Homoeopathy – the Death Knell for Big Pharma?

From Germany by Karma Singh

The viciousness and thoroughness of the campaign which the pharmaceutical cartel has been running world-wide for many years against homoeopathy must, inevitably, lead one to question, “What are they so afraid of?” To find the answer to this, we need only look at where homoeopathy came from.

A German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, was much troubled by the common experience of his time that pharmaceuticals would often cure the illness but kill the patient. He closed his practise for some years and devoted his labours to finding out why this should be and whether the problem could be solved. He succeeded in both endeavours.

What Hahnemann discovered was that it was the corrective information impulses which were curing the disease and the chemical carriers which were killing the patient. He, therefore, set about trying to separate the informational corrections from the chemical carriers. In this endeavour, he also succeeded. Although many have refined and expanded the knowledge, it is to Hahnemann that we owe our thanks for this enormous breakthrough.

Now, pharmaceuticals started out life as a small “side business” of the chemical manufacturers. At that time, it was seen as just a small, additional market for their chemicals. If, however, as Hahnemann had shown, the chemicals were not only unnecessary but also highly detrimental to health then this area of profit could dry up completely. The chemical manufacturers, which later became IG Farbenindustrie – the financiers and promoters of Adolf Hitler and Helmuth Kohl – set to work both to reduce the toxicity of their pharmaceuticals but also to begin a propaganda campaign against homoeopathy; a campaign which is still running today.

What we must grasp is that homoeopathy is the ultimate refinement of pharmaceutical medicine which has isolated the effective part of medication and eliminated that which causes all the deaths and disablement.

Pharmaceuticals are not only unnecessary but actively detrimental to healing. Now do you understand why the pharmaceutical manufacturers are so afraid of homoeopathy?

The three main arguments which the pharma-cartel has pushed against homoeopathy are:-

(1)  The human body is a chemical machine; if something goes wrong with it then some chemical must be missing. In homoeopathy, there are no chemicals present and so there can be no effect.

(2)  Homoeopathy is a placebo.

(3)  If you are injured, homoeopathy is not going to sew up your wounds or fix your broken bones.

Argument number 1 contains no element of truth whatsoever:

Your body is not a self-replicating machine but an expression of your own unique consciousness. Your body is an expression of your beliefs and your desires. It is this which makes it possible for any properly trained man or woman to take one look at you and to know your life-style and habits. Doctors are deliberately trained to believe that this is not possible and that they must use expensive and complicated machines to “see” the obvious. Nonetheless, their machines are so crude in comparison with natural human abilities that an absolute minimum of 40% of all diagnoses are incorrect.

It is the information which your consciousness chooses that determines what happens in your physical body. This is why homoeopathy is so effective – it delivers correcting information without adding any additional strain onto your body.

Argument number 2 relies upon their definition of placebo.

The pharma cartel has spent and continues to spend enormous amounts of money to create and maintain a belief that placebo means false or illusory healing. But this is not what it means at all! In point of fact, the placebo effect is that which offers very hard evidence that pharmaceuticals don’t work at all! Hence their efforts to plant a distorted meaning into your mind.

I go into both of these in much more detail in my latest book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” available at  www.tprip.com

Argument number 3 is, of course, completely spurious.

Physical wounds are the proper area of competence of allopathic medicine. From their beginning as the Roman military first aid service to get wounded soldiers back into the line, this has been their only true area of competence.

Homoeopathy can offer a great deal of help by reducing shock and speeding up healing processes but it is up to allopathic medicine to sew up the wounds, fix the broken bones and manage the life-support machines.

Now, you might well ask,

“Where did the “medicines” which the pharma-cartel purveys originate?” From the folk-healers, bards, merlins and wise women is the answer. These had long ago developed techniques to alleviate or reduce symptoms in order to buy time for a healing process. That is all that they were and are; remedies to buy time. If, however, the healing process is never initiated, then the sufferer could be sold the self-same remedy over and over again until he/she dies. This is pharmaceutical medicine; remedies to buy time for the healing process which is never delivered. Pharmaceuticals started out as natural herbs etc. which were then “improved” chemically so that they could be called proprietary medicines and ownership established. As laws changed, these then became patentable. The original plants from which they came could, of course, not be patented and so the pharma-cartel has also been waging war for many decades against herbal medicine. It’s all about money and nothing else; “it should only be possible to buy their products and all else should be forbidden”.

Following the Papal Bull of 1484 which declared a pogrom against the wise women because the rural folk went to them for help and advice instead of to the ignorant catholic priests, the Papal See did a deal with those purveyors of remedies, the self-styled “Doctors of Medicine” to have them proclaimed as the God appointed healers and everything else to be a “work of the Devil”. To this day, many doctors of medicine comport themselves as if they were deities. Pharmaceutical medicine originated out of purveyors of quack nostra combined with the Papacy’s political ambitions to control everyone’s life in Europe. Not much has changed.

What has changed, however,

…is a number of things not the least of which is that large numbers of people are waking up and questioning the status quo. Supporting this is a constant steam of discoveries in the new sciences of epigenetics and quantum biophysics both of which state categorically that it is information and not chemicals which decide. This is why pharmaceutical medicine clings to a 400 year old, disproven hypothesis of how the world works instead of adopting quantum physics as all other sciences have done. It is modern science which shows just why homoeopathy is so effective and why pharmaceuticals could never be.

It is clear even to Rockefeller (whose family, we should note, never use pharmaceuticals but only homoeopathy) and the other self-appointed members of the “council of Gods” who own the pharmaceutical industry that their days are numbered. Their only hope of staving off bankruptcy in the near future is to have everything else banned and pharmaceuticals made compulsory. You will, undoubtedly have noticed that this is exactly what they have been about for the last several years.

Just to give one shining example:-

in 1918 & 1919 when Spanish Flu was ravaging the world, the survival and cure rate in homoeopathic hospitals was more than four times that in pharmaceutical hospitals. So, if you got Spanish Flu, your survival chances were nearly five times as high with homoeopathy as with pharmaceutical medicine. Nothing has changed here. Homoeopathy is many times more effective at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Now you understand why the pharma-cartel is so afraid of homoeopathy.

From Germany by Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

12 thoughts on “Homoeopathy – the Death Knell for Big Pharma?”

  1. Fact… the homeopaths favoring use of toxins as the foundation for their construction of water-immitations, nothing quantum needed, is how the pharmaceutical industry will succeed in using homeopathy to produce homeopathic versions of their toxins…. already being done with some chemo drugs……

    We’ll save the debate on the limits of the allopaths in accidental injuries for another time…. we want hbot and ivc in those instances with the instantaneous arrival of EMTs, wouldn’t you?

  2. Awesome article Karma! There’s more to the story regarding the decision by the UK “single payer” to stop paying for homeopathy on a “risk/benefit” basis, and FDA wanting to follow. Here’s a link to that history and to the objections Dr. Rima and I filed with FDA regarding FDA’s attempt to restrict the practice to only those remedies that existed a couple generations ago through the HPUS grandfathering law. All new developments are to be considered unapproved drugs subject to an impossible “risk/benefit” standard.


    Meanwhile I am watching “enhanced” FDA regulation develop with regard to a state-of-the-art homeopathic pharmacological facility where I am a GMP consultant. The agency just doesn’t want to understand what energetic remedies are. So, for example, the agency is concerned about a Bella Donna product because there is no test that will show that the product is not just water. No test [acceptable to FDA] to measure the energy signature. Therefore “placebo.” Catch 22.

  3. As a homoeopath, I would like to say you are right, Karma, but I’m afraid you are over egging the pudding.

    The reason why we have data on the homoeopathic treatment of the Spanish Flu epidemic is because in the second half of the nineteenth century, homoeopathy was the mainstream in the US. In 1919, there were still lots of homoeopathic physicians practising and supplying statistics on their treatment of the Spanish flu to local health boards, but by the 1930s, the AMA had all but destroyed homoeopathy.

    Certainly, from the 1970s onwards, homoeopathy saw a huge resurgence, but from here in the UK, it does look as if the boom is over. When our National Health Service was created after World War 2, homoeopathic hospitals were part of the system. Now, they are all but dead. Since most local health authorities refuse to fund homoeopathic treatment, the hospitals are simply unable to survive. Likewise, several UK homoeopathic colleges have closed over the past few years.

    Although the late nineties saw the WHO calling for homoeopathy to be integrated into national medical systems, almost everywhere this has failed to happen. Even in India, a country which took homoeopathy to its heart thanks to its encouragement by Gandhi, big pharma is trying to chip away at a highly efficient and effective homoeopathic system.

    To my knowledge, at least two scientific Nobel Laureates support homoeopathy. Brian Josephson has stated that scientists are perfectly at liberty to criticise homoeopathy, provided they make it clear that they are giving personal, not scientific, opinions. Sadly, he is held in contempt by much of the UK scientific community. Luc Montaigner, whose work with the aids virus earned him his Nobel prize, has stated that his taking up of a teaching post in China was influenced by ‘the increasing intolerance of science in the west’. With this in mind, the appalling treatment of the late Jacques Benveniste by the English speaking scientific world was both utterly deplorable but also indicative of the determination to keep up the illusion that there is no scientific evidence for homoeopathy.

    There are the odd bright spots. Cuba’s use of homoprophylaxis rather than vaccination to prevent the annual leptospirosis epidemic is one of them. Homoeopathy becoming part of the Swiss medical insurance system is another, but sadly, pharmaceutical medicine is again reasserting itself in the English speaking world and elsewhere. Will it destroy homoepathy? Probably not, but although it pains me to have to say it, I suspect that pharmaceutical medicine has rather less to fear from homoeopathy than you suggest.

  4. Reading your court case linked, Ralph, i was disappointed that the ‘citation’ [of a supposed law written in some nebulous past had defended homeopathy from ever being tormented as pharmaceuticals are] was just a vacuous label… that would be so interesting if you would post that.

    Second, i think homeopathy should be able to defend its prescribing if the patients were diagnosed first by an allopath and then assigned to one or the other treatment — allopath or a homeopathic PROGRAM which individualizes that patient’s root cause care with a homeopathic nosode or whatever…

    The AMA/FDA would have run into the SAME IDEA in the Functional medicine claims of cure in which Dr Dale Bredesen is selling as a latest computer PROGRAM of diagnostics and related treatments for alzeheimers… compared to the standard of care results for alzheimers…

    Bredesen takes the ALZHEIMERS patient and does his own PROGRAM of tests and related treatments, and then has a comparison with the results of a comparable group being given the standard of care treatments. But his ‘cure’ is the PROGRAM…

    Bredesen’s patients don’t get the same treatment as each other, just as homeopathic care individualizes care…

    And so i don’t see how you need to go to such lengths as trendy and buzzword defenses… people’s fraud alert instincts go on when presented with a bunch of buzzwords to intimidate the public… I see no math in your approach for quantum anything needed. TTYL


  5. Good morning Gentlemen?
    the points you make are interesting – apart form the last paragraph in your first comment, MJ Raichyk where your use of acronyms which may be current in your locality renders it generally unintelligible just as is your closing acronym in your second comment.

    All of you, however, miss the one salient point:-
    The changes in human consciousness mean that the obeisance to “authority” is rapidly evaporating, i.e. individual people are making the decisions themselves. We should not concern ourselves at all with trying to “correct” authority but must focus our efforts in explaining to individual end users just exactly why homoeopathy (and other procedures) are so much better. This is always the purpose of the articles I write and treatments that I offer.
    The simple facts of the matter are that once you have experienced homoeopathy or any other modality, you don’t go back to allopathy because you then KNOW what is best.

    And yes, the pharma-cartel is almost in a blind panic about homoeopathy because, once people in very large numbers realise that it is so much better, the pharma cartel is finished.

    So please, ladies and gentlemen, focus your efforts where they’re going to do the most good. Don’t write “scientific” papers or legal theories; just tell it like it is to those who need it! ALL of my books and handbooks are written for the end user – I have never written anything for a “science” journal. Now you know why.

    Blessed be


  6. Ah yes the ‘changes in the human consciousness’, well maybe that would explain the jihadis running about Germany as well, eh? more buzz words……

    And most people do not find hbot as unintelligible as you’d like to see happen… and europe is a hotbed of that hyperbaric oxygen tech and higher pressures are authorized there as well compared to what the FDA allowed here.

    The questioning of authorities is coming about because of the exposure of the mainstream media’s and politicians’ pretty-talk lies in comparison to citizen journalists’ hard work, not buzzwords. It’s that exposure that is making the frankensteins afraid and dangerous to actual people making headway as we’ve seen in current suiciding of otherwise healthy, patient people.

    Best as always

  7. I opine that the argument to focus on treating our patients well being entoto is apriori; however, the issue of whether Homeopathy acquires a seat at the table of healthcare resides on the group, the culture’s, acceptance.

    All aspects of any group are the result of the political conflict resolution between its demagogues and rationalists. Thus far history has demonstrated that meritocracy loses in favor of political authority always driven by who controls commerce.

    Commerce in the last couple of millennium is controlled by the bankers, the cent4al banking systems, the Swift bank, etc. Big PHARMA wins & all else loses.

    While our focus remains that of our patients, Homeopathy and Herbal medicine status awaits the time for the to big to fail bloated with debt financial institutions to implode, which will allow for a reboot in thought of just how we approach commerce in a different manner.

    Until that time we are islands of medical magic and magic lives so long as one believes. I believe in magic.

    Rock n roll forever

  8. …and while we see that Ralph is here, we need to look at more feedback on that case he posted for Fundly support… any news on the likely judge and history of that court’s justice record.

    The emerging total at Fundly is not going far, unfortunately… is that because so much focus was on the election mess up, or something else. I heard nothing coming from those i relayed the idea to… why…

    It looked promising as a case with a neat twist that exposed the key to the insurance industry’s total lack of financial sense in choosing what to compensate, when the data is pretty clearly not favoring the current AMA standard of practice ideas.

    Maybe there is no hope of reaching the financial brains of the insurance industry since people don’t have a clue on a company that favors better treatments. And most get their coverage through employment or similar remoteness from choosing.

    Is there a database or two of the offices of practitioners who are mostly outside the insurance blockade and they would post such a Fundly invitation in their waiting rooms and at the desk where payments are settled, as well as pitch in?

  9. The real Truth is hidden …follow the dead bodies and you will find the Truth! Elite and Bug Pharma murder their opponents…!!!

  10. Firstly to MJ Raichyk,
    the fact that you and a few of your friends might know what hbot and other acronyms mean does, unfortunately for you, not make them universally intelligible. You need to exercise much more care in your choice of language and, especially, you use of acronyms. It is, of course, well known to me that certain parts of the American culture have a predilection for such; this does, however, NOT mean that everyone else in the world follows suit.

    Then we come to you very silly assertion that the flood of immigrants into Germany is an expression of extended consciousness: Of course it isn’t, it’s the attempt by the bankers through their stooge George Soros to create as much chaos as possible BECAUSE the general consciousness of the German people is rising.

    To call Europe a “hotbed of that hyperbaric oxygen tech” is a massive exaggeration – most people over here have never even heard of it.

    Finally, the MSM / politician’s lying has become apparent BECAUSE human consciousness is rising. When is yours going to start?

    Nice in political theory, Isali, but in the real world it just doesn’t hold water. People make choices based upon their own needs and suggestions from trusted friends. Rationalists and demagogues never enter into their considerations. It is only rationalists and demagogues who think that they are important – almost nobody else does.

    Further, and to M, we are now well into the age of community in which change is brought about by the decisions of large numbers of individual people. Help them to make workable decisions, ignore the institutions from the bygone age of materialism, teach only that which works whilst never mentioning that which does not and you can speed up this process.

    Blessed be


  11. Very well written, thoughtful article. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. It is the time for the people to come to power. And it’s so good to see that we are.

  12. Ralph Fucetola says the FDA aren’t interested in even working on belladonna because they think it’s just water. How about we offer some of these regulators and others who don’t think there is anything other than water in a homoeopathic remedy a dose of something in a 30c potency, say, or whatever potency would be best to prove the point, and let those people observe what physical changes they notice to themselves. I’m sure there is a better remedy to choose to do such a test, which is just the basis that Hahnemann used for his initial provings. By choosing the right remedy to do such a test one would very quickly underline the point that homoeopathy is efficacious.

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