Hell Hath No Fury Like a Quackbuster Scorned…

It’s tough being a quackbuster these days. They get no respect. Why should they?  

The North American public has identified the true intent of the stumbling, bumbling mini-cult that years ago, pompously paraded itself across North America as “The Quackbusters.”  Now, most places, they’re a joke.  And, they don’t seem to like that…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

North American health care is in disarray. The drugs/surgery paradigm has failed. Conventional health care is rated as the third largest killer of Americans – all by itself. Some think that the only thing that can improve the North American hospital system is a good fire.

I’m one of those. To me there is no excuse for an American going into a hospital for surgery, and then dying of an infection picked up in the Operating Room. Don’t surgeons wash their hands anymore? Where do they store their instruments? In a sewer?

Officially, North America is in a health disaster. In Canada, official health care is approved, and administered, by the government. In the U.S., official health care is approved, and administered, by Medicare and medical insurance – which means that North Americans “officially” are restricted to 10 to 15 year old medical offerings.

That doesn’t sit well with Americans, and action is being taken across the continent to fix that problem. What’s happening is a natural thing for Americans. They’re deciding on their own, what’s good and bad in health care. And, the decisions they make are driving a new industry into the forefront – the “Health Industry.”  So, unofficially, or outside the system, we’re doing fine.

Don’t misconstrue the “Health Industry” as a spin-off of the old drugs/surgery paradigm. It is completely different – typically American – and is driving the drugs/surgery mendicants into panic mode.  And, it should…

What’s really happening is that a specific difference is appearing between the new “Health” paradigm and the old “Medicine.” The new “Health” proponents want to make you, and keep you, healthy. If something is wrong with you, then you find the cause, get rid of it, restore your health, and go on to bigger and better things. Typical American thinking.

“Medicine,” however, is an entirely different story. It’s a story of mega-greed, sleaze, predatory acts, payoffs, backroom deals, manipulations – and suffering and death for it’s victims. One of those victim groups are American Seniors, who have been convinced that they need to have an average 18 prescription drugs in their bodies, at any one time. Another are American children who are ruthlessly injected with poisonous vaccines now, at birth, and then if the survive that, they can look forward to “the school nurse” jamming them on Ritalin, etc., if they giggle in class once too often. A drug-dependent society.  They don’t want to “cure” you, they want to “treat” you – endlessly.

Nope. Not for Americans. We’ve got better things to do.

And this action on the part of Americans, of course, upsets the quackbusters. In their minds, we’re supposed to do what we’re told. After all, doesn’t Stephen Barrett tell us all how to properly think, on his website www.quackwatch.com? How dare we defy him?

Insert rude noise here…

If you’re not up to speed on who these quackbusters actually are – then click on this “Who are these quackbusters?…” and all will be revealed.



A couple years back,  top quackbuster propagandist Stephen Barrett, a failed MD who describes himself as “a retired Psychiatrist,” took it upon himself to attack the age-old Chiropractic profession. He began to talk as though he knew something about it – drawing, I guess, on his life experiences as a part-time MD, full-time quackpot.

Barrett, particularly took in interest in one Tedd Koren, a well known Chiropractic advocate, author, and seminar leader. Barrett, of course, did the usual “sliming” of Koren on his dubious website www.quackwatch.com. But more. When Koren was unimpressed with Barrett’s churlish sliming, Barrett, apparently then contacted an ally of his in the offices of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Then the fun began.

The FTC, or at least Barrett’s buddy, began to send Koren letters demanding that he (Koren) stop publishing criticisms of vaccines, etc.

Huh? Since when did the FTC acquire the right to tell people what they could, or couldn’t, say in America?

The assault against Koren went on for a couple years, and Koren withstood. Then two things changed: (1) Washington attorney, and my friend, Jim Turner, jumped into the fray. (2) The Bush administration began to take a hard look at Federal agencies, and what they were up to.

That combination was the end for Barrett’s ally at FTC. FTC dropped the action against Koren, and transferred the offending employee to Federal Siberia. So much for quackbuster influence…

But apparently Barrett was livid that Koren was able to slap down his FTC flunky so easily, and so thoroughly. Now Barrett has filed a suit against Koren. So now, I guess, Tedd Koren, and his attorney Jim Turner, are going to get to slap Barrett himself around.

Barrett’s going to get stomped, one more time…

You can find Tedd Koren’s ongoing commentary at http://www.korenpublications.com.


Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate