In Texas (2) – Feds Spit On Barrett’s Claims About Austin’s CARE Clinics…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Stephen Barrett and his masters and minions are REALLY IN BIG TROUBLE.  They put together a coordinated  attack on cutting-edge Autism testing and treatment – and it failed – and now it is coming back on them.

Proceeding on information provided by Barrett and his sleazy cronies, in July of 2009 Federal investigators, including the FBI and the IRS, acting under a Federal Search Warrant, raided CARE Clinics in Austin, Texas seizing 250 boxes of records, including patient records.  The warrant claimed they were looking for evidence of health fraud and insurance fraud.  The clinic was using the following Protocol.

Last Week, April 7th, 2011 to be exact, a US Justice Department Attorney, Mark Lane, notified the clinic’s attorney, Rick Jaffee, that the investigation was over and that no charges would be sought.  He told them to come and pick up those two hundred fifty (250) boxes of records seized in that July 2009 raid.

This action represents a major defeat for Stephen Barrett, and his network, who were clearly behind the attack.  In a minute I am going to let you read all of Barrett’s submitted paperwork, but before you see it I want to point out some things you will see.  More, I will point out things you DO NOT see.  But let’s start with a few introductory paragraphs from Barrett’s unsuccessful Complaint to the Texas Medical Board:

Note, above, the last so-called problem “Insurance Fraud…”  Then Barrett says:

Remember that Barrett is neither a practicing doctor nor an attorney, so he has NO professional knowledge of any of these things.  And, carefully note that, both the Texas Medical Board and the official US Health Fraud Task Force examined Barrett’s complaints, and found no cause for prosecution.  Continuing:

The Feds examined ALL of these complaint issues, and found none of them to be a problem…  So did the Texas Medical Board.

Jesus Caquias MD, the doctor for CARE Clinics, had had six complaints filed against him to the Texas Medical Board (TMB).  All six had been filed by Stephen Barrett.  Caquias, in his response, used what he called “The Bolen Defense,” in that he used my research on Barrett to completely discredit Barrett’s complaints.  It worked.

What you WILL SEE in the complaint:

Barrett, instead of filling out the Texas Medical Board Complaint Form, used a cute little “Quackwatch” stamp he had made in a Stationery Store.  He put a hand written note that said “see attached letter.”  Note the quavering signature (important).  Then he attached a long typed complaint letter with an attached copy of CARE Clinics’ brochures.

What you WILL NOT SEE in the complaint:

Barrett signs the Complaint using the “MD” designation without indicating that he, in fact, does NOT have a license to practice in any State.  Nor does he indicate that, in fact, the US Court system has formally declared him to be “biased, and unworthy of credibility.”  No where in the Complaint does he indicate that he has no expertise about the subjects he discusses.

What I think Actually Happened…

I DO NOT think Barrett wrote the typed-out Complaint.  I think someone else did – someone from a health insurance company, or from another part of the quackbuster network.  It is my suspicion that Barrett, for some time, has been mentally and physically unable to act in his old role, and that that old role is now being filled by an unseen, at this time, backup team – one that has been there all along, but now, completely, does the daily work.

Why is this important?  Because, in the Doctor’s Data v Stephen Barrett, Federal Court case in Chicago, Barrett’s legal team are DESPERATE to keep Barrett away from Doctor’s Data’s attorneys in a Discovery setting, where they can question Barrett.  I think that that a video-taped Deposition of Barrett would be very revealing in that it would come out that Barrett is not now, and has not been for some time, mentally or physically capable of writing any article, nor maintaining neither the websites nor the SEO system that brings those articles to the first pages of search engines.

In Summary…

As usual, Stephen Barrett, or whomever is really organizing this crap, filed complaints, then published those complaints on his websites. You can read the entire Complaint (texas barrett complaint documents).  Barrett, et al, are being sued for these exact activities in the Doctor’s Data v Stephen Barrett, et al Federal Court case in Chicago.  Neither the Texas Medical Board nor the Federal prosecutors bought into the substance of Barrett and cronies claims

So much for Barrett’s  “assisting government” legal argument.  Two major government agencies, both officially in the business of deciding health care issues, have found NO MERIT to Barrett’s Autism treatment claims.

More, the actions by these two agencies, mark an APPROVAL of the CARE Clinics Protocol.


2011 simply is not Stephen Barrett’s good year.  He has been severely humiliated one more time, already, in 2011, and it is only April.  And, there are still eight more months to go.  Much more, I think, is going to happen to him – and he won’t like any of it.

And, neither will his masters and minions.

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate