Stephen Barrett’s Personal Attorney (David Wilzig) Sued For Malicious Prosecution…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


Attorneys that work with, or for, Stephen Barrett do not do well.

David Wilzig, one of Barrett’s latest personal attorneys, is developing significant problems.  He was suing, obviously working with Barrett, a slew of Biological Dentists, each case mirroring the last, with the same tired refrain – that “Biological Dentistry is quackery, blah, blah, blah, blah.”  Although Wilzig doesn’t call bobbie baratz (Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD) as his main witness anymore (insert a rude noise here), he has continued the same style attacks.  But, one of Wilzig’s victims, a California Dentist namedAlireza Panahpour, DDS, has had enough and is coming after Wilzig in a California Superior Court – and he is coming hard.

The current lawsuit against Wilzig is filed in Orange County Superior Court.  Because of how this case came to be, there could be seven more similar cases filed.   Just below is the summary of the first case:

But, this isn’t just a simple case…

There is much more behind the scenes.  According to Stephen Barrett‘s website articles, Wilzig filed eight separate lawsuits against Panahpour.  The lawsuit filed against Wilzig alleges that Wilzig, working with co-defendant Jill Cresap, “Devised a Scheme to Extort Money from South Coast Medical Center for New Medicine (SCMCNM) and Dr. Panahpour and their Insurance Carriers.”  More, it claims that Cresap stole patient records (HIPAA Violations?) and turned them over to Wilzig who then recruited more Plaintiffs for more lawsuits

Just below is the language that explains the lawsuit:

Wilzig has a similar issue in the Doctor’s Data v Barrett Federal court case...

Wilzig’s name plays an important part in the Doctor’s Data v Stephen Barrett Federal Court case.  The actual lawsuit says of Wilzig:

In an earlier Federal Court case (Cavitat v Aetna), court documents show Wilzig played a role:

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate