In Eight Years the Obama-Nation Killed 164 Million Trees in California…

“Climate Change” is ALL FAKE – It is Engineered.  But why?

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


In November of 2016 the Los Angeles Times reported that 102 million trees had died, so far, in California’s forests due to the “drought.”  They quoted the head of the US Forest Service Region #5 saying that 62 million trees were dying every year because of that same “drought.”

Below we have a three-minute video produced by the US Forest Service that will blow your mind…

From the LA Times:

“102 million dead California trees ‘unprecedented in our modern history,’ officials say…

The number of dead trees in California’s drought-stricken forests has risen dramatically to more than 102 million in what officials described as an unparalleled ecological disaster that heightens the danger of massive wildfires and damaging erosion.

Officials said they were alarmed by the increase in dead trees, which they estimated to have risen by 36 million since the government’s last survey in May. The U.S. Forest Service, which performs such surveys of forest land, said Friday that 62 million trees have died this year alone.”

102 million already, plus this year’s 62 million, equals 164 million dead trees.

What Caused This to Happen?

ObamaDust – Every day starting at 7:00 AM – for EIGHT YEARS…

The “drought” in California was deliberate – eight years of spraying the California skies with whatever crud the liberal Democrats could load into unmarked airplanes crisscrossing California’s skies.

They created the daily chemical haze that, itself, created “high pressure areas” for the express purpose of STOPPING California’s normal rainy seasons.

California WAS America’s largest producer of food.  The Democrats tried to stop that – bringing in heavily chem-sprayed junk produce from third-world countries instead.

The Insane “Globalists” Wanted to shut Down California’s Economy…

Watch the three-minute US Forest Service video, just below, to see how much horrific damage the liberal Democrats did to California’s Forest, creating “fake climate change”

The mountains in California, predominantly National Parks and Forests, are the State’s PRIMARY water source.  By stopping the rain, by creating constant “high pressure areas” the Obama “fake climate change”  came VERY close to CREATING  a situation where the entire 1,200 mile long State could burn…

But Trump Reversed All of That…

He simply STOPPED the spraying.

Yosemite National Park looks like a torch ready to be lit off…

It rained this morning in the Santa Ana Mountains.  A gentle, soft, kiss of this Coastal Range.  It was a stray section of the “monsoons,” that come up from the Gulf of California, most usually wetting-down Arizona and New Mexico.  This year, with no constant spraying, we’ve enjoyed a moisture content here in Southern California, we haven’t felt since George W. Bush.

A few more years of Trump and we should have our atmosphere back, and we’ll be able to stand outside in the sun without skin damage?

One can only hope…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

14 thoughts on “In Eight Years the Obama-Nation Killed 164 Million Trees in California…”

  1. I was just asking others if they noticed no white lines in the sky lately. I’m in northern California and haven’t seen any. Yay

  2. I lived in the central valley area off and on from 2004 to 2013. They were doing chemtrails the whole time. It did increase over time.

  3. Although I do see chemtrails from time to time in the Inland Empire it’s nothing like in previous years. For multiple days in a row we’ll have deep blue skies and natural puffy white clouds. We had a thunderstorm late last night and some rain this morning.

  4. Tim, thank you for having the guts to address this openly, as still too many citizens, that don’t understand what is happening with atmospheric engineering, still sadly regard this as only a so called ‘ conspiracy theory’. Kudos for putting this out there.
    But in all fairness, I still am not sure that Obama can be given full credit for this ‘Obamadust’ as it definitely was occurring under Bush as well as Clinton. And though I wish (and hope) you are right that Trump is decreasing/ eliminating this tragic mess of playing God with our weather, where I live (Mid-Missouri USA) that is not the case. Two days ago our skies were absolutely blitzed, dozens and dozens of planes putting out foul black sooty aerosols that hung in the air after sundown and smelled like burnt rubber. I watched several of these guys(drones?) fly U-turns in the sky (we’re over a 100 miles from any major airport) polluting like their engines were on fire. This sky crap absolutely covered the sky, making colored rainbow sundogs and one could see it dripping/oozing out of the man made ‘clouds’.
    My understanding is this is happening virtually in ALL countries (except perhaps several Muslim ones that still have autonomy for now) and that it is a highly coordinated International effort and may come from way up above Trump. If so he may really be powerless to stop it. Also, though I agree there are WAY less days of this now (visable) compared to Obama’s reign, and many many U.S. citizens are also observing this, it has been speculated it is simply occuring at higher altitudes (much harder to see). What would make so many U.S. citizens believe Trump is ‘for real’ on this would be if he would simply acknowledge these efforts and OPENLY state what his stance is on this. That would make many many many of us so very happy. It would be a wonderful start. He got my respect with his selection of RFK Jr. on the vaccine TRAGEDY could he not do the same with ‘Geoengineering/atmospheric modification’.??

  5. I agree with you Tim, but they are still spraying in California where I live. Day before yesterday another pass by planes and today a freakish heat and JEAVY humidity followed by an even freakier 10 min downpour and thunder and lightening. There are planes up there spraying every week. Makes me think we are a test area for some new nefarious project. Our skies look like the old days when we were covered in smog, but it’s not smog

  6. The spraying where I live in Arkansas seems to have increased exponentially in the past year or two especially. Maybe I am just noticing it more, but it is terribly disheartening to look up and see the many lines crossing our skies.

  7. I’m up here in Del Norte county, and I haven’t seen anything resembling a chemtrail let alone any contrails. The only aircraft out of the ordinary local puddle jumpers, FEDEX and UPS aircraft are the military training / exercises or doing refueling.
    We finally got our weather back though, Lakes and reservoirs are full. Rains like I remember as a kid back in the mid-late ’60s. seemed like it rained constantly…

  8. To be honest it is not Obama who was flying those plains, right? What about actual pilots and those who loading this crap into air plains? If those “people” had brains they should ask what a hell? Why are we spraying on our fellow americans and our own children? Don’t you think Hitler will ever come to power if people of Germany wouldn’t support him? It is always us, THE PEOPLE, who let monsters to win! Dis you see what Italians, Polish and other European people did after mandates on vaccines ? MILLIONS were on the streets! And here – hundreds. I don’t believe that americans awake and they ever will be…… Trump won because of miracle.

  9. Was President Carter responsible for the California drought in 1977? And was President Regan responsible for the one in 1988? Enough of the inane, childish blame games!

  10. Michelle – Presidents Carter and Reagan did NOT spray California EVERY day for eight years – but nut-bag, Agenda-21-Crazy, Destroy-America, 54-gender-can’t-decide-which-bathroom-to-use Barack Hussein Obama did.

    Those “droughts” you described were part of a normal rain cycle. We DID NOT lose our forests then, and our farming industry was just fine.

    I think the spraying was ALL Agenda 21, and/or “Wildlands Initiative” (move everyone into the cities).

    But NOW all that is over. We are getting America back.

    Tim Bolen

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