It was almost funny. Somewhere between a whine and a caterwaul…

The so-called American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) issued one of its fatuous annunciations Saturday, June 10, 2000, proclaiming, once again, that anything “natural” in the field of health is some diabolical plot to murder America. Once again they declare that Americans are too dumb to make informed health decisions. American Health leaders derisively call the ACSH the American Council of Psuedo-Science and Anti-Health (ACPA).

Opinion by Tim Bolen

This time the ACPA picked its semi-literate(?) President Jack Raso to rant out a response to an opinion piece about the California Senate UNANIMOUSLY PASSING a “Cancer Reform Bill” in their fair State. It took Raso a week… (probably had to send it to the ad agency for a re-write).

In his flacid response, Raso bleated out the usual tiresome quackpot drivel. Amazingly, Raso quoted the California Osteopathic Board – an organization that was itself formed to defend itself against attacks by jealous MD minions. Osteopaths, for those of you who don’t know, are sort of a super-trained MD – a combination of MD and Chiropractor. There about 3,000 of them in the State of California, as opposed to 85,000 licensed MDs. It could be said that “Osteopaths are the original ‘Alternative’ practitioner.”

The ASPA (ACSH), according to heroic American James Carter MD, DPh, author of the authoritative book “Racketeering In Medicine,” published by Hampton Roads Publishing, and available on Amazon.com, is funded by Dow Chemical, The National Agricultural Chemicals Association, EI duPont de Nemours and Co., Monsanto Co., and the Proctor and Gamble Fund. It has also received grants from the National Dairy Council, the American Meat Institute, Burger King, Oscar Meyer Foods, Hershey Foods Fund, Frito Lay, and Land-O-Lakes.

Of course, it’s doubtful how much help Dow Chemical would be for Raso’s plans right now. Last I heard they were on their knees in Federal Bankruptcy Court in Detroit, Michigan trying to mitigate the eight billion dollar judgement against them over their courtroom loss in the “Silicone Breast Implant” issue.

Raso also attacked world-renowned health humanitarian Hulda Regher Clark. It appears in Raso’s presentation that he (Raso) has little knowledge of modern day science, and could not even begin to comprehend Clark’s work – much less criticize it.

I suspect the whole missive was to convince the paymasters that Raso and company, are not, in fact, asleep under their desks…

I doubt if Raso will have the effect he wants – for simply spoken – the quackpot movement is IMPOTENT.

I doubt if even Viagra would help…