The Assault on Autistic Children and their Parents…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Things are about to change in the Autism Wars.  A new report is going to be released next week.  Find out about it below.

Everybody knows that I am a Crisis Management Consultant in the health care industry.  I get called into the cases where the quackbuster misinformation group is operating.  Not so long ago, I was hired to look at a situation in Austin, Texas where a clinic was attacked by goofbag Stephen Barrett  on several fronts – a Texas Medical Board complaint was filed against the doctor (Jesus Caquias MD), all of the health insurance companies stopped paying the clinic for their services, and the FBI raided the clinic last July 2009, claiming in the warrant that they were investigating the clinic for “Insurance Fraud,” and “Health Fraud” violations.

But, fear not, for Stephen Barrett  made some serious mistakes, and if I have my way he’ll get criminally indicted in Texas for his actions.  Keep reading.

The officially approved treatment, in the US, for Autistic children is to put them in a State mental facility.  There, on day one, they yank their pants down to their ankles, bend them over a table, and jab a hypo full of mind numbing drugs into their buttocks.  Then they throw them into a ward, keep them doped, where, most likely, they will die in a few years.  And, if you read the US Inspection Report on the DOJ-findings1208 (State of Texas Mental Health Facilities) I think you will conclude, as did the Federal Investigators, that they’d be better off dying sooner than later – for the facilities are a hell-hole of problems, including rampant sexual abuse.

Why is this “institutionalizing” of Autistic children the officially approved treatment?  Because according to “the system” Autistic children have been convicted.  Their crime?  They have been officially declared, along with their parents, as having defective genes.

What?  Defective genes?

Yup.  That’s the argument.  According to the powers that be there is no proof of a relationship between Autism and environmental issues, like vaccines.  It is the people who are defective – middle class, and upper middle class Americans, primarily Caucasians.  More, according to “the system,” it is the brighter people who have the defective genes.

I’m not making this up.  According to this way of thinking It is not the environmental pollution, and the overabundant regime of horrible vaccines that are the problem.  It is the recipient.

Wars have been fought over lesser insults.  Men have been hung by their necks from oak trees for less.  That’s probably why the perpetrators of this “genetic” argument are not readily identifying themselves. You can find their entire argument, though, succinctly written up on the pages of Wikipedia by secret editors, afraid to identify themselves for good reason.  You can read this totally fraudulent argument by clicking here.

And, it is a fraudulent argument made up by an industry that very well knows what problems it is causing, and sneers at its victims.


What we have here is a giant misinformation campaign…

Divided into two parts:  (1)  Diversion, and (2)  Attacking those identifying the real cause of the problem.

(1)  The Diversion part is simple.  It is a simple effort to confuse the general public by making some simple statements like: (a)  we don’t know what causes autism, (b)  we know there is a genetic factor, (3) we know there is no cure, (4)  the anti-vaccination people are conspiracy theorists,  (5) leave the science to us, (6) blah, blah, blah…

(a)  The “genetic defect” argument is insulting and the proponents get away with it because the autism victims are, for the most part, white people.  Try that crap on the African-American community and Jesse Jackson will be speaking loudly from your front porch in front of 30 TV cameras, and more.

(2)  The misinformation people attack those that disagree in every way they can think of.

None of that misinformation activity is actually working very well, but we can’t fault them for the effort.  They certainly try.  The campaign has to be costing a fortune.  And they need to spend that fortune just to survive.

Why isn’t the misinformation campaign working?  Because facts and science are on the side of the Autism community. Solidly.  And the fact sheet balance is about to swing even more to the Autism groups next Saturday, May 8th and 9th, 2010 at the in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.


Why the disinformation people fear the Autism Community so much…

Parents with Autistic children in the US have come to a rude awakening.  They have found that, not only would the US drug industry lie to them, but so will the government agencies “We the People” put in place to protect us from harm.  More, they find, there is an apparatus in place to keep those parents from finding real solutions and changing the paradigm in the way Americans usually act when something goes wrong.

There is no question in any thinking person’s mind that Autism has its roots in environmental issues, the first and foremost of which, of course, is the US Vaccine program.  Anyone who says different is simply lying and deserves to finish out their rotten life in a prison – in a third world country.

The US drug industry completely controls every federal agency that is supposed to regulate them, and they pour money into Congress to keep their own coffers full. They completely control our TV news.  No question about that.  So far, they’ve had their way, in the information wars.  They even have information systems in place to mislead the public on the internet about health care.  Look, for instance, at how much time and effort is put into controlling the health articles on Wikipedia.

There are more than a couple problems that have developed for them – and frankly, the drug industry is running in panic mode.  That’s why you are seeing now, and have been seeing, desperate moves to generate money – so they can keep the system running.  Without money, and I mean LOTS of money, coming in constantly, the drug companies’ control system begins to look like a house of cards, with someone about to open a window on a windy day.

And there are plenty of people heading over to open those windows.  Even more since the drug industry started making desperate money grab moves – like creating the fake H1N1 pandemic.  They telegraphed, with that, their weakness.  In short, vaccine manufacturers, I believe, are on their ass, and that sort of “fake pandemic” move was a last ditch effort to make some bucks.  I suspect that wise investors in those companies rode the high up to a point and then sold their interests quickly, knowing that “fake pandemic” won’t happen again.

In short, the world public knows, at this point, that you simply cannot believe a word the vaccine industry says.  Not one word.  If an executive for a vaccine manufacturer say that it is a bright sunny day outside – take your raincoat.

More, our public agencies have been usurped. It has become almost impossible to find anyone who regulates any aspect of health care at the national level that is not corrupt.  The US FDA is beyond reality.  The CDC is a propaganda machine for the drug industry.

Then too, there is that well-funded misdirection agency that operates out of New York City.  The ones who have Stephen Barrett on a leash.

So, wait a minute.  If the drug industry controls our Congress, our TV networks, our regulatory agencies, and affects information flow in the media and on the internet, why would they be afraid of anything?

Easy answer – for despite all that, it’s not working.  Things are coming to a head – fast.


The juggernaut is in trouble for several little known reasons:

(1)    Most drug company patents run out in 2011 or 2012.  The generic manufacturers are breathing down their financial necks.  Why bother to advertise on TV when the generic is selling for eight cents on the dollar.  The gravy train of protected price is about over.

(2)    Attempts to register old drugs as “orphan” drugs, to maintain price level are having limited success – not enough to protect the industry.

(3)    Shifting investments from chemical drugs to Embryonic Stem Cell applications is not proceeding.  Universities and Foundations involved in Embryonic Stem Cell research have grabbed most of the important patents ahead of time, and the material reality isn’t coming to the fore.  Americans value their children and are appalled at the “throw-a-baby-in-a-blender” medical concept.  “Adult” Stem Cell applications are being studied, and they show far more potential then Embryonic, and there is very little to patent.

(4)    The idea of redesigning old drugs by changing one molecule, and claiming a new version, is not doing well.

(5)    Designing new drugs to increase penis size and endurance has been done.  It was about as successful as the Edsel.  They’ve run out of novelty ideas.

(6)    It is costing more, and more, to maintain the system; bribing Congress, hiring people to target doctors, trips to exotic place for doctors, TV advertising, etc.  There is no end to the cash outflow.  All this is costing them a fortune.  They are beginning to look like the Soviet Union before they locked the front doors and turned out the lights.

(7)    Scientists are finding that the big, scary, viruses (H1N1, Avian Flu, SARS) coming down the pike have all the earmarks, under a microscope, of having been designed, and manufactured, in a laboratory – and that raises new questions like ”Is someone making dangerous viruses and turning them loose to force us to buy a vaccine?”

(8)  Keeping really useful drugs off the market – like HgH, intentionally., because if you use HgH you won’t need any other drugs.  Separate article coming.

But none of this compares to their biggest mistake – they pissed off the smarter people of middle America, treating them as though they were totally stupid and of no consequence.  They woke up the sleeping giants who found, upon that awakening, that the sleazy drug industry had poisoned their children.  The drug industry, through their incessant greed, gave Autism to the children of those that hold the positions of power in America.  More they gave us learning disabilities (1 in 6 children), asthma (1 in 9 children, and diabetes (1 in 450 children).


There is no question that the US health care system is trash.  It is.  But most Americans, as long as they and their offspring are healthy, ignore issues that are not part of their immediate day.  Why?  We live in a busy world, and we need to focus on what is important at hand.  So, we do.

So, what woke up the sleeping giant?  Autism – and all of the denials, and cover-ups, about what’s causing it.

Of course Autism is caused by environmental issues.  I’ve never met Barbara Loe-Fisher, the originator of the National Vaccine Information Center (, but what she says strikes right to the heart of the issues.  It is this:

“Why are so many of our highly vaccinated children so sick? 

Vaccination rates with multiple vaccines in America are at an all-time high and, with 1 in 6 vaccinated child in America now learning disabled \; 1 in 9 suffering with asthma; 1 in 150 developing autism, and 1 in 450 becoming diabetic, this is a legitimate question. America spends more than 75 percent of the $2 trillion price tag for health care to treat the chronically ill and disabled, and it is estimated that, by 2025, 1 in 2 Americans will be chronically ill or disabled.

You can read the rest of this interesting article by clicking here.

So, let’s open some more windows…

If anything, the situation is getting worse for the drug industry.  More people are taking a hard look at vaccinations – and they should.  You simply cannot trust these people at all.  Not at all.

The Autism Community isn’t the same group of people as the North American Health Freedom activists.  The Autism Community, for the most part, is made up of victims – parents of children whose lives have been damaged by the vaccine industry, and other environmental issues.

But, I see a merger coming, beneficial to both groups.  It is already happening.  The in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin May 8th and 9th, 2010 is a primary example of a blend of science and activism.  It is this sort of scientific conference that will be the destruction of the vaccine industry.  The organizers actually invited vaccine promoters to attend and debate the issues – and of course, they all seem to be busy that weekend…

The new report…

In short, there is a new Autism Study that is going to shock the world.  The study intro says:

“Preliminary results from a retrospective data analysis of a very large ASD clinical database is showing confirming information that indeed children with ASD have elevated levels of several toxic chemicals that have been documented to be neurotoxic and that these same children have genetic variations that interfere with the proper detoxification of these chemicals. With over 2,000 patients in the database, this may be one of the largest studies to show that environmental factors and associated genetic components may be contributing to the causation of ASD.

 Future analysis of the database will evaluate hundreds of other physiological components as well as clinical data relating to the correction of specific biochemical pathway abnormalities with condition improvement.”

The presentation will be made by Stephen Barrie ND. Who’s he?  He’s somebody who knows what he is talking about.

Dr. Barrie was in clinical practice during the mid 1980’s at the Great Smokies Medical Center, specializing in integrative medicine and clinical ecology.  He was the founder and former CEO/Chairman of Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory (now Genova Diagnostics), an international clinical reference laboratory for physicians, which he started in 1986 to advance natural medicine and the scientific research of integrative medicine around the world. Dr. Barrie developed many of the present day laboratory tests used for understanding the causes of ASD.

He has been a pioneer in promoting the concepts of preventive medicine and early intervention as the most rational and cost effective healthcare model, and has been a speaker in numerous worldwide forums presenting the scientific basis for Functional Medicine and sharing new ways to uncover the causes of common diseases. He founded one of the first health Internet sites – in 2000. Dr. Barrie is also a NY Times best-selling author of several health books including “7 Day Detox Miracle”, “Energize Your Life” and numerous scientific articles, which have appeared in major medical journals including The Lancet, Agents and Actions and Medical Hypothesis.

 Dr. Barrie also pioneered the concept of “home” and “direct to consumer” laboratory testing and developed the first commercially viable SNP Genomic testing profiles for common diseases; was co-founder of Nutritionals, the country’s leading developer and provider of supplements and tools for brain health. 

The retrospective study information was taken from the medical patient files of the Autism Clinic in Austin, Texas.  The clinic was in the habit of collecting laboratory test data on all patients and feeding those test results into a data base for comparison purposes.  The clinic asked Dr. Barrie to do the study after the clinic was attacked by a secret complaint against the clinic’s doctor, filed by Stephen Barrett of

Barrett, who screeches on his website about Autism sort of seems to say that Autism is a psychiatric disorder and that biomedicine has no value.  Actually it is hard to tell what point Barrett is trying to make.  His writing is so muddied and jingoistic it is difficult to find much sense to it.  All you can tell is that he is against something – but you can’t actually tell what that might be.


Barrett in Texas…

Anyone who reads my newsletter knows I’ve made it a fun thing to frustrate the quackbuster machinations.  When I took on the famous author/scientist Hulda Clark case back in 1999, where Stephen Barrett  was the driving force attempting to shut down Clark, I used Barrett and his minion’s campaign to actually INCREASE Clark’s book sales by 60%.  Then when Barrett and Baratz set out to stomp out the world of Homeopathy by suing over forty Defendants in California, I smiled, and let Barrett and Sampson walk into a trap (NCAHF v King Bio case) where the Courts declared top quackbusters Stephen Barrett  and Wallace Sampson to be “biased, and unworthy of credibility.”  That, pretty much, eliminated Barrett’s ability to testify against anyone in the US in a court of law…

But now a new game is being played in Texas.  It looks, from my initial survey, that Barrett and company may have been using and abusing the Texas Medical Board’s Anonymous Complaint process to file charges against those he sees as his enemies.  As I’m pointing out to my friends in Texas Barrett seems to have the help of the current president of the Texas Medical Association – one William J. Fleming MD, one of the originators of the “Plan of ’96,” the effort by the Federation of States Medical Boards to stomp out “Alternative Medicine.”

But, as I pointed out earlier, Barrett made some serious mistakes in his Texas campaign, and if I have my way, and I usually do, Barrett is dead meat.  If I have my way Barrett is going to get indicted,. and he’ll end his days as Big Willie’s giggly girlfriend…


Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate