Doctor’s Data Laboratory Files Federal Lawsuit Against Barrett, Quackwatch, NCAHF, Consumer Health Digest..

Stephen Barrett, who has no income of his own, he claims, had to go to his wife Judith the other day, I think, and say“Honey, I need an increase in my allowance this month.  I’m getting sued in Fed Court in Chicago now, and I’m going to need $250,000 this month as a retainer, and another $100,000 per month to pay for my Defense, for the next year, or so.”

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen  

On Friday June 18th, 2010 Doctor’s Data Laboratory filed an eleven count lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against Stephen J. Barrett, MD, the National Council Against Health Fraud Inc (NCAHF), Consumer Health Digest, and Quackwatch, Inc.


More, the last time I looked, the NCAHF was run out of a cardboard box in bobbie baratz’s hair removal salon in Peabody, Massachusetts.  I can’t even imagine where bobbie’s going to get Defense money.

The case charges the Defendants with (1) Lanham Act Violations – Restraint of Trade, Deceptive Business Practices, and Trademark Dilution, (2)  Trademark Dilution under the Illinois Trademark Registration and Protection Act, (3)  Violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, (4)  Violations of the Illinois Deceptive Trade Practices Act, (5)  Business Libel Per Se,  (6)  Business Libel Per Quod,  (7)  Tortuous Interference with Existing and Potential Business Relationships, (8)  Fraud or Intentional Misrepresentation, (9)  Civil Conspiracy, (10)  Corporate Officer and Board Member Personal Liability, (11)  Temporary and Permanent Injunctive Relief.

The Consumer Health Digest is, according to Barrett, a joint effort of quackwatch and the NCAHF, and is jointly edited by Barrett and William M. London.  London is employed by the California State University Los Angeles campus in the Health Sciences Department.

The lawsuit seeks $5,000,000 in damages and an additional $15,000,000 in punitive damages from the Defendants, temporary and permanent injunctions preventing re-occurrence, plus whatever else the Court deems suitable.

Of interest to my readers, I think, is that the last time Barrett got sued for Libel he used his homeowner’s insurance company to defend him.  However, I don’t think he will be able to do that this time.  More, Quackwatch, Inc, the corporation, is defunct.

I’ll get you a copy of the actual case early next week. It has 41 pages in the complaint, and seven Exhibits totaling 35 more pages.  And, it is not boring reading…

Stay tuned.  Much more to come…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate