REAL Health Care Reform – Cliff Notes Version..

Part 2 – Understanding What Trump Has To Deal With…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

Folks, we here at Bolen Report are in the front lines of what we all know is a civil war. 

A legally-elected president is under siege 24/7 being accused of all manner of criminal activity with hints of mental illness thrown in.  Every day we see demonstrations in the streets and on our college campuses against anyone who speaks conservative values and most recently there were protesters in front of the FCC demanding that DrudgeReport and Alex Jones be banned from the internet.  Who knows.  We might be next.

If you think this constant assault on President Trump and the American values he is espousing is wrong, please contact your elected officials and let them know what you think and let them know you expect them to support Trump in his efforts to clean out the swamp even if they are Democrats…….

Trump’s Biggest Problem – How To End The Drug Industry’s Control Of The Media

 In regards censoring critical information about America’s most serious health crisis, at the recent Revolution For Truth Rally in Washington about the problems with vaccines, this is what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., told rally attendees about media censorship:

“I talked to Roger Ailes, who I have know since I was 17 years old, he’s very sympathetic with this issue and saw the film Trace Amounts. I said to him, “I just want to go on one of your shows. Nobody will allow me to talk about this or debate me.” He said to me, “I can’t allow you on any of them. I’d have to fire any of my hosts that allowed you on my station.” Because, he said, “My news division gets up to 70% of advertising revenues during non-election years from the pharmaceutical companies.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.  If Big Pharma uses the power of its advertising dollars to dictate what is and is not said about vaccines, it stands to reason that  it can dictate the content of the rest of the news as well.

The US is only one of two countries (New Zealand is the other) that allows advertizing of drugs directly to the public.  The justification is so that consumers can be “educated” in the proper use of these products.  Yeah.  Sure.  Who reads the 4 point type on the magazine page across from the glossy ad, or can understand the TV voiceover that is speaking in triple time telling you if you take this stuff, you’ll die.

The REAL reason drug ads are legal is so they can control the content of what goes out in print or on the airwaves including directing the propaganda slant on sitcoms, talk shows, late night comedy and drama shows.

I say drug ads  should go the way of tobacco and hard liquor ads.  The question is, do the DC swamp dwellers have the backbone to ban them.

Trump has committed a mortal sin against Big Pharma.  Eager to help Autism Speaks raise money for the cause by allowing them to use his beloved Mar-a-Largo for a fundraising event, he spoke publicly as far back as 2007 that he thought vaccines were the cause of autism and chided those who refused to consider that possibility.

To Big Pharma, the idea that as president, Trump could (and now is) putting the full weight of that office behind a complete investigation of the vaccine industry, is unthinkable.

By 2021, financial experts estimate the annual business to be worth $43.03 billion a year.  Based on what we already know, and what our colleague here at BolenReport, Kent Heckenlively, has already written about in his book Inoculated: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism, the likelihood is that all the fraud, deliberate manipulation of scientific studies, destruction of evidence (government records), conspiracy to suppress critical information, not to mention providing false testimony, the vaccine industry will likely take a very big hit if not be destroyed altogether

By all the revelations already coming out, unreported by the press, some executives, scientists and government officials might even be subject to being tried for committing crimes against humanity, the subject of two articles here and here on BolenReport.

Thanks to this ongoing embargo on information, discussing anything that Trump is doing to clean up the swamp is nowhere to be found on Main Stream Media (MSM).

Trump Officially Ends “Political Correctness” As A Government Policy…

The media has also partnered with others who don’t want Trump to succeed by taking direction from social agitators aka Community Organizers.  In an earlier article, I wrote about the history of Political Correctness and explained how it was developed in the 1920s as a Marxist/Socialist tool to intimidate people into silence at the same time turning basic cultural norms of all kinds upside down.  In an internet website called  The Obamafile, a group of researchers provided a summary, with examples, of just how  bizarre some of these mind-manipulating “facts” are.

There, our Founding Fathers are deemed nothing more than “sexist, slave-owning, 18th century white men in wigs and breeches” presumably with nothing important to contribute to society.

An African-American Studies Department banned Shakespeare’s Othello as a racist play and a radical feminist professor claimed that the witches were the true heroines in Macbeth.

Then there is the idea to abandon the all classic books that defined the history of our culture in favor of modern Black and feminist authors because their alienated prose reflects modern social problems of  which older authors (white men) were ignorant.

This kind of bizarre logic has now spread across America.   A recent example is how two white women opened a taco stand in Portland, OR, and after being featured in a news story, were forced to close.  Seems they were targeted in social media for “stealing recipes from minorities.”  Later coverage of the story stated “This is NOT about cooking at home or historical influences on cuisines; it’s about profit, ownership, and wealth in a white supremacist culture,”  Geez.  I wonder how many pizza joints in America are owned by non-Italians.

The biggest problem President Trump has is that millions of people have been so conditioned not to deal with critical public issues because PC has so screwed up reality, they are having a particularly hard time with his bluntness.   They have also never been taught critical thinking thanks to the Prussian school curriculum in our public schools that I have also written about.  For a quick refresher on this mind-numbing school agenda, checkout Wikipedia’s description.

Keep in mind, President Trump has already signed an Executive Order  to restore control of schools to the local level.  (read parents)  And… our new U.S. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos is charged with the responsibility of making sure the Department of Education reflects that commitment.  DeVos will also cut out costly regulations all over the place which will lower the cost of running that department = lower taxes.

Actually, Political Correctness is a nasty business in lots of ways.  While being called a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe, a homophobe or a misogynist is pretty bad, the most vicious name-calling is saved for those who question the safety of vaccines.  While a large vast majority of those raising that question are parents with vaccine-injured children, anyone who is into wanting the facts, is branded as a danger to the community and should be punished in various ways, including the possibility of having their children taken away by the welfare folks or, hung...

Trump has broken through this taboo subject by assigning Bobby Kennedy to find the real facts. 

My answer to all those community agitators  lead by former President Obama who are slavishly using Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals to stir up confused people into crazy behavior,  is to hang this WWI poster in my office to remind me what propaganda looks like.


Downsizing  and Taming The  Entrenched Bureaucracy – aka The Administrative State

What sets President Trump apart from any other president in modern times, or, perhaps, ever, is the way he attacks problems.  His entire professional life has been to build big, very modern and beautiful things.  His reputation as a builder is that when he builds stuff, he is extremely efficient, under budget, state-of-the-art and imaginative.  His business employs 15,000 people and is considered very stable.

Using his usual methodology, Trump’s approach to government reform and health care reform in particular, is to focus on all elements of what makes up the system.  He has an eye for seeing the implications of some of them in regards future costs.

As an efficient businessman, he is also looking for ways to free up the bureaucracy so it will be easier for inventors to bring new ideas to the marketplace.   His biggest challenge is to deal with entrenched DC swamp creatures who don’t want to change.  Many have a lot to lose.

Where all this Federal bureaucratic red-tape buildup started was back in the 1930s. President Roosevelt got into a legal argument with the U.S. Supreme Court over a bill to establish a whole string of new federal bureaucracies that were the heart’s desire for those interested in expanding Woodrow Wilson’s Progressive (read drift into Marxism/Socialism) programs.

The fight was that the Supreme Court ruled that the bill he had in mind was unconstitutional.  In retaliation, Roosevelt let it be known he had a mind to do a little  “court packing” which meant that in order get more judges willing to support his New Deal, he’d appoint up to 15 so he could get decisions more to his liking.

Roosevelt  had problems with the court rejecting several bills.  Several judges changed their  minds about the unconstitutionality of a key bill and Roosevelt  was able to establish all those  federal agencies that our Founding Fathers could not have imagined.

That was the beginning of the massive growth of the Federal Government.  Over the years, these federal agencies started to take on a life of their own and now act as a fourth branch of government.  They do not answer to Congress though Congress hauls them on the carpet all the time.   It is said that many of these agencies are now captives of the industries they are supposed to be regulating.  In real life, agencies such as the FDA, CDC, and NIH are just the most prominent agencies that deal with medical matters and all of them protect Big Pharma in many ways.

In his farewell address, Ike warned us about the downside of building up a scientific elite in what he referenced as the military/industrial complex.  He had concerns that we’d all be victims of it if we were not careful.  What he was saying was that when you get industry agendas mixed up with political agendas, this ends up to be big trouble. 

Ending The Vast And Very Costly Vaccination Bureaucracy…

There is no better example of how industry trumps good public policy than the vaccination issue.  There has been talk since 2007 about how studies should be done on unvaccinated children to see how they fair health wise.  There is plenty of evidence around that unvaccinated children are far healthier.

That news is bad for business and Big Pharma’s business includes the bazillion dollars we taxpayers pay for scientific studies at prestigious schools of higher learning with the hope of proving or disproving whatever the politically correct research goals were supposed to be found.   Kent Heckenlively has already exposed the seedy underbelly of  that situation in depth right herehere  and here on The Bolen Report.

In truth, like any good businessman, Trump is in the process of cleaning out dead wood, cutting regulations, eliminating jobs and otherwise streamlining each agency so he will be able to lower the cost of running government…..and, oh, gee, lower taxes and lower the cost of health care.  Do I really need to remind you of that all the time?

The CDC is particularly vulnerable for major downsizing.  Its main purpose is to find germs all over the world and decide which ones need to be fought via the development of some vaccine.  So, what happens when Bobby Kennedy and his team of scientists have full access to the CDC’s secret files containing millions of children’s health records dating back to 1990?  We spend two trillion dollars on chronic illness each year and as Barbara Loe Fisher , head of National Vaccine Information Center asks, what about all this chronic (and costly) illness she and many others believe are linked to vaccines as well;

1 child in 6 learning disabled;

1 in 9 with asthma;

1 in 10 diagnosed with a mental disorder;

1 in 13 severely allergic to food;

1 in 20 epileptic;

1 in 50 developing autism;

1 in 400 with diabetes

Reforming the FDA To Introduce New Technology And New Products And Create REAL Competition

Just so you understand the broad reach of the FDA, take a look at the areas of authority they have here.

Now think Big Pharma.  When Trump announced that Scott Gottlieb was his pick to run the place, our own Tim Bolen explained what was on tap for major reform for the agency.  There will be all kinds of new gizmos developed and put on the market that will boggle the mind and make obsolete toxic chemical drugs.  Tim Bolen raised the issue of biophysics which is the cutting edge of the new physics-based medical science.

This is a colossal shift in thinking that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Currently, the drug industry is based on bio-chemistry, a scientific model that Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist from Cambridge, has declared obsolete and, for that matter, based on unproven hypotheses.

In his book, Science Set Free, Sheldrake lists 10 dogmas of “modern science” that are just that….dogmas…never proven, just assumed.  The idea that we are just robots made up of body parts that has been the bedrock belief in medicine for 200 years is now on the scrapheap of old ideas.  Big Pharma is stuck with products based on this dogma and in Trump’s vision of the new FDA will have many new products to compete with drugs based on more modern science that can be proved.

I’ll write about Sheldrake and is fellow thinkers in future articles as he, frankly, takes my breath away in the areas he is exploring.  These areas are also well understood by Bruce Lipton, a DNA researcher and medical school professor who is now the leader in science of epigenetics.   Deepak Chopra, both a trained as a western doctor (allopathic) and Ayervedic  doctor,( the ancient Indian medical system similar to Chinese Medicine) provides a discussion of Sheldrake’s book that also goes into the spiritual aspects of healing, a major component of some of the healing systems now coming on line.

Just so you know, since the 1950s, even Congress knew that FDA officials treated Big Pharma as a client instead of an industry they were supposed to be regulating.  The CEOs of drug companies have frequently been asked at Congressional Hearings how they justify such high prices and the answer is always the same…..we have patent protection, and I might add, NO COMPETITION.

In the Administrative State system of managing of government agencies, Big Pharma has a big edge.  They not only pay big fees to get their new pill approved (thus pay the salaries of the regulators) but they have a big carrot dangling over their heads as well. ….. a potential for a high paying job in the private sector as a reward for a job well done for approving and then protecting that new magic pill while still an FDA official.

The dietary supplement industry has been on the chopping block so often, we go on autopilot each time some regulation is issued in the Federal Register and literally millions of us already know how to write our Congressmen to raise hell.  Gary Null’s documentary War on Health is worth watching to see how the FDA has been riding roughshod over the dietary supplement industry  for decades.

Passing Real Healthcare Payment Reform Based On Sound Economics And Patient Control

Ok, folks, here’s the biggie.  Just thinking about it makes my eyes roll into the back of my head.  Its a subject that needs some understanding of economics and the various elements that make up how the health care system should be run as an economically sound and self-sustaining system.

Unfortunately, since the 1930s, what we civilians think of is “health insurance” is a misnomer.  What we have is a variety of poorly conceived third party payer schemes created by people who make hidden deals with providers of service and others who decide what services we are allowed to have.  At best it should be called “sickness” coverage.  Let me clarify that.  “Half-assed” sickness coverage.  Pardon my French.

The current system that Obama put into place was never supposed to work.  People who voted on it clearly didn’t understand it based on Sen. Pelosi’s famous line, “We’ll have to vote on it before we see what’s in it”, and Sen. Reid’s statement it was just a temporary system that would end up single payer anyway.

So…here’s the problem.  How do you take a failing system and morph it into something that works economically at the same time serves all the people?  To add to that, what do you do to protect people who are depending on this failing system while you are morphing it to something that not only is financially viable long term but, at the same time, add the services people really want and need.

Then you have politicians elected to office who have one eye on the next election with constituents who are scared and  who don’t really understand economics or what is possible in a good health care system.

For me, one of President Trump’s many inspired appointments is that of Sec. of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, MD., a longtime member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a conservative doctor group that champions the privacy of the doctor/patient relationship.  They take no support from Big Pharma or any other corporate interest and have a history of speaking out against government control of the medical system.   Years ago, I used to subscribe to the AAPS medical journal.  I’d skip over the medical discussions and devour its regular articles about the Constitution and other discussions pertaining to the private nature of health care.

I confess, years ago, I interviewed Jane Orient, MD, for my old radio show and was totally charmed.  She is the AAPS’s longtime Executive Director.  Many of my health freedom friends, the ones who either practice or actively support non-allopathic health care, have nothing but high praise for her and the AAPS.  And of the several doctors I know who are members,  I know this organization stands for health freedom for both doctor and patient.  I urge you rummage through the AAPS website and, in particular, read the organization’s 15-page White Paper on Repeal/Replacement of the Affordable Care Act posted there.  For my article here, I have excerpted the section of the paper titled Key False Assumptions.

Key False Assumptions

The language of egalitarianism and “fairness” frequently cloaks socialist concepts. False crises are created to promote big-government schemes. These are some of the false premises that reform advocates tend to accept without question:

We need “universal coverage.” No, we need optimal availability of actual medical care. We need a free market, not mandatory third-party payment.

We need to “contain costs.” No, costs are far too high, mostly because of comprehensive third-party payment. They can and should be greatly reduced.

We” are all responsible for everybody else’s health care. No, we are responsible of caring for our own health and for paying for the necessities of life, including medical care when appropriate. Comprehensive third-party payment is the most expensive and least efficient way of doing that.

Charity is demeaning; people have a right to help. No, charity is a blessing both to those who give and those who receive. Being dependent on government forced redistribution is both demeaning and debilitating.

The federal government can “assure” healthcare for all. No, the government can only take. Each lead brick piled on to stabilize a tottering structure is taken from another, better use, and can at most only delay the day of reckoning.

The legacy we want to preserve is the one of freedom, which brought us prosperity and wonderful advances in medicine. Piling on more lead to try to salvage the icon of socialism is suppressing a return to greatness in America.










That’s it for now.  See ya……

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  1. There are two times bigPHRMA cannot quit what it’s doing . . . when they’re losing, and when they’re winning.

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