Evergreen College – What the US Democratic Party Has Become…

Transsexuals With Baseball Bats…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


America is beset by problems.  Our Health Care system does not work, is horribly expensive, and is destroying our national economy.  Our unemployment rate is horrendous.  Young people out of college cannot find work and are faced with massive loans they can never pay off.  We have State and Federal agencies trying to force vaccines on us all.  The list of America’s problems is almost endless.

One group, the Trump people, are actively trying to fix ALL of these problems and the system that let America get into this situation.

The other group, the liberal Democrats, those that LOST the election are focusing on anything, and everything, made-up-issues, to try to stop the repair process and focus America on nonsense.

I am about to focus on one of those made-up issues, and the way the liberal Democrat structure handles things – Evergreen College and what happened there.  This story is sickening – but true.

I will show you EXACTLY what the liberal Democrat entity has become.  The photo above is worth ten thousand words…

A New Beginning…

America woke up one morning to find that things were not as they appeared.

They found that the US Main Stream Media (MSM) had failed in its job to alert Americans about what was really happening, and that the media had their own reasons for that presentation, and that those reasons, and the results, were NOT good for America.

Perhaps the awareness began in a Barber Shop in the MidWest, maybe in a Hair Salon down south, maybe in a Church basement at a Bingo Game, maybe in a retirement community in Florida or Arizona, maybe in a Police Before-Shift meeting, maybe at a VFW meeting, maybe at an Elk’s Lodge, maybe in an unemployment line…

Wherever it started the awareness grew – for Americans talk to each other….

Every minute of every day…

The idea that liberal Democrats try to sell, that America is a huge white racist pot of HATRED is sheer nonsense.  Every military veteran out on the street knows that that crap does not fly – for they have carried, or have been carried by, people-of-other-colors out of a battle zone.  Their color-in-common is red – the color of blood.  THAT is a life-time bond.  We veterans understand that VERY well.

America WAS being taken down a DIFFERENT path – we were being manipulated into a Marxist global economy, with the full intent of stripping America’s power base, impoverishing our citizens, getting rid of our jobs, de-sexing our children (so we can never form a military again), and destroying our heterosexual Judeo/Christian family societal base.

The primary tool to achieve that is now, and has been, the US Democratic Party.  They were on a road to success until the late evening of November 8th, 2016 when, shock-of-all-shocks, we the American people went to the polls and said:

It is Time For the “Adults” to Take Back America…

And, we did…

Ever since that fateful evening of November 8th, we’ve seen the results of the implosion of the US Democratic Party – the group that believed it had Hillary’s election in the bag – and that the FULL DESTRUCTION of America as a separate family nation, was imminent.

The opposite is now true – and the re-construction of America, and all that it means, is happening before our eyes.  The Democrats are having to wear diapers, so-to-speak – For their vision of a completely homosexually controlled America has failed…

What We Are Seeing at Evergreen is Just a Symptom…

Evergreen College is in Olympia, Washington.  The State of Washington is one of the three Western States known as The Left Coast.”  

There, in those three States, visiting business people should bring their own water, for if they drink the local stuff, they might wake up the next morning as a liberal Democrat; eager to create a new public agency to over-regulate their own business, raise taxes, spit on white people, or buy a load of drugs or sex with a foreign child from an illegal alien in a Sanctuary City.  You just never know…

Here, on “The Left Coast” sits UC Berkeley, which, as we all know, is supposed to be Planet Earth’s bastion of liberal Democracy.

Recently, of course, we found that Berkeley’s 2017 view of “liberal Democracy” does NOT extend to “Free Speech” like it used to.  There, very recently, Conservative Americans were beaten, attacked, and shut down in their efforts to speak at Campus Events.

More, Berkeley management went along with it, giving this lawlessness a big boost.  This fact tells us all, of course, that the term “liberal Democrat” actually, in 2017, translates to “Stalinist Totalitarianism.”

But Evergreen College Took “Liberal Democratism” to New Heights… 

Or new lows…

Evergreen College is very clearly run by a group of Transsexuals with Baseball Bats.  Doubt that?  Watch the videos (more than one) of these people telling Evergreen College’s President what to do, including when to pee, and where to put his arms when he is talking to them – and watch him COMPLY.  They had LOCKED the Evergreen management, and faculty, into a room.  Evergreen management, and faculty, ACCEPTED this and DID NOT call the police.  Why?

Why is this video, and others covering different parts of the event, so important?  Because they show, very clearly, what a liberal Democrat run operation REALLY LOOKS LIKE.

(1)  Look, for instance, at the Staff of Evergreen.  These people are role model “teachers?

(2)  Look at the out-of-control screaming students in the meeting with school officials.  The University obviously ENCOURAGES this kinds of personal behavior in meetings with students.  Where was the Washington State National Guard?

(3)  Look at the President of the University.  Who puts a wimp like this in charge of a group of young people trying to get an education?  Let’s get General Mike Flynn in here on temporary assignment.  He’s available…

(4)  Transsexual Students ORDERING WHITE PEOPLE OFF CAMPUS?   Oh yeah?

(5)  Evergreen Teaching Staff backs up Transsexual’s Demands, and APPROVE of student’s attacks on WHITE Professor who said “NO” to being forced off Campus?  They want the WHITE Professor disciplined?  We are paying these  nutbag’s salaries?  

(6)  Evergreen Teaching Staff backs up Transsexual’s Demands to “fire” the white professor because he went to the media and that would, in the minds of the Staff,  bring “white supremacists” to campus?  We are paying these nutbag’s salaries?

(7) Evergreen College management ALLOWED a group of transsexuals to roam the campus, with baseball bats, attacking white students – and made no attempt to arrest them.  Their ONLY action was to write a Policy Memo “discouraging” the use of baseball bats.  Are you kidding me?

(8)  Evergreen College management CLOSED the campus ONLY after there was a threat of retaliation to the attacks on whites.  They didn’t care one bit about the attacks on whites.  They obviously were, and are now, encouraging HATRED  and violence against white people…  Why does this hatred and racism teaching College have ANY funding at all?

Here’s one of the videos:

Starting at 0:50 through 1:56 is an interesting part, but a little hard to hear, where the transsexual ringleader “Jameel” is telling the group how to lock the college administration and faculty into the room “until they meet our demands.”  His words:

“The priority is, that THEY stay in that room.  They are in that room because we did something wrong. So we have to watch that door, watch all the doors. watch the windows, we need to keep eyes on them.  And somebody needs to go in that room to make sure that there is no way they can get out of there.  That’s the number one priority until we get our demands met.  The second priority is that I don’t believe the cops are coming.  If they were to come we need to manage (unintelligible…)

How’d The liberal Democrats Get To this Point?

There’s an interesting article I read in advocate.com called “The 50 Most Influential LGBT People in the Media.”  In that article the LGBT community BRAGS that they CONTROL the leftist media.

Controls the leftist media?  Yup.  These are the people who use a “Media” baseball bat…

Here’s WHO they claim they have and WHAT they claim:

Rachel Maddow – As host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, not only has Maddow distinguished herself as a leading political voice, she also helms the anchor desk during the biggest news moments and has redefined the entire network in her wonky image.

Harvey Levin – Don’t write off TMZ. Between the site and the TV show alone, Levin’s gossip powerhouse mercilessly reaches millions of people daily and has broken the news everyone talks about — would we even know about Ray Rice’s elevator violence without TMZ?

Rachel Roberts – The author, cancer survivor, and Good Morning America anchor is beloved by the millions of people who watch the leading morning news show. But don’t take our word for it — the Q Score numbers back it up.  

Anderson Cooper – Although his syndicated talk show didn’t catch fire, Cooper is the rare versatile personality who can host an unpredictable New Year’s Eve telecast and still report from the most dangerous places in the world for his nightly hourlong program and then take viewers deep into a story for 60 Minutes.  

Jonathan Capehart – This well-liked Washington Post editorial writer is first a print opinion-shaper who also succeeds as an entertaining and insightful analyst during regular appearances on MSNBC.  

Dan Savage – This newspaper editor and often-activist is actually known best as a sex columnist despite having become an influential and frequently controversial voice on numerous LGBT topics. He cofounded the It Gets Better Project in 2010.  

Adam Moss  – Editor in chief, New York magazine. For a decade, Moss has served as editor in chief of New York magazine, where he helped shepherd the print tastemaker into the digital age with the launch of NYMag.com. (But we can’t find him on Twitter.)  

Don Lemon  – Anchor, CNN Newsroom – The CNN anchor and author is one of the most visible LGBT journalists of color on television, and he brings many of these intersections to the table when reporting (most recently, from protests in Ferguson, Mo.). 

Adam Nagourney – L.A. bureau chief, The New York Times – The influence that Nagourney wielded as a top-notch political correspondent persists even now as Los Angeles bureau chief.  

Sam Champion – Anchor and managing editor, the Weather Channel – One of America’s favorite forecasters was such a success at Good Morning America that he launched his own entry in the morning market at the Weather Channel, where he is also managing editor.  

LZ Granderson – Columnist, ESPN – Columnist LZ Granderson does not pull any punches when it comes to race, gender, or sexuality in his writing for ESPN or CNN, but he does it in a way that makes you smile as much as it makes you think.  

Pete Williams  – Justice correspondent, NBC News – When legal news breaks, Williams can be counted on to interpret what’s just happened. And when the Boston Marathon bombings happened, there was a moment when Pete Williams was trending on Twitter for his well-informed reporting.  

Steve Kornacki – Host, MSNBC’s Up – The Salon political writer started as a frequent guest of Rachel Maddow and eventually took over a weekend slot on MSNBC, making a name for himself with reporting on governor Chris Christie’s “bridgegate.”  

Kate Fagan – Writer, ESPN – ESPN contributor and columnist Kate Fagan writes about basketball (and gender and sexism and homophobia) from a place of knowledge and deep, personal appreciation.

Rose Arce – Producer, CNN – It isn’t only the people in front of the camera who make an impact, and CNN’s Arce is a Pulitzer Prize winner who proves it.  

Richard Berke  – Former executive editor, Politico – A longtime player at The New York Times, Berke moved on to another big name in political news — Politico — but departed this month in a disagreement over its future.  

Benoit Denizet-Lewis – Writer, The New York Times Magazine – He’s written some of the publication’s most-talked about LGBT pieces over the last decade (including his controversial stories about bisexuals). The Emerson College assistant professor is also a producer of the upcoming film Michael,based on his Times Magazine piece about his “ex-gay” friend.   

Charles Blow  – Columnist, The New York Times – Blow is The New York Times’ only columnist of color and is an an outspoken voice on issues of race in America, most recently confronting Fox’s Bill O’Reilly on Ferguson. He wrote recently in his memoir about his attraction to men.

“Media” Baseball bat wielders – every one…

And we have all seen them use them, haven’t we?

None of these people reported on what actually happened at Evergreen – did you notice that?

See anything wrong with all this?

Is this what happens when you store your homosexual in the same closet with your sporting goods?

Here is the World I Prefer to Live In…

Let the sound build… it is worth it.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


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