The “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is Responsible for The “Covid-19” Attack On America…

It’s Not Donald Trump They Are After – It’s Us…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Of course the whole “Covid-19” thing is a massive hoax.  People all over the country are figuring that out.  It is a massive, well organized attack on America and Western Civilization.  All of the evidence of this collusion is starting to leak out, and best of all, it failed.  In fact, it is working completely against the globalists who are/were behind it.

One of the most horrifying things is the intentional killing  of our older members of society – those trapped in Nursing Homes where they could not get away…

…just to create numbers of deaths quickly so as to justify the complete shutdown of not just the US economy, but activist gatherings that challenged globalist thinking – like “Mandatory Vaccinations for all.”

Everyone knew, from information coming from China, early on, that people in Nursing Homes were at risk, but Democratic State Governors DID nothing to protect our aged loved ones who needed help.  In fact they did the opposite.  They isolated “THE HEALTHY.”

Why were the Democrats isolating “THE HEALTHY?”  For an answer look at their first, and most important shutdown targets – churches, and any other places NORMAL people gather to see each other.  For sure the liberals wanted to prevent “Trump Rallies” from happening.

They also needed to prevent the MASSIVE “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement from visiting local State, and Federal, elected representatives…

…or ANY organizing meeting what-so-ever.  Why?  Because the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is so big, and so powerful, and so determined, that the Big Pharma globalists are buying anti-diarrhea medicine by the case…

And We, the “Anti-Vaxxers” have only just started…

So what have the “Anti-Vaxxers” been doing to keep busy during the “shutdown?”

Look around.  The most obvious thing is that the “Anti-Vaxxers,” having sensitive “Bullshit Meters” developed from long dealings with the Big Pharma Pro-Vaxxer propaganda brigades, are the biggest group unraveling what is really happening with the “Covid-19” hoax, and explaining it all to everyone they know, not just personally, but all over the internet.  And THAT is having a MAJOR effect in getting our economy going again.

Top Globalist Nancy Pelosi is beginning to look like she was thrown in the clothes dryer without a dryer sheet…

Want some examples?  No problem:

Smile – Our own BolenReport Kent Heckenlively JD and his science buddy Judy Mikovits are tearing NIH’s Tony Fauci and company a new orifice.  Their book “Plague of Corruption” was #1 on Amazon sales right from its first day of publication April 14th, 2020,   Then it went to #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list causing NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd to wither and nearly faint while desperately trying NOT to say author Kent’s name or the book’s name during the show.

Laugh Out Loud – We Have Become “Voldemort,” the Book that Chuck Todd of “Meet The Press” Cannot Name…

The most important words said during the Chuck Todd debacle were said by so-called “Russian interference expert” Clint Watts who recited…

“Chuck, this is a super-organized effort.  You’ve got multi-platform, multi-media.  You’ve got people who know how to push this stuff in the Social media environment.  You have people who know how to make a very high production video that is very engaging.  It makes you WANT to start engaging in these conspiracies.  And then you’ve got all the so-called background.  This, that book.  This is many, many websites that are out there.  They are talking about health or health risks related to vaccines.  When you put all of this together it is hard not to encounter the information.  And the more you see something the more you tend to believe it.  Or even if you know it is false you will start to consider it.”

Well, Chuck and Clint, meet the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement…

“Conspiracy Theorists” we are not.  But I am very pleased that you felt you had to fall back on that old rhubarb.  Must be that your actual viewing audience is actually that dumb…

Pay attention here Chucky – YES, we did all those things and it was EASY – all before lunch, so-to-speak..  We are the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement and we are VERY smart, VERY capable, and VERY pissed-off people.  There are tens of millions of us.  We know that we have NO FRIENDS, what-so-ever, in the liberal media and we know why…

Why do we have NO friends in the liberal media?

Because we know that EVERY word all of you say has to be reviewed ahead of time by your advertising base – which we also know is 70% Big Pharma.  Chucky, YOU are NOT a journalist.  You are a toady for Big Pharma.  YOU, Chucky, are part of the problem. The MASSIVE “Anti-Vaxxer” movement is part of the answer.  A BIG part.  And we are done with that.  America has found that the liberal media is worthless, and, frankly, boring…

Donald Trump and I have a BIG disagreement…

i like Donald Trump.  I like the way he operates.  He makes me smile.  But there is one area where I look at him harshly – DTCA.  DTCA, whose long name is Direct To Consumer Advertising is the term used to explain the fact that the United States is one of only two countries on Planet Earth, out of a total of 195 countries,  that allow Big Pharma to advertise directly to the public.

What do those 193 countries know that we don’t?  They know that Big Pharma will use that advertising money to CONTROL the news.  And, in the United states, they do just that.

I want Donald Trump to issue an Executive order cancelling DTCA.  Can you all envision Chuck Todd, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, and Joe Scarborough huckstering “$99 Whole House Carpet Cleaning?”  I can – it would actually be totally suitable, and in sync with their editorial offering.

I used the situation of Kent and Judy’s book “Plague of Corruption” as an example of how tough and sophisticated the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement has become…

But pay attention here people – it was NOT an isolated example.  The WHOLE “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is going this way.  We sat down in the game, picked up the cards, lost a few hands, and then, slowly, steadily, figured out the twists and turns.  And winning all of the time became the rule, not the exception.

That’s why I think, we, the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement became the primary target in the “Covid-19” hoax.  There are tens of millions of us in the United States alone.  They tried to force us to stay home and watch CNN – laugh out loud at that.  They tried to keep us out of the State Houses.  Pay attention to the simple fact that almost EVERY State that had massive lockdown restrictions were the same places we fought them over the measles vaccines?

Where they wanted Mandatory Vaccines?

Yes, of course, they were ALSO attacking Donald…

That’s a given.  But, the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is something the elites have never seen happen in the world since the French Revolution.

Are we in the mood to chop off some heads?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

15 thoughts on “The “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is Responsible for The “Covid-19” Attack On America…”

  1. Tim: These morons have given us a huge gift–the anti-‘Rona-vaxxers, a vast swath of the population. They went way too far this time. We have the cities of Atwater in Merced County and Hanford in Kings County declaring themselves “sanctuary cities,” sanctuary from Newsom’s economic suicide.

  2. Great article Tim. The anti-vaxxer movement is stronger than ever….I wonder….I hope you are right. I’ve been an anti-vaccine activist for 30 years….Free choice on the vaccine issue in every state would be an improvement…but it’s not the answer. I know I’ve tried…I’m sick of dealing with politicians…they have no balls, no outrage, no humanity. Vaccines need to be eliminated….they are poison….all of them. It will happen in the courts.
    Jamie Murphy, author, “What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization” (1993). Boston, MA

  3. Right Tim. And perhaps the strongest action of all was when groups of armed patriots exercised their First and Second Amendment Rights to peaceably assembly at various State Houses to protest the “lockdown.” [Curious term “lockdown” — usually used to describe what happens after a prison riot.]

    I see the Patriot/TEA folks and the Vaxx Freedom folks coming together in a powerful movement to restore the Republic. It could happen.

    And TEA, which originally meant “Taxed Enough Already” now means “Tyrannized Enough Already”!

  4. Why do you say this is an attack on “Western Civilization?” The most draconian govt response occurred in China, and Iran is one of the hardest hit countries.

  5. In both Iran and in China there is a very large pro Western Civilization freedom group among the youth. The “response is to cover up the extermination of this group along with the useless eaters.
    Hint 25 million cell phone numbers disappear in China. How many were families of Hong Kong and/or students???

  6. This is a Bolen-Best. Tim, we are always forced to think for ourselves when we read your articles. Does the nation good, no doubt. And you arent the only one. All around the world great people who could think for themselves and felt compelled to speak up for truth and human rights and dignity. have stood up with courage. The new heroes of our time. The people who swept away the clever words and phrases that the Agenda 21 leaders thought would mesmerize us.

  7. On this I agree completely Tim. And not just antivaxxers, anti-bullshit people everywhere. Bill Gates’ achilles heel is that being a globalist megalomaniac, he thinks everyone else in the world is retarded. It will be his downfall.

    What hasn’t been taken into account is three billion people of above average intelligence, will all kinds of experience, contacts and connections, having nothing better to do with their time that to solve this puzzle. It’s a crowdsourced reaction, and I think that principle is being well-levered, and, as you say, that’s without even trying.

  8. Alan Dershowitz announced on Tucker Carlson that states could FORCE citizens to take the CV19 vaccine. That it would be constitutional. I died a little, because I will refuse.

  9. Tim Lundeen, yes.

    What needs calling out is that those recommendations are completely lacking in any kind of evidence base. In fact, they fly against the evidence on many fronts, and most of all take a completely one-dimensional view of the entire problem.

    Not that I believe there even is a pandemic. Every pandemic in my lifetime has been a fabrication based on ignoring every drop of science available. Every time somebody gets killed by a lowest-common-denominator knee-jerk media-driven response, they get labelled as a pandemic victim, and thus the self-fulfilling prophecy proceeds.

    I feel like I am living in the frikkin middle ages.

    The big, fat elephant in the room is that the entire worldwide response to this ‘med-panic’ is without science, and is completely driven my superstition. That link you posted is basically a list of mantras – put out by a frikkin public health office. But it does give something tangible to oppose, since in my view constitutes fraud, psychological abuse of innocent children, and possibly terrorism. Well done. Exhibit A.

  10. Good morning Tim and everyone else,
    The whole basis of the pharmaceutical industry is lies, lies and more lies to make money and to get and keep control.
    Pasteur and Koch both knew when they used their political contacts to push the “infectious disease” concept that it wasn’t (and isn’t) true. (Pasteur admitted this in his memoirs and Koch’s colleagues demonstrated to him that it just doesn’t work.) They pushed it for personal aggrandisement and lots of money and f***** anyone who got harmed by it.

    This is the basis of “modern” medicine.

    We, then, add another lie to it – viruses are much smaller organisms that are “out to get you”. This, despite the fact that no-one has ever proved that viruses even exist, let alone that they will attack you. Some forty years ago, a breakthrough in microscopy finally made it possible to observe living organisms as small as viruses (and smaller) and to observer their life-cycle. In these forty years, not one virus has ever been found. (N.B. an electron microscope can only view dead, immobile, material.) This, of course, explains why the “Somatoscope” is not available to medical students.

    So, now we add another lie:

    “If we inject someone else’s illness into you, this will make you healthier.”
    Of course, they don’t state it that way but this is exactly what they are doing with “vaccination” with the uniform and sole discernible effect that it spreads disease (exactly what you’d expect if you know how human immunity actually works).

    So now they want to destroy human life (turn us into mindless machines) with this “super deadly” new “virus” from China which nobody can prove even exists. The death rate from it in Germany is precisely zero and this is very probably the same throughout the world. Many countries where the pharma-banker-cartel didn’t think it worthwhile to purchase the government and bureaucracy laugh at it.

    There are a small number of “death hot-spots” around the world. All of them have not a mythological virus but large amounts of hydrogen cyanide in their polluted air in common. Dr. Zach Bush makes this very clear in his discussion with Del Bigtree in this video An hour and 20 long but very well worth the time to watch it. It’s the sort of video that Google likes to delete with their #TooMuchTruth app. so do download it. If it’s disappeared before you get to it, search for it on bitchute.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  11. Karma, I love your comments and your articles. Dr Bush is absolutely right to suppose we need to be looking for a toxic cause not an infectious cause for the metabolic hypoxia being observed, and certainly not a mechanical/ventilatory cause specifically.

    However, he is premature in pointing the blame at cyanide specifically. There are many other toxins present that could easily account for the cyanotic outcomes, wholly or partially. Top of the list of suspects has to be the antiviral medications given to the most severely distressed cases, quite likely sealing their fates.

    In the case of SARS, without any clinical trials to back up the protocols, patients were given several days of steroid and antiviral treatment, and after a week or so were going into this kind of hypoxic distress. It also happens that the antivirals happen to cause rupturing of the red blood cells after about a week. Duh! In other words, they may have been suffering a simple and deadly side effect of the treatment.

    This may have been the true nature of SARS through and through, no virus needed, and it seems likely it is the true nature of this current ‘pandemic’. Medical poisoning, basically. And the worse the problem, the more aggressively they poison the patients.

    It is also a reflection of the 1918 pandemic, and I’m sorry to say, the success of the natural healing professions may have been down to little more than simply not accidentally drugging their patients to death. It’s tragic that after 100 years the pinnacle of scientific reason is to make the same mistakes. I feel as if we are living in medieval times.

    This is an early release of a chapter on this subject, and it makes a jaw-dropping read:

  12. I agree Larry,
    I have other hypotheses which also need testing but with so very, very few “patients” it’s difficult to make any headway.
    Main thing is to get the focus away from the fantastic (i.e., a fantasy) “virus” and move everyone towards reality.

    Blessed be

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