Quackpot Menace “Drop-Kicked” (again) in Alameda…

The same Judge, in the same Court, that declared delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, et al, as SLAPP artists, ruled again against the questionable actions of the quackbuster conspiracy. SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.”

Barrett, and his bludgeon squad, isn’t doing well in California…

Opinion by Tim Bolen

Stephen Barrett, who claims to be a “retired Psychiatrist,” but court documents show that he never was able to fulfill the minimum qualifications to be board certified as such, along with Canadian Polevoy, and their attorney Christopher Grell had tried to circumvent normal court procedure in “serving” alleged defendants. The Judge was not amused – and HAMMERED the trio into submission.

Delicensed MD Stephen Barrett, as we all know, ABUSES the North American Court System with fake filings; using wrong jurisdictions, filing after time limits, improper services, etc., etc., etc., etc, etc., … Barrett brags about “how much money he costs” those that disagree with his opinions. Barrett even sued a DEAD MAN. It is not known, yet, who is financing the quackbuster’s legal onslaught against suffering Americans.

Barrett turned in his medical license in 1993 claiming he was “retiring”. His writings, however, (ie; his website www.quackwatch.com), about newer health trends, lead me to believe he, intellectually, simply could not keep up with Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements.

The case, and the action in the case I’m referring to here, is the so-called “defamation” action Barrett, Polevoy, and Grell allegedly filed in Alameda County California against myself, health humanitarian Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, and supposedly – six other defendants. At least Barrett CLAIMS HE DID THIS ON HIS WEBSITE. The REALITY is somewhat different. More information can be found at www.savedrclark.org.

What Barrett wanted to do in California, was to PUBLISH his side of the case in MAJOR California newspapers – therein claiming that the defendants “would then be served.” . But the law in California requires that to do so a Plaintiff must get permission from the Court – for obvious reasons. The Judge said “NO” loudly, and firmly.

California law (and most States) requires that prospective defendants in a case be served personally with ALL of the documents they need to properly understand the suit against them – in order to properly respond in a timely manner. Earlier in the case Barrett, et al, had tried to convince the same Judge that proper service had been affected when he had henchman Bobbie Baratz hand me three bags of TRASH in a hallway in a Florida Courthouse. Barrett argued that a download from his website containing his FATUOUS MUMBLINGS was good enough for service. The Judge did not agree.

The Judge’s decision in Ilena Rosenthal’s SLAPP motion looks to me like Barrett has ALREADY LOST THIS CASE… and should be thinking about writing some formal apologies, and writing some LARGE CHECKS.

Barrett has a history of trying to do lawsuits “on the cheap.” The so-called DEFAMATION case was filed in Alameda County, California where attorney Grell moved his offices when he shut down offices in San Francisco. Like most Barrett originated lawsuits, this one has serious problems – and frankly, and obviously, has little or no merit.

But the whole thing is backfiring on Barrett. He is making a fool of himself (again) and is being laughed at internationally. Frankly, he’s acting like a spoiled three-year-old laying down on the floor and kicking his feet because he’s not getting his way.

But it isn’t all just FUNNY. Barrett, et al, got themselves into DEEP trouble with this case – and it looks like that trouble is just beginning. This is the same case where a last minute listed Defendant “New Century Press” counter sued with charges of RICO violations, Civil Rights Violations, etc. The charges can be found not only at “lawsuits”,  on this website, but at www.healthfreedomlaw.com.

Arrogant Barrett screwed up, and Barrett’s paymasters, I think, are going to have to budget a big chunk of cash to get him through the problems he STUPIDLY brought on himself.

I predict the case in Alameda will be the “Waterloo” for the quackbuster conspiracy… Mark my words.

And, stay tuned…

Tim Bolen

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