The Battle of Bull Run… The Second American Civil War Has Begun… And It Started Over Vaccines…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen

Tens of thousands of parents of vaccine injured children, in California, woke up one morning, not long ago, to find that their Democratic Party controlled legislature had given up any semblance of representing the people that elected them.  They had become only about special interest.  Money talks.

I’m surprised that the Democrats still let citizens approach government buildings in Sacramento, the State capitol, any more. (sarcasm intended).

In a busy life, the kind the year 2015 generates, it isn’t hard to lose track of what’s happening in your State capitol.  Parents need to get to work.  Get the kids to school. Buy groceries.  Wait in line at the gas station.  Survive.


But now, as, not only parents of vaccine injured children are finding out, parents in general, civil rights advocates, families, churches, protectors of liberty, and anyone not in the Democratic Party grab-everything-in-sight controlled government in California, are finding that their legislators apparently represent ONLY THOSE that write checks to those same Democratic Party legislators.  The Democrats control the State.  There is a reason that California, along with Washington and Oregon, are known as “The Left Coast.”

It’s the Left Coast – with a hand out waiting for cash…

But, down below in this article, I have something to show you that is changing the course of this campaign.

SB 277, forcing children to be double-loaded with clearly dangerous-in-every-way, dubious vaccines, got California citizens’ attention…

And, they went to Sacramento in droves, from all over the State, to nicely explain to their legislators, the ones they had just voted for, the problems associated with SB277.  They had a RALLY on the Capitol steps.

I think those citizens honestly believed that that tactic, polite confrontation of the issue, would win the day.  They thought they’d be home in time to make dinner for the kids…

They hadn’t done their homework.

They came up against Freshman Democratic Senator Richard Pan MD, who, without question, is Big Pharma’s, bought and paid for top lobbyist in California – a lobbyist with a vote on the Senate floor, and the ability to directly introduce legislation.

Pan, a man with no particular skills, except for some training to flail around a pediatrician practice stabbing children with pus filled needles, has, in his first month AUTHORED thirty three (33) bills none of which I’m sure he wrote, never even read, and certainly did not understand.  You can view those bills here.  Go take a quick glance.  If you want more detail, click on each of the bill numbers.


Of particular interest, besides, of course his stab-everyone-repeatedly-with-Merck-products legislation, is SB 435 called “Medical home: health care delivery model…”  What is really interesting about THAT is the built-in language:

“It is the intent of the Legislature to exempt from state antitrust laws and to provide immunity from federal antitrust laws, pursuant to the state action doctrine for, any activities undertaken pursuant to this act that otherwise might be constrained by those laws.”

In other words, it looks to me, Pan is setting up his sponsor with a monopoly, and protecting that sponsor, using State law, from being sued in an anti-trust action filed by the US Justice Department, or by the bill’s victims.

Wow!  I wonder how many small companies, now in the business Pan is creating a monopoly for friends, will be forced out of their own business with no legal recourse?

There is a team, as we sit here reading, looking up the connections between Pan’s “bills” and his campaign funders – after all, a VIOLATION of the California Fair Political Practices Act is at least a Misdemeanor.  Maybe more…

Hopefully, a LOT more.  We’ll see what happens.

Now, for the really good stuff…


Senators Allen and Pan introducing SB277 forcing “Made-in-China” vaccines on California children

Then things changed.  The decision was made to just release it. There is an interesting video I am about to show you.  Originally it was for insiders to watch – strategists working on solving the No on SB277 problem.

The video shows something many of us suspected all along – that Senator Pan has a handler.  That he, in fact, is such a dolt, a copy of a legislator, that he can’t operate without minute-to-minute help.  So much so that I looked at the videos, with him in them, to see if i could see an earpiece.  He did not have one.  When Pan was tripped up last Wednesday, by the chairman of Education Committee, he began to stutter and stammer, not answering questions put to him, but mouthing jingoish Paul-Offit-isms.  The chairman let him come back next week, Pan was so distraught.

Clearly, this boy can’t handle stress…

But, more was happening.  There were those there that were watching Pan’s actions closely, and photographing him, and his associates – then showing the photos around to the teams for recognition.

That’s when this story unfolded.

Watch the video i am sending you to see.  Keep in mind that it was not designed for a general audience.  It was for a nationwide strategy group to view (YES, THERE IS ONE), and it is a little fuzzy in the beginning – but it gets VERY interesting,  very quickly. It is about fifteen minutes long, but it tells a whole, complete, story.  Click here.

This information sets us in a brand new direction.

The Second American Civil War has begun.

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate