Subject: Formal Complaint – Terry Polevoy MD


Canadian Medical Association, Ethics Committee, 1867 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa, ON Canada K1G3Y6



Dear Ethics committee:

I have filed a formal complaint against one Terry Polevoy MD. I believe it important that you review this complaint, and its overall issue, in light of your own experiences with Polevoy, and comment to the CPSO on this issue.

It is time to deal with Polevoy, and his ilk… The complaint is as follows:

The Registrar Investigations & Resolutions The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, 80 College, Toronto, Canada M5G2E2



Dear Registrar


Terry Polevoy MD, a medical doctor under your jurisdiction, is an embarrassment to the medical profession. He is now, and has been for some time, engaging in a series of activities which could only be described as “Professional Misconduct.” I believe the seriousness of his misconduct merits an investigation for the purpose of disciplinary action not excluding revocation of licensure.. Please begin such an investigation immediately.

It may be that Polevoy, in his current mental state, is a danger to the Canadian community. As such, it might be prudent to suspend his license pending outcome of the investigation.

Polevoy, it appears, is obsessed with a public attack on “Alternative Medicine” proponents. His attack method is virulent, far outside normal discussion method, focuses on personal attack, defamation, character assassination, and malicious falsehood. Polevoy never uses scientific argument, nor does he back up his virulent attacks with facts. He uses instead, as his “proof,” as it were, of his credibility, his MD license – and ONLY his MD license.

I believe Polevoy, with his virulent, obsessive attacks on proponents of alternative medicine, may be in violation of several subsections of clause 51(1)(c) of the Health Professions Procedural Code, as follows:

Subsection 4) – Practicing the profession while the member’s ability is impaired…

Subsection 5) – Having a conflict of interest…

Subsection 13) – Making a misrepresentation respecting a remedy, treatment or device…

Subsection 14) – Making a claim respecting the utility of a remedy, treatment, device or procedure other than a claim which can be supported as reasonable professional opinion…

Subsection 16) – Falsifying a record relating to the member’s practice…

Subsection 18) – Signing or issuing, in the member’s professional capacity, a document that the member knows, or ought to know, is false or misleading…

Subsection 33) – An act or omission relevant to the practice of medicine that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional…

Subsection 34) – Conduct unbecoming a physician…


Polevoy, police reports show, STALKED Canadian Radio Personality Christine McPhee, until, terrified, she called in police. He followed her around, affecting disguises, for months – then further terrified her by e-mailing her the details of his stalking actions. Police agencies felt it necessary to assign armed uniformed officers to protect McPhee from Polevoy. Reports show that McPhee was not the only female Polevoy stalked.

Polevoy operates a “hate” website targeting “Alternative Health” practitioners, and competent Canadian authority. On this website, Polevoy characterizes all of his targets as “cheats, frauds, swindlers, whose sole motivation is profit at any cost.” His virulent attacks, both by e-mail, and on his website ( bring into question his overall mental state.

Alternative Medicine is a significant social and political issue in Canada. Competent authority ie; Universities, medical and health associations, government agencies, elected and appointed officials, and the Canadian Medical Association have legitimized the “Alternative” model. Polevoy accuses them all of the same “fraud, swindling, etc…”

Polevoy’s most recent campaign is a venomous attack, in partnership with a Patricia Marchuk MD, against Radio Personality Christine McPhee – again. Polevoy has, in the current attack on McPhee, barraged Canadian Radio executives, the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commissions (CRTC), the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council(CBSC), and the radio stations, with bombacity, lies, and misrepresentations – all the while, holding up his MD license as evidence of his “expertise.” They offered no proof – except their MD licenses, claiming that that license qualified them as “experts.”

Not only were Polevoy and Marchuk’s claims about McPhee’s show FALSE, but their claim that they were “Experts” solely based on that licensure were also FALSE. Canadian law makes no provision, nor intended any situation, placing an MD license as some God-like authority of health or medical issues. Canadian law, in fact, forces MDs to take further training and qualify in a field before claiming expertise in that field.

Neither Polevoy, nor Marchuk, have engaged in, or completed, any special training in the areas they publicly claim expertise. Polevoy and Marchuk MISREPRESENTED their qualifications to Canadian Radio Executives – to further their plot.

The problem is that Canadian radio executives believed Polevoy and Marchuk’s lies. Because of that perceived “danger” they did, in fact, take McPhee’s shows off the air.

Considering that Polevoy’s actions were, and have been, public for some time, why haven’t you acted before to stop this MD’s unprofessional conduct?

Please act now… I believe the situation to be urgent.

Tim Bolen