential to their plans is some means of permanently dividing and separating humanity in the attempt to stifle the growing awareness of the reality of personal sovereignty.

The first of these tools preached by the Church of Vaccination is the belief that protection from this deadly (but non-existent) “virus” is to keep at least 1.5 metres away from anyone else. This has the added benefit of training the separation necessary for their 5G spy, control and weapons systems to function.

The second necessity is for some method of actually making people ill so that the illusion of a deadly illness could be maintained. This is to be achieved by compelling the wearing of face masks so that the poisons discharged by the out-breath will be trapped in the masks, breathed back in and destroy the lungs. In point of fact, more people have already died of wearing face masks that have died of their “deadly” ‘flu!

Neither of these “requirements” stands up to scientific scrutiny:
The micro-proteins illicitly labelled “viruses” are so small that they are essentially weightless. Random air currents will carry them for miles and they have even been known to cross the Atlantic in less than two days.
Even in surgical masks, the holes needed to allow air in and out are 15 nanometres across, i.e. 25 times bigger than the putative “viruses”! In masks made of other materials, the holes are much, much larger. Clearly, these masks perform no function in restricting the movements of “viruses”.

They are akin to trying to stop mosquitos with a chicken wire fence.

One of the most healthful things that a human can do, physically, mentally and emotionally, is to smile. When you see someone smiling, your immediate reaction is to smile as well. If, however, you can’t see the smile, the probability is that you will go into fear instead. This is the real reason for the masks – to create physical, mental and emotional ill-health, depression and fear. A human being is, however, a very resourceful creation.

Being denied the possibility of seeing the mouth smile, many have begun to focus upon the eyes of other people and to see the smile there – a real smile always involves the eyes! Tony Fauci, one of the high priests of the Church of Vaccination and major architect of this plandemic has, last week, begun preaching that their mythological “virus” can enter your body via your eyes and everyone should, therefore, be compelled to wear goggles. We, of course, already know what the real reason is.

Probably the major casualty of this plandemic will be the virus hypothesis itself leading to the total collapse of the Church of Vaccination.

It is already totally clear and obvious that the virus hypothesis is nonsense: Vast numbers of “infected” but nobody gets ill. With a failure rate of well over 90%, it is to be considered as proven that this “virus” causes no disease whatsoever, never has done and never will do.

A part of the plandemic plan is to instruct and to compel medical practitioners and health authorities to declare the mythological Covid-19 to be the cause of death, no matter what the real cause was.

This has, in itself, lead to growing numbers of protests as this fraud has become public knowledge. Criminal charges have been laid against many and many more are to come.

** According to Jesus in “A Course in Miracles”, sin is the teaching that you can make a mistake that God cannot correct.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

9 thoughts on “The “Church of Vaccination” – The Latest Incarnation of “The Protection Racket…””

  1. You diss your Creator at your own peril. Yes, lies abound everywhere. In large part, Christianity has become greatly compromised and watered down.
    If nothing else, LEARN the wonderful truths of our country’s history—that’s been twisted, omitted, libeled at every turn. The bedrock of America is Christianity….LEARN why that’s so significant and precious. The truth has been totally hidden from us. It’s our birthright. I would direct you to National Liberty Alliance dot org. Thomas Jefferson famously said, “If a people expect to be ignorant and free, they want what never was and never will be.” We are profoundly ignorant and our nation is on the precipice of total destruction because of it.

  2. PEOPLE WAKE THE HELL UP do sign an online petition no to a mandatory vaccination for the corona virus the link is its a worldwide petition it can be signed and reshared from anywhere in the world it currently has over 828000 signatures it needs MANY MORE …if you do sign it ITS VITAL that you reshare it with as many people as you possibly can AND do ask each one to also sign and reshare it in exactly the same way…in closing if you havent yet seen plandemic by judy mikovits YOU MUST its the one they tried to stop censor but they can be found on bitchute do save/back it up for obvious reasons DO RESHARE IT WIDELY advising all others to also save/back it up

  3. Karma, another great piece. I’d like to know more about those arrests.

    Incidentally, strange things happening on the other side of the pond. Reporter Millie Weaver was arrested shortly before releasing her documentary ‘Shadowgate’ which exposes the actual mechanisms and technology that allows us to be manipulated. One of the whistleblowers from the film put it up anyway. Coming up a million views in 24 hours. It names names, it spells out specific crimes. Could be a limited hangout, but it’s educational all the same. Much of it shocking, much of it no surprise at all.

    For me it explains fully why the media are so steadfast in their promotion of the ridiculous official spin, how social media pollutes peoples minds, and why politicians who ought to know better have fallen over themselves to don the Emperor’s New Clothes, even though they are only fooling themselves.

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