Liberal Democrat “HATE” Media Finally Gets Their Wish – Republicans Shot in Washington…

Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Charles Blow – Celebrate?…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


It’s in their eyes…

The liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) has FINALLY had a political success – they were able to get a crazy to shoot Republican conservatives.

Even better, they got one of their regular watcher whack-jobs to do it in the nation’s capitol.

It hasn’t been an easy time for the lib Dems.  It’s been a long, dry couple of years since they’ve had a success.  Defeat has been their life.  Their belief that they controlled Presidential Election 2016 was smashed on the evening of November 8th, 2016 when America ignored their smirks and elected Donald J. Trump President of the United States.

They haven’t recovered until now.  NOW they have had a victory – their rhetoric convinced a crazy to shoot.

Yes. they’ve had some minor victories on college campuses – causing riots, and ball-bat incidences.  But those are just college campuses – not REAL America.  But not until they got an Illinois Bernie Sanders campaigner to grab his rifle and pistol, and camp out in the nation’s capitol waiting for an opportunity, could they roll-around-in-glee in their newsrooms.

Someone FINALLY listened to their message.  And ACTED on it.

NORMAL Americans Pretty Much Ignore Lib Dem MSM….

The population of the US, in 2017, is 326,356,220 people.  Rachel Maddow has about 600,000 people watching her show on any given night.  Which means only 0.00184 percent of America watches her smirking.  99.99816 percent of Americans DO NOT WATCH THIS CRAP…

America has simply TURNED OFF THIS JUNK.

Apparently Rachel can’t even draw even a small percentage of the LGBT population, much less normal Americans.  And Rachel is the HIGHEST ranking liberal Democrat media person on National TV.

So Much for Racism…

The liberal MSM tries to portray a racial problem between whites and blacks.  Did anyone notice that one of the Capitol Police officers that shot and killed the lib Dem shooter was a black woman?

It doesn’t fit the MSM narrative, so MSM didn’t make a big deal about the fact that wounded in the gunfire exchange, Crystal Griner, shown in the photo below behind  Congressman Scalise is a black woman.  Griner, and the other officer had CHARGED the shooter, exchanging gunfire.  They GOT him, even while injured.

The Over Rated liberal Main Stream Media is a Tempest in a Teapot…

Laugh – Charles Blow oils his whole head to improve his appearance of contempt of conservatives. He probably took acting classes to perfect his sneer…

If you think about it MSM is so desperate they are, almost literally, trying to emulate homeless people ranting in a park to get attention, and a little money.

MSM has become a form of street theater.  NOT NEWS, but something else entirely, and the networks haven’t figured out YET that America doesn’t get all angry at them, nor complain about them.

99.99816 percent of Americans have just turned off the TV… 

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


5 thoughts on “Liberal Democrat “HATE” Media Finally Gets Their Wish – Republicans Shot in Washington…”

  1. Oy, how embarrassing, well although I share your sentiment of the MSM basically, I don’t share your arithmetic. Possibly I underestimate your intent to celebrate the MSM demise but it’s ‘only’ 99.18% of Americans, deplorable or other, who have shut off Maddow’s show… the other 0.82% still supposedly watch… rotfl at the idea that at least half of them do their grooming chores while Maddow slaves to smirk… ttyl

  2. Tim, I have to wonder if dividing Republicans vs Democrats really is a winning strategy in the War for Health choice. I have to imagine there are also Dems who don’t wish to see their children poisoned with defective outdated vaccines and likely Reps (Like Rep. Fox) who seem to me to be mentally ill concerning the subject. I myself am a Libertarian leaning Independent who sees a lot of sold out trash in both camps.

    Let’s hope Trump remains true to his pre-election agenda to really get to the bottom of why Big Pharm companies are allowed to sicken and kill children with defective vaccines in the name of profit. That really is the core issue. All Trump would have to say on the public stage is that taxpayers have shelled out over 3 billion dollars in claim costs to cover the dead and injured form these cheaply made, ill designed, untested vials of poison and that is simply unacceptable. These companies need to be held accountable to the tax payers and forced to produce a ‘greener’ vaccine. There is absolutely no reason to leave mercury and aluminum in these products other than that the makers of these poisons know it will sicken a large portion of those who take them and the very companies who sold the defective products will sell even more defective products to treat those they poisoned. What a CRIMINAL RACKET! It needs to stop, NOW.

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