Ill Wind In Illinois… For Quackpot Barrett

Good triumphs over Evil – one more time…

Quackpots all over North America have to be gritting their teeth in anger, suffering the embarrassment of their leader’s NEWEST defeat.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Stephen Barrett, who brags he’s written 49 books, and declares he’s “an expert in the fields of peer review. psychotherapy, fraudulent health claims, the scientific standards for proof of health claims, and the ‘alternative’ health marketplace,” was, this week LAUGHED OUT OF an Illinois court.

Illinois Judges, apparently, aren’t impressed with Barrett’s questionable self-proclamations. They threw his court claims against Health Freedom Activist Owen Fonorow STRAIGHT INTO THE TRASH CAN. Illinois 18th Circuit Court Judge Hollis Webster, this last week DISMISSED Barrett’s claims against Fonorow – with some STRONG language…

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Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate