Is This The End Of Vaccines?

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


While the media is having a field day reporting fake news, no real reporters (if there are any left) are covering the single most important medical issue of today.  Are vaccines the best way to deal with infectious diseases?

Right now, at the request of President Trump, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is organizing a way for responsible people to investigate the scientific fraud that is going on at the CDC regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  If you are unaware of this project, you might want to check out the press conference Kennedy held at the National Press Club recently that the mainstream press didn’t attend.

The real issue is that vaccines have never been the safest and the best way to deal with epidemic diseases.  How they became promoted as the great savior of humanity is largely an untold story until now.


Back in the old days, in the early 1600s, Frances Bacon, Chancellor of England, the fellow who coined the phrase “Knowledge is Power”, convinced the powers-that-be that a national academy of sciences should be established where “elite” scientists could be organized like a fraternity to determine official “truth” in the sciences.  This elite group would be provided with all the financial help needed so they could study the science of things and decree scientific “truth” as they saw fit.  They were to be isolated from ordinary citizens and any scientific issue that did not fit their version of “truth”, was to be condemned.  Thus, the Royal Society of London was established in 1660.

Sir Isaac Newton, who, these days, is considered one of the greatest scientific minds in history, once served as head of the Society.  He, indeed, made major contributions to official laws of science.  And, while Rene Descartes died before the Society was established, his ideas became bedrock for this “elite” group, as well.

Cambridge biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, in his book, Science Set Free, points out that the scientific “truths” of today, come directly from these “elites” and consist of 10 core beliefs that scientists today take for granted without question.  They are:

  1. Everything Is essentially mechanical. Dogs, for example, are complex mechanisms, rather than living organisms with goals of their own.  Even people are machines, “lumbering robots,” in Richard Dawkins’s vivid phrase, with brains that are like genetically programmed computers.
  2. All matter is unconscious. It has no inner life or subjectivity or point of view.  Even human consciousness is an illusion produced by the material activities of brains.
  3. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same with the exception of the Big Bang, when all matter and energy of the universe suddenly appeared.
  4. The laws of nature are fixed. They are the same today as they were at the beginning, and they will stay the same forever.
  5. Nature is purposeless, and evolution has no goal or direction.
  6. All biological inheritance is material, carried in the genetic material, DNA, and in other material structures.
  7. Minds are inside heads and are nothing but the activities of brains. When you look at a tree, the image of the tree you are seeing is not “out there,” where it seems to be, but inside your brain,.
  8. Memories are stored as material traces in brains and are wiped out at death.
  9. Unexplained phenomena such as telepathy are illusory.
  10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works.


In Paris, in the 1780s, a man named Franz Mesmer, an allopathically-trained doctor believed that, in addition to the mechanistic aspects of the human body touted by all the royal societies of Europe, there was something else. He described what he thought was an invisible magnetic “fluid” that flowed throughout all nature including the cosmos and the human body.  When there is an unequal distribution of this “fluid”, illness occurred and when equilibrium was restored, the person recovered.  He developed various techniques that could channel, store and convey this “fluid” to other people.   He called this “fluid” “animal magnetism” and his techniques “magnetic healing”.

Naturally, the-powers-that-be needed to stop him, particularly because Queen Marie Antoinette was one of his most ardent supporters and King Louis XIV was not too pleased.  In addition, Mesmer was the toast of pre-Revolutionary War Paris with associates suspected of being political agitators.

King Louis XIV convened a commission of “elite” scientists and medical experts to take a secret look at what Mesmer was talking about.  As they were all philosophically committed to believing the world was a predictable, material, tangible system measurable by long-believed standards of measurement, they were hoping to find something they could measure.  Since this “fluid” was invisible and not of the material world, they declared Mesmer a quack.  That there were thousands who claimed they had been healed by his methods, didn’t count.  Anecdotal information is not considered scientific evidence then or now by the standards of the “elite” “experts”.   Mesmer became a laughing stock in the press so he left Paris.

After the Revolution, the Academy of Berlin formally acknowledged the validity of Mesmer’s ideas and invited him to Berlin but he chose to stay in Switzerland where he died In 1815.

German allopath, Samuel Hahnemann had read about Mesmer’s work and it had provided the spark of an idea that turned into the philosophy and development of homeopathy.  Hahnemann understood Mesmer’s idea about a universal energy that flowed through the universe and through people as well.  He decided to call this energy the “vital force”.  Like Mesmer, Hahnemann saw that if this vital force was disturbed, a person could become ill and if he could develop medicines that were able to restore normal flow of this energy, the patient could be restored to health.

For the record, the Chinese call it Qi, the Ayurvedic doctors of India call it Prana.   20th Century quantum physicists Max Planck and Albert Einstein called this field of energy “The Matrix” and both of them acknowledged that a greater mind had created it, thus confirming a spiritual dimension to its existence in modern times.

D.D. Palmer, a deeply religious man, took up magnetic healing and by the end of the 1890s, established chiropractic, a system of healing that is based on the idea that there was an Innate Intelligence as he called this mysterious “fluid” that he thought flowed through the nervous system via the spine.  The idea was that spinal adjustments provided a way to free up the flow in the nervous system to restore health.  Chiropractors are taught that their profession evolved is from the work of Franz Mesmer.


It is important to note that here in America, our Founding Fathers knew all about Royal science and medical academies and had rejected them based on the advice given by leading allopathic doctor of the day and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Dr. Benjamin Rush:

 “To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science.  All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a republic.”

Thomas Jefferson, who practiced lay medicine like all Colonial Americans were encouraged to do, had strong opinions about the medical “truths” from Europe which he expressed often.

Considered one of the leading philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment, he had adamantly rejected the “scientific” justification for the use of mercury, lancing and bleeding pints and quarts of blood out of people because he believed they were based on some “fanciful theory of corpuscular attraction, of chemical agency, of mechanical powers……” some of which, he said, came and went like fashionable dresses from Paris.  Jefferson was convinced that eventually it was the common sense Americans that would lead the medical profession into sound principles that really helped heal patients.

While both Jefferson and Rush knew about Mesmer’s ideas, and disagreed with each other about their validity, they and the rest of the Founding Fathers would be appalled to find the medical monopoly we have in America today.


From an historical point of view, you have to keep in mind that in the 1800s, around the time vaccines were being developed, people in the poor parts of town lived in squalor.  There was no heat, running water or sanitary sewers.  People had barely enough to eat. One in seven Germans died of tuberculosis.

Consequently, epidemics of all kinds swept through this filth and, even today, we hear tales of high death rates that are used to scare us into supporting more and more vaccines.

By the middle of the century, as the Industrial Age was chugging full steam ahead, particularly in Europe, the financial means to clean up cities became available.   Public health officials started to make the connection that cleaning up the filth, providing running water, better food and better housing could contribute greatly to taming epidemics.

Meanwhile, the scientific “elite” were toiling in their laboratories and the big news of the day was that Louis Pasteur of France and Robert Koch of Germany were studying microbes to figure out how to invent patentable vaccines to kill them.  This lab work gave all the “elites” an opportunity to talk endlessly about their “fanciful biochemical theories” and which of the germ theories was their favorite. Chemical companies started perking up their ears as the prospect of patentable drug products that could spell major profits and international trade.  The public was entertained in the front pages of the press across Europe about all the excitement.

School children today are taught that both Pasteur and Koch are giants of science having saved the world from dread diseases.  However, nobody ever mentions that both of them were embroiled in accusations of fraud and they were both part of the public fight with the followers of Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homeopathy.

My mentor, Harris Coulter, in his book, Divided Legacy, Volume IV: A History of the Schism in Medical Thought – Twentieth Century Medicine, the Bacterial Era, covers, in detail, this race to develop successful vaccines.  A detailed technical account of this three-way battle Coulter describes is provided here: nd-homeopathy/

In a nutshell, both Pasteur and Koch were well aware of Homeopathy’s major successes. 

Consequently, each, in his own way, developed vaccines that were material in nature so they could be patented using what they thought were homeopathic principles.  Problem was, homeopathy is an energy medicine and its healing qualities are based on Mesmer’s idea that it’s the vibrations that matter.  They are non-toxic in nature unlike the allopathic vaccines, which had and still have all sorts of material ingredients that can cause harm.  In addition, homeopathy, as a practice is focused on strengthening the person’s entire body and spirit, and not in the business of trying to kill germs.

Meanwhile, in our times, after Pasteur’s last male heir donated his lab notes to Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, it was confirmed by Princeton Pasteur scholar, Gerald L. Geison, that Pasteur fudged the facts and couldn’t pass ethical or scientific muster on several of his key experiments.

Similarly, Koch wasn’t against a little fraud or two, either.  The introduction of his vaccine Tuberculin turned into a public disaster across Europe.  People got sick, lots of people died, and when Rudolf Virchow, now best known as the Father of Pathology, did autopsies on some of Koch’s victims, he found that the vaccine did not kill the targeted germ at all.  It just helped create a new disease.  The scandal was very public so to avoid having to answer to the screw up, Koch took his 16-year-old mistress to Egypt for a month to hide out.  He later was awarded the Nobel Prize for his body of work but never regained his reputation.


Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann posed a very dangerous challenge to the “elite” medical experts of the day.  He was not only a well-trained allopath, but he was a translator of medical discussions in several ancient and modern languages so he had a much broader understanding of medical thought than most other allopaths.  He left the practice of allopathy as he knew mercury and bleeding people was barbaric.  When Mesmer’s ideas became the talk of Europe, he instantly knew Mesmer was onto something.

As Hahnemann and his colleagues began to develop what have always been gentle-acting, non-toxic remedies based on physics, not chemistry, the public took note and consulted homeopaths in droves.  When the wives of allopaths even started to take their children to homeopaths, the war was on.

From the 1840’s onward, the public record as well as private medical notes of homeopaths in Europe, the US and in Latin America, put the “elite” mercury and bleeding allopathic doctors to shame.  From a chart I found on the net for a lecture on Homeopathy in Epidemics and Pandemics, there were some interesting historical statistics spanning nearly 200 years presented, including the first real test of homeopathy in England when the cholera epidemic hit in 1854.

Key here is that the House of Commons requested a report regarding the various methods of treating the epidemic. 

The first report stated that under allopathic care, the mortality rate was 59.2%. When a member of the House of Lords asked why no homeopathic figures were included, the answer was that such information would “skew the results”.  It turned out the homeopathic rate was only 9%.

 Another historical account of homeopathic successes in epidemics such as polio is posted on the website of the National Center for Homeopathy.

My favorite story, however, is the one told in Brass Tacks: Oral Biography of a 20th Century Physician It’s the biography of homeopathic physician John Renner.  In it, he tells the simple story about the flu epidemic of 1918 that killed millions worldwide.  He describes how the three famous retail stores in Chicago faired that drew worldwide attention during that horrible time.  Sears Roebuck and Marshall Field each lost several hundred employees to the epidemic while Montgomery Ward, which had a medical department staffed by homeopathic doctors, only lost eight employees.

Renner pointed out that the mortality rates among “regular” (meaning allopathic) doctors  was a loss of 20-40% of their patients while homeopaths, in general, lost no more than 5-6%.  News of this success was reported worldwide and a delegation from Holland actually came to Chicago to find out how Montgomery Ward did it.

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy offers a complete report of the spectacular successes of homeopathy throughout WWI in the US and in Europe during the great flu epidemic.  The irony of this story is that while our Founding Fathers had rejected the idea of establishing an official academy for scientific “elites” in favor of encouraging everyone to compete in a free market, times had changed.  The powers-that-be had asked Congress to create the National Academy of Science (NAS) in 1863.

From the beginning, the hatred felt by the allopathic doctors toward homeopathy was so strong, that if an allopathic doctor was suspected of even talking with a homeopath, he risked being kicked out of the local medical society and run out of business. By the 20th Century in America, Homeopathy was declared “unscientific” and practitioners were told they needed to “surrender to science” if they intended to stay in practice.  The brilliant successes of homeopathy during WWI and the flu epidemic came too late.  The powers-that-be had ordered all homeopathic medical schools to close.


I’ve talked to a number of chiropractors over the years who have told me of their personal successes during the polio epidemic of the 1950s.  Chiros do not believe in the germ theory and, as a profession, have collected evidence of spectacular success in a number of epidemics  starting with the flu pandemic after WWI. It was after their success with polio in the 1950s that the AMA formally organized a campaign to destroy chiropractic.  Caught in the act, chiros fought back and filed a Sherman anti-trust lawsuit (Wilk et al  vs the AMA et al) which was not settled until 1987.

So, that is the story about how vaccines became the centerpiece of the allopathic medical business. 

It was backed by the lavish financing from the pharmaceutical industry in all corners of public life.  As Adam Smith warned us in the Wealth of Nations:

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.”


As an historian, I have always focused my research on what actually happened and who the players were in the political climate when they lived.  This gave me the luxury of seeing how the flow of medical advances ended up in a total reliance on vaccinations as the only way to deal with epidemic diseases.  I have provided a brief account in the discussion above, and now I’d like to give you my checklist on where I think we need to go from here.

As a society, our worldview has changed dramatically over a very short time.  We are all fearful and angry about many aspects of our daily lives.  Worse yet, we have millions of kids who are sick and a lot of people with vested interests trying to avoid a serious investigation into what really caused this catastrophe.

I believe that with the crisis of autism, we, as a society, are being forced to re-evaluate the whole issue of vaccines.  My checklist below is based on good government, good science and good common sense.


Ban Pharmaceutical advertising in all media aimed at the general public.  According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Big Pharma advertising, these days, represents 70% of the income to news media.  This has silenced reporters from doing their job to investigate government misdeeds which includes silence on the mayhem at the CDC, the FDA and elsewhere regarding their roles in protecting, and being controlled by Big Pharma.


Eliminate  agency conflicts of interest that prompt the management to make decisions to protect the agency rather than act in the public good.  Digging up fraud at the CDC in an effort to find the truth about the safety and efficacy of vaccines is only part of the issue.  The FDA’s deplorable behavior regarding the dangers of dental amalgams is similar.

Eliminate private conflicts among those making decisions at these agencies.  There are indications that personnel making many key decisions may be feathering their own nests rather than looking out for the public good.

Create an agency climate that encourages researchers and management personnel to speak out if they have issues of concern.  Currently, at least at the CDC and possibly other agencies, there is an atmosphere of fear for whistleblowers to speak out.

CRADA – Research Run Amock

Examine and perhaps revamp the goals of the legislation that created the revolving door of CRADA that encourages research scientists and others to rotate between the public, academic and private sectors.  This appears to be an open invitation for conflicts of interest of all kinds, including influences on how Congress makes decisions.  This is the medical version of what Ike Eisenhour foresaw when he warned us we could become captives of the military’s technological elite thanks to government-directed and funded research.

National Academy of Medicine

This is the medical spinoff of the National Academy of Science created in 1863.  This academy is exactly what was created at the suggestion of Frances Bacon – to establish an “elite” fraternity of scientists to determine what is to be considered legitimate medicine.  It is this group that has created and promoted the allopathic-only medical system we have today and supports suppression of all other medical ideas.

It is unrealistic to believe that inviting a few non-allopathic experts into the fraternity would be of any help.  Max Planck, who discovered quantum physics, said, “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

The Need For A National Academy of Medicine Based on Non-Allopathic Scientific Truths

From left to right: Nobel Laureates Walther Nernst, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Robert A. Millikan and Max von Laue at a dinner given by Professor von Laue in Berlin, 11 November 1931.

Quantum Physicist, Max Planck pointed out that, “Both religion and natural science require a belief in God for their activities, to the former He is the starting point, and to the latter the goal of every thought process.  To the former He is the foundation, to the latter, the crown of the edifice of every generalized worldview.”

 Since the 1840s both here in America and Europe, the allopathic scientific community has denied the validity of the goals, practice and scientific basis of homeopathy, which was practiced by Hahnemann and his followers as Heilkunst Homeopathy, a complete system of healing based on what Mesmer was talking  about – and quantum physicists can verify today.


In the European Union, 15 countries have NO vaccine mandates and the other 14 may have one.  All EU countries do recommend vaccines and there is high compliance.  None appear to promote the 69 doses of 16 vaccines from day of birth to age 18 as we do here in the states.   It is important to note, also, here in America, 30 states have over 100 bills regarding repeal or protection of religious and personal belief exemptions are in legislatures right now.

Homeopathy – The Cuban Study

Capital building of Cuba 2011

Confronted with an epidemic of leptospirosis in 2007, an epidemic that followed the annual hurricane season in Cuba, the Cuban Ministry of Health decided to conduct a study on homeopathy in several provinces that season.  It was so successful that for the next 10 years they have used homeopathy on the entire 11 million Cubans.  The disease is basically considered eradicated so they no longer administer the remedy automatically.  The Cuban Ministry is now expecting similar results for dengue fever, “swine” flu, hepatitis A and conjunctivitis.

Interesting facts…

Homeopathic products can be produced in less than 2 weeks (compared to six months for vaccines)

Homeopathic products cost 2% of conventional vaccines

Homeopathic products are far more easily stored and administered than vaccines.

No vaccine medical journals would publish these findings despite the fact those conducting the leptospirosis trial had routinely published articles on prior vaccine studies.

Our Future Has Already Arrived

We are already living in a world far different than even 50 years ago.  As an historian I have noticed that the discovering of quantum physics in 1918, has trickled down to a topic in an array of bestselling books for the man in the street.  I’ve been enriched in my understanding of this brave new world by reading the works of Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton.

My life has been changed radically and for the better by attending several workshops of Joe Dispenza.   The idea that medicine would be forever stuck in 19th Century material science is ludicrous.  The problem is a political one where unraveling the layers of regulations and freeing up the system to allow for real progress in the worldview of medicine in the 21st Century is the issue.

DD Palmer

I often wonder what Franz Mesmer, Samuel Hahnemann or DD Palmer would say about the work of neuroscientist Joe Dispenza, a chiropractor who teaches people how to tap into the “fluid” to create miracles.

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyist

14 thoughts on “Is This The End Of Vaccines?”

  1. The history of orthomolecular medicine may not have as lengthy a tale but it has entirely similar episodes, continuing right up to this day. Also similarities exist in expense abating but no strange unexplained affiliation with quantum suspiciously-popularity-tangled anything. Especially ascorbate, aka C. Take it and it works at the right doses and the frequency, IV or oral or transdermal, all natural. And needed especially by humans as we are practically the only species whose liver does not make C and yet the need in emergencies is extremely large.

    Surely we do wish all of these options were openly ‘normal’ practice. In fact, there’s evidence that the earliest administration of IVC possible for a patient, does enhance their chances of survival, regardless of the injury or infection, toxin, intense inflammation, heart attack, drug withdrawal, pain, etc. Don’t you wish it were EMT there…?

  2. Great article – even if I don’t buy into homeopathy.

    But all you really need to say is:

    “if disease were one trillionth as dangerous and contagious as we have been led to believe then doctors would have the lifespan of a fruitfly.”


  4. MJ:
    I wrote the article to open the conversation about moving way from body parts medical thinking. We are not just dead meat with no mystical part of us that makes us alive. We are living spirits housed in a vessel. Harnessing our spirit to manifest our lives to the fullest we can and keeping our vessel up and running is all part of the package of being human beings.

    The problem with allopathy is that because it is basically an atheist-based philosophy, the remedies to heal the body do not take into consideration that “vibe” the makes us alive. Allopathy, by definition, works to suppress symptoms, not use them as clues to support and enhance life.

    Orthomolecular medicine, while its tech talk is chemistry and biology, its function supports life. My writing partner on some projects is Carolyn Dean For many years she was on the team that peer reviewed the papers published in the orthomolecular journal.

    As for the vitamin contribution to dealing with epidemics, I was also a friend of late Mayer Eisenstein, MD., who was very much into dietary supplements as a means of supporting the immune system instead of using vaccines.

    My purpose in sharing Joe Dispenza’s work is to open the idea that we all have healing powers if we learn to become conscious of our our spirit and how to use this consciousness to manage our lives more powerfully in all ways. Joe conducts his workshops as scientific experiments and collects the results in not just testimonials but by other more recognizable documentable scientific measurements of what is happening.

    Also, I keep on getting back to the politics of how vaccines became the main means of dealing with infectious diseases. It was pure politics from the beginning. It was about money and bragging rights to the owners of the patents and the gross national product for the countries where they were manufactured. Today, market analysts project that the vaccine industry will reach 48 Billion by 2021.

    From the Cuban study we learned that homeopathic products (not patentable) that wiped out at least one disease that had plagued Cuba, cost 2% of what vaccines would have cost. You do the math.

  5. OUTSTANDING article, succinct, brilliantly written. I shall post links to this article as often as i can.

    It is essential reading for those confused by the pretensions of our “science magisterium” and those who claim “inviolate” truth under its mantle.

    Thanks !
    James R. Pannozzi
    Acupuncture Physician (ret)

  6. To Elissa…
    Yes we are aware of your friend Dr Dean and her work plus we enjoy the work of Rupert Sheldrake, but until those quantum hilarities can do surgery, I’d suggest that some serious thought be focused on how to prosper through surgery.

    Don’t you agree, as homeopathy nor any spirit ideas can substitute for the knife and suture when you are hauled by helicopter to the nearest hospital after being extricated from your wrecked vehicle. Agreed? We need to define what ‘alternatives’ should be part of surgery, Intensive Care protocols and the Emergency Room servicing…

    Your future missed that idea but we look forward to your open minded exploration of such visions.

  7. MJ:

    Before homeopathy was destroyed in America, homeopathic physicians did do surgery. Because they had homeopathic remedies that stopped bleeding, they didn’t have to use blood transfusions, for example. I know friends who have had surgeries whose bodies healed in record time because of homeopathic remedies they used that help the body to heal more efficiently.

    If I ran things, I’d have Rescue Remedy on every ambulance in America. One of the most damaging aspects of accidents is the shock that happens that amplifies the damage.

    I had an experience with a little old lady I was staying with right after my husband died. She fell and broke her leg. Because I had been taught a little emergency trick to help people not go into shock I was able to help her gain control of the situation by using her own mind. I whispered into her ear that help was on the way and that her body was already doing things to help her heal. I then asked her various questions about where it hurt, not as a panic situation but a means for her to keep control of the situation and see that she was basically intact. By the time the ambulance came, I had been able to get a full report on every place it hurt to tell the EMTs and she and I were having a lovely time talking about her trip to Italy when they arrived.

    This became an interesting situation the next day when she went into surgery. She was a 95 year old lady and the surgeon couldn’t figure out why she just had a simple break in a big bone an no surrounding damage. That is the power of using one’s mental focus to help the body.

    There is a quantum physicist named Amit Goswami who wrote a book called The Quantum Doctor who describes how homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and allopathy all have assets and could gain a great deal from understanding quantum physics as it is today. Being able to use the power of each as needed is what I hope can evolve. Goswami called this medical system Integral Medicine and as an Indian, he knows his country is not the allopathic-only kingdom we have here. Lots of places have no prejudice against non-allopathic systems of healing.

    My beef with the American medical industry is that it drove out of existence homeopathy and other natural healing arts to protect Big Pharma and other corporate entities that run the system.

    Also, my interest in writing articles of this kind is to educate people on what happened and why we have such a costly system and have poorer outcomes than the rest of the world. As I have said before, we are in a different world than we were before and our medical system needs to catch up.


  8. No cigar for the quantum ‘explanation’ now that i’ve explored its absent math and its perpetrators…

    Besides your referenced Amit Goswami — his history leads to Gary Zukov and Jack Sarfatti… AND their AGENDA, as described in this quote from wikipedia………
    — quote —
    There is now a new revolution brewing in quantum mechanics that can be divided into three periods.

    The first quantum revolution was from 1900 to about 1975.

    The second quantum information/computer revolution was from about 1975 to 2015. The early part of this story is told by MIT Professor David Kaiser in his award-winning book how a small group of Berkeley/San Francisco physicists triggered that second revolution.

    The third quantum revolution is how an extension of quantum mechanics has led to the understanding of consciousness as a natural physical phenomenon that can emerge in many material substrates not only in our carbon-based biochemistry. In particular, this new post-quantum mechanics will lead to naturally conscious artificial intelligence in nano-electronic machines as well as extending human life spans to hundreds of years and more. This development is not far off and is fraught with opportunities and dangers, just like uranium nuclear power and genetic engineering.
    —— end quote —–

    As for your mysterious powers in the broken leg story, that’s easily seen to be a form of hypnotism.. as you may agree, hypnosis does not ‘belong’ in current medical circles. Nor does it involve swinging pendulums when practiced. The best book to explore it IN THE CONTEXT OF MEDICAL SCIENCE… is Dr Robert O. Becker’s series of books on the analog electrical systems in the body… my favorite is CrossCurrents…. Don’t you agree that medical science patiently needs better control of anesthesia, which Becker does amazing things for, by reversing the brain’s polarities… front to back, positive to negative… but only on his prototypical salamanders, yet his successes were disallowed further grant money… openly wondering about WHY… the usual of course…

    As for the control of bleeding in surgical venues using homeopathics… that surely requires a buildup of body resources that would not be openly seen in the situation of a severe car wreck, like my own sister’s (hit nearly head on by a driver doing texting)… My sister’s leg was in more than ten pieces and her daughter (an ObGyn) was able to bring in a highly qualified surgeon… Don’t you agree that homeopathy was never meant to be for surgery and surely would never be able to handle bleeding instantly at the wreck site using IV on an thoroughly unconscious victim?

    In contrast IV-C would definitely serve that purpose, UNTIL they got to the operating table, at which point the problem with anesthesia raises its ugly head since the C would clean out those brain toxins…. OY…. so prep for surgery end the IV-C and selection of anesthesia would be complicated…….

    In further contrast, use of ambulances with HBOT chambers would immediately quench bleeding as was done for the religious groups that refused blood transfusion… why not us???? Hospitals in Japan, Russia and now maybe China all have extensive use for hbot….. why not us?? usual FDA… favoring their drug allies

    As for Rescue Remedy, we suggest that those people who swear by it could be so supplied as it appears that its benefits are rescuing homeopathy using a form of hypnosis triggering … since we find no benefit from it in our work calming cats in our own cat rescue work… involving a lot of anxiety… in fact the whole idea of the remedy for fear being in a bottle is classic Jack Daniels, as you may agree would be difficult if all they were allowed was ‘sniffing’… rotfl.. whew.. such serious addictions alcohol and opioids are also territories for orthomolecular medical research… based on the work of various of the founders……

    As for the other ‘mysteries’ that seem to support your attack on the existence of ‘infectious disease’ as a reality, we shall abstain from showing the transplanting of microbes from one sick person to a healthy one and watching the disease take hold if the amounts were adequate…. why should we always demonize the microbes we share our existence with, when their balancing is what we need… think probiotics… or even more dramatic is the reverse transplanting of healthy gut microbes into the gut of dying c-Diff patients in order to out-compete the c-Diff and save the patient…..


  9. I just saw an article at the Orthomolecular Medical newsletter that was extremely specific on dose, timing (pre-shot as well as post-shot) and forms of C to use with children whose parents are unable to claim any exemption or delay further… by a parent whose child had an earlier severe vax reaction and how she managed to put C rapidly into service when she saw the reaction without realizing how much C to use originally…

    More details on other age groups and the effect on immunization are also there, courtesy of Dr Thomas E. Levy, MD JD (Curing the Incurable), and others.. Best as always…

  10. MJ:

    In response to your various comments.

    1. Your worldview comes from the need to “prove” stuff using a checklist of calculations and other rules of the road you learned in an academic setting. My worldview comes from a more simple approach. What am I observing? And, did it work? The details of how it worked is of only marginal interest to me.

    2. The broken leg story I provided I don’t think you can call hypnosis. I was not taking control of her mind. I was redirecting her thoughts leaving her in full control of her faculties. She was in crisis. If she stayed in crisis for very long, her body would go into shock which, in itself, is very damaging. I told her two truths. a.) Help was on its way (we’d called 911) b.) Her body was already healing (also true).

    I then asked her to help me assess any other injuries so we could make a full report to the EMT people and I proceeded to ask her about each of her arms, her head, her other leg, could she move her feet, etc. This gave her control of what was happening. When we’d finished the inventory, we then started to talk about her lovely trip to Italy while we waited.

    Interestingly, when the ambulance arrived, the EMPs raced into the room all huffing and puffing and demanded that I get out of their way so they could do their work. They scared me. I told them in the calmest yet firmest voice I could muster that I would not get out of their way until they calmed down. I then proceeded to make the report of the old lady’s status. By then her son, a nurse with ambulance experience, arrived and took over, grateful how I had handled things. I was quite shaken by the EMP’s behavior and had to leave the room to gather my wits.

    In conversations later with guys who had been medics in Vietnam, the whole issue was that those who were wounded in action often lived or died based on how the medic responded to the injury. If the medic acted confident that it was a no brainer, the patient had a better chance of survival no matter how gory the injury was.

    If you really want to dig into mind/body stuff at warp speed, check out I’ve attended several of Joe’s workshops and travel in circles that know his work well. There are hundreds of testimonials on his website and on Youtube and he measures people’s body reactions during his meditations as a well-monitored scientific research project. True healing happens and there are several examples of healing even genetic issues.

    3. The homeopathic bleeding thing. Homeopaths are not in favor of blood transfusions for all manner of reasons. Historically, whether as surgeons or GPs, they have remedies that quite literally stop major flows of blood pretty quickly. In the case of an ambulance situation, of course, putting pressure on to stop bleeding is a good idea. Don’t know what else EMPs do in ambulances, but a quick squirt of a homeopathic tincture or a fast-dissolving tablet in the mouth would do wonders. Mind you, I doubt methods of inquiry via biochemistry could explain HOW it worked as it is about dealing with the vital force, a nonphysical aspect of human life not measurable by allopathic science. THAT it works has been known for over 200 years.

  11. Great article Tim. I did not know all this stuff but also you never mention the Rockefellers or the Carnegie/Flexner report which was instrumental in closing down all other modalities in America except for allopathic. Or did I miss it in speed-reading?

  12. This is an excellent illuminating article. My only point of disagreement is to assume that any human organization can effect change. I agree with Eric Hoffer who said, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and turns into a racket”. It is the constant vigilance of those who see truth, speak truth and live truth who truly change the world for the better. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” As long as there are people whose life’s purpose is to enrich themselves from the misery and ignorance of others there will be the need for people to witness to truth and lead their fellow humans out of their greedy grasp.

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