Hulda Clark’s 4/21/04 Letter to Tim Bolen…

Dear Tim,

You were asking about news from Mexico. Here it is: or should I say “Here’s the news from one arm of the Mexican contingent of cancer researchers.”

I know you have more readers than I ever could have, so if I want people to know about this, your websites and newsletters are the best.

Our former patients, at Century Nutrition, are currently being called by FDA investigators to tell them that they, the FDA, are doing a criminal investigation of me. Some, or all, get questionnaires to fill out (about 5 or 6 pages) and at the end, there is room for comments.

Well, are those patients angry! Many threw away the questionnaires, tore them up or torched them. I would like them, the former patients, to know that they should answer the questionnaire, and be totally truthful. We have nothing to hide, and everything to gain, by telling the truth, as clearly, and concisely, as possible.  This new investigation of my activities is sure to benefit all of us in Mexico because the FDA is going about it the right way.

To my former patients, I say: 

Here’s our chance to tell it “as it is” in Mexico. They want to know “why” you came to Mexico – so answer them.  Fill all the pages, tell what you think about the treatment you got in the USA, how you were deceived into thinking that your bone marrow transplant, or you new gene, was the way out of the death sentence handed to you. Tell how your insurance company was deceived and defrauded that same way.

Tell them what you told me in your first fax, if you still have it. If you don’t, I might still have it and could send it you. Most people described how they were diagnosed a few years ago, how they did everything their doctor told them, dutifully and carefully, every recurrence was treated successfully, and now your doctor says its all back and there’s nothing more they can do, call Hospice. You didn’t want to call Hospice. Why didn’t they tell you it would lead to this while you still had a chance to search for alternative treatment?

The whole cancer industry is a huge deception. I hear it 20 times a day by fax, letter, and email. That’s what has driven the Mexican arm of research. Every doctor in Mexico tries to SUCCEED. They don’t just crank the wheel of a protocol that moves from chemo to surgery, to radiation and back again. It is an impoverished system that does not utilize its own researcher’s results.

You couldn’t count the breakthroughs that have been reported in the US press every year for a decade! And none of them placed on the doctor’s desk, as freebees, to give to the patients like the new drugs are.  More than 100 breakthroughs are described in Ralph Moss’s book on Cancer Therapies. Every former patient should read it. And my advice is to use every breakthrough that fits your situation.

Every doctor in Mexico tries to cure you, no matter what it takes, and if their treatment does not, you are encouraged to try a different one without delay. There are 100 things to try. The more you try, the better your chances. Why aren’t we integrated into some combination of treatments? Maybe that time will come. The poverty of this country makes such enterprises unfeasible now.

Tim, I invited the person in charge, I believe, of my investigation, to visit us and to come without announcement if so desired. We would enjoy discussing and displaying our technology, our patient’s results and anything of interest. They could even talk to the patients themselves. I asked each patient to write a 1 page summary about themselves. They are ready and ask me every day when our “guests” are coming. Soon, I say. And now we are waiting.

Tim, please add what you think is important. Correct mistakes for me please. And let my attorneys know about the wonderful response I am getting to the FDA questionnaire.

Thank you,

Hulda Regehr Clark PhD

Tijuana, Baja California


If people want to send me their answers, I will certainly read them, and thank you in advance.