EU COURT: Vaccines CAN Be Blamed For Illnesses Without Absolute Proof!

YUP!  You read that right. 

by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


In a ruling just a few days ago, the highest court in the European Union ruled that despite the lack of scientific consensus on the issue, a vaccine could be considered defective if there was “specific and consistent evidence,” which includes the time between when the vaccination was given and the onset of a disease.

Also to be allowed is the individual’s previous state of health, the lack of any family history of the disease and a significant number of reported cases of the disease occurring following the vaccination.

The case started when a patient identified as J.W. was vaccinated against hepatitis B in late 1998-1999.  A year later he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease involving damage to the brain and the nervous system.  In 2006, he and his family sued vaccine-maker Sanofi Pasteur in an attempt to be compensated for the damage they claim he suffered due to the vaccine.  Mr. J.W. died in 2011.

The French Court of Appeal ruled there was no causal link between hepatitis B vaccine and MS and dismissed the case.

The AP wire service story about this story stated that numerous studies have found no relationship between the hepatitis B shot and MS.

The case went to France’s Court of Cassation, and then brought to the EU’s European Court of Justice.

In the statement from the EU, it was noted that such factors could lead a national court to conclude that “the administering of the vaccine is the most plausible explanation” for the disease and that “the vaccine therefore does not offer the safety that one is entitled to expect.”

Courts must be sure that evidence is “sufficiently serious, specific and consistent to warrant the conclusion,” and include arguments from the vaccine’s manufacturer.  The court’s decision is not a ruling in J.W.’s case but offers guidance for all EU courts considering similar cases.

CNN coverage of this story included the following:

Peter Openshaw, president of the British Society for Immunology and professor of experimental medicine at Imperial College London, said “it is very concerning that the European Court of Justice has ruled that judges can consider whether a vaccination led to someone developing a medical condition, even if there is no scientific evidence to support this.”

 “The scientific evidence does not support a link between the hepatitis B vaccine, or any other vaccine in current use, and multiple sclerosis,” he said. “To say that there is a link between any vaccine and multiple sclerosis and at the same time to admit that there is no scientific evidence of such a link is illogical and confusing to the public.”

The prior health of the patient, absence of family history and supposed close temporal relationship could all be coincidental, Fox said.

 “The only alleged evidence that would be worth taking seriously is the alleged numbers of other similar cases,” he said. “Those data should be capable of detailed case comparisons for consistency, and probably also orthodox epidemiological study.”

But without such a study, Fox added, “one might just as well say, ‘If this vaccine causes MS, then why is it that millions of people have been vaccinated and did not get MS? And why are there so many people with MS who have never had this vaccination?’ “

Here in the states…

By law, vaccine makers have no liability for their products.  Those injured or killed must throw themselves on the mercy of the Vaccine Court for compensation.  The so-called vaccine court is basically an administrative law process, where vaccine manufacturers are not involved. Two thirds of the applicants for compensation tend to be rejected and it is entirely inadequate for the vaccine death and damage we know exists.

Most parents of damaged children have to hope their medical insurance covers some of the added costs for health care and no one has yet calculated the cost of housing these vaccine-damaged people when their parents grow old and die.

Now with President Trump in office…

Convinced that vaccines cause autism and directing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to get to the bottom of the corruption of science at the CDC, we may finally get real about our vaccine policy.  Currently, 69 shots are mandatory for all children with Big Pharma pressing state legislators to eliminate ALL exemptions.

Conversely, while members of the EU do offer vaccines, 15 members have NO mandates at all and 14 members at least one, you can see that there is a wide variance in how public officials see the necessity for forced vaccination programs.

As for the hepatitis B vaccine, there are some particularly troubling issues.  Here in America, mandates for children were added despite the efforts of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a large and longstanding professional trade group that takes no money from Big Pharma.

According to testimony before Congress given in 1999 by Jane Orient, MD., Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which was planning to add Hepatitis B to the mandatory childhood schedule, Dr. Orient stated:

VAERS contains 25,000 reports related to hepatitis B vaccine, about one-third of which were serious enough to lead to an emergency room visit, hospitalization, or death.

 It is often assumed that only 10% of reactions are reported. (This committee has heard testimony about persons being actively discouraged from reporting, even if they are aware of the reporting system.) Thus, if there have been some 80,000 serious adverse reactions associated with 20 million doses of vaccine, the risk is about 4 in 1000.

She concluded:

Public policy regarding vaccines is fundamentally flawed. It is permeated by conflicts of interest. It is based on poor scientific methodology (including studies that are too small, too short, and too limited in populations represented), which is, moreover, insulated from independent criticism. The evidence is far too poor to warrant overriding the independent judgments of patients, parents, and attending physicians, even if this were ethically or legally acceptable.

The hepatitis B vaccine is given to day old infants here in America.

by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

One thought on “EU COURT: Vaccines CAN Be Blamed For Illnesses Without Absolute Proof!”

  1. There are a large number of causational factors here and it is often the case that the mercury in a vaccine is merely the “last straw” which brought about the collapse of a severely overloaded system.

    The causational issues with Multiple Sclerosis (medical jargon meaning “many scars”) are twofold:
    1) About 85% of the problem is accumulative mercury poisoning. Sufferers have, typically, large amounts of amalgam tooth fillings. Then a mercury containing vaccine is added and the maximum mercury tolerance of that person’s body is exceeded and the “many scars” begin to appear in the nervous system.
    2) About 15% is a very problematical mother/child relationship in which that child perceives itself to be a life threatening burden to the mother and suppresses its own needs in order to protect her and to ensure her survival. It is this latter which causes many multiple sclerosis patients to run away from any experience of successful treatment. Even though the mother may be long dead, the childhood perception that she will die if it becomes healthy and fulfilled is still running the show.

    From much experience, the correct procedure is to first remove the mercury and replace the tooth fillings with something much less deadly. I have known cases which first appeared in a wheel chair and, six weeks later, sent it back to the orthopaedic rental shop. That particular one became a demonstrator in a fitness studio 2 years later! ALL of the cases which I have seen over the years, display similar histories of large amounts of mercury bearing tooth fillings and, following the injection of a mercury loaded vaccine, the onset of multiple sclerosis symptoms.

    Once the mercury has gone, it becomes relatively easy to release the childhood trauma. Lots of mercury in the nervous system makes it very difficult for anyone to “change their mind-set”.
    It may well be this latter which brings about the “special” relationship with the hepatitis B vaccine.

    Hepatitis is a natural reaction to imposed or inherited anger. The typical hepatitis sufferer will have “taken over” the suppressed anger of one or both parents or have brought a load with them out of one their own previous incarnations or have taken an unreasonable load upon themselves in order to “save the life” of someone else.

    In all cases, due to the liver’s natural task of transforming anger, this is the organ which is most affected. Add to this the mercury which directly hinders the processing of the anger and the vaccine appears to be causational whereas it is merely the “last straw”.

    To help the liver discharge accumulated anger which cannot be normally processed, your body will generate micro-proteins which have the task of destroying those liver cells which are so informationally damaged by accumulated anger that they can no longer function as liver cells. This is what the medicos call “hepatitis” (Greek for inflamed liver. Why don’t medicos speak English? Because it would display their ignorance.)

    So, whichever way you look at it, adding a so called hepatitis vaccine to anyone’s system is a very bad idea.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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