Polevoy Thrashes Barrett and Grell in California – Piles of Money Change Hands…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


It’s time for a good laugh.

Quackbusters, living in fear of discovery of their emasculation, have just settled two court cases secretly.  Huge piles of money have changed hands in the two cases.

HUGE piles…

In short – There is a court case in California (Barrett v Clark) where the quackpot menace was so badly defeated, so soundly embarrassed, so stomped on, that recently (insert heavy laughter here) they secretly settled out the case paying an undisclosed huge amount of money to Ilena Rosenthal. Rosenthal, and her attorneys, have been pursuing the threesome for money owed Rosenthal – close, by now, to $500,000 US.  What it’s all about can be found here.

But to be able to get to the point where they could pour that owed money into Rosenthal’s bank accounts, they first had to enter into a secret settlement in a US/Canada cross-border lawsuit “Quackbusters Sue Each other – All is Not Well in Scumville…”) involving wanna-be “Czar/God of US Health Care”  Stephen Barrett, his personal attorney Christopher Grell, and the almost always-a-loser Terry Polevoy, Canada’s bargain-basement copy of Barrett.

That case “Quackbusters Sue Each other – All is Not Well in Scumville…” gave us all a glimpse of the internal rot of the quackbuster operation.

The quackbusters are all about misinformation.  The last thing they want anyone to be aware of is how badly they actually perform when push comes to shove.  They HAVE TO hide results like this.

What Were They So Afraid the Public Would Find Out?

(1)  Polevoy, it is obvious, is the quackbuster the others simply wish would go away.  He has never been appointed to anything.  He is the kid nobody plays with, so to speak, and nobody ever says why that is.  For him to come forward and thrash Stephen Barrett in court publicly is just something they don’t want people to know about.

(2)  Had the case gone further, without settlement, “discovery” would have occurred, and one of the major items that would have come to surface would have been the reasons why Polevoy is no longer practicing as a pediatrician in Canada – something Polevoy avoids talking about.

(3)  Polevoy had named, as Defendants, twenty John Does, meaning that he was going to name twenty other people, and their activities, in the case, if Barrett and Grell did not give him what he needed (the money to pay Rosenthal).  I wrote about this situation here.

(4)  The quackbusters lost face massively in the Barrett v Clark case.  They had trumpeted their horn everywhere they could announcing their attack on the Defendants, including myself.  But at the end of the day they simply couldn’t man-up.  Viagra wouldn’t have helped them.  You can read about that situation here.

(5)  The quackbusters were so arrogant in the Barrett v Clark case that they incurred the wrath of the GIANTS of the internet:   Barrett tried to re-write internet law with this case.  His notions were so asininely appalling to the general internet community that thirty (30) internet, and publishing,  GIANTS filed Amicus Curie (Friend of the Court) Briefs on our side.

Friend of the Court” Briefs, arguing in our favor,  were provided by Amazon, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, EBay, the ACLU of Northern California, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, ABC, Ask Jeeves, the Cable News Network, Compuserve, Earthlink, ESPN, Netscape, SBC Internet, Time Warner, Washington Post, Association for Competitive Technology, California Newspaper Publishers Association, Information Technology of America Association, Internet Commerce Coalition, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, Netchoice, NetCoalition, Newspaper Association of America, Online News Association, Online Publishers Association, Technet, and the United State Internet Service Providers Association.”

(6)  The quackbusters, for the most part, are on their ass these days, and that’s not good for their public image.  They have pretty much fallen back on the so-called “skeptic” (pseudo-skeptic) community as their network.  And that organization is not much at all, primarily relying on anonymity, fake internet names, and a leadership that has poor qualifications.

Laugh now – their embarrassing settlement is no longer a secret – is it?

One more thing – Where did Barrett and Grell get the $500,000 US to pay off Polevoy, so that Polevoy could pay off Ilena Rosenthal?  I’ll bet that Doctor’s Data, during discovery in the Doctor’s Data v Barrett Federal Court case, will ask Barrett just that question.


So, of course, Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate