“Big Pharma’s” Merkel And Her Final Betrayal – “The End” of Germany and Europe?…

It’s quite a while now since she announced her resignation. Why is she still in the chancellery?

Well, she has promised to perpetrate one last betrayal upon the German people before she finally goes to her promised reward.

From Germany by Karma Singh…

A couple of weeks back, the United Nations promulgated a compact requiring all nations to open their borders to the free in-flow of all migrants, whatsoever the grounds for leaving their native lands. Many countries, including the most powerful on Earth, have already rejected it. Merkel, however, is determined that this be visited upon the German peoples.

Merkel has a long history of betrayal and it is, perhaps, worthwhile here to take a brief look at her “achievements”.

2008/9 – she literally sold Germany to the bankers to “rescue” them from their self-created (and phantom) debt crisis. (Almost all, i.e. more than 99% of the money the bankers claimed to have “lost” never actually existed – it was just “creative bookkeeping”.)

Burg Eltz castle in Rhineland-Palatinate state, Germany. Construction started prior to 1157.

2012 she pledged the entire wealth of the people of Germany, i.e. house, garden, car, bank account and all else as “security” for the debts of every land in the Euro Zone. (She and the bankers knew, of course, that these were phantom debts, i.e. loans of money which had never existed. Such debts are the daily expression of “creative bookkeeping” and have nothing to do with real money.)

Further, in the same year, she gave everything that the Germans have into the ownership of the bankers in order to “rescue” the Euro!

2013-2017 she had new laws passed, often in unannounced sessions of the German Parliament at which far fewer members than the required quorum were present, to re-enact Gestapo laws, enable the confiscation of property by bureaucratic fiat, to give the banksters immunity from criminal and civil law, to grant the banksters a “right” to order your bank to confiscate the money on your account to cover the “phantom losses” which your bank may have made. All of these and more in contradiction to articles 1 – 3 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Angela Merkel’s “Open Door” Immigration Policy is flooding Germany with millions of migrants…

2016 onwards she inaugurated an illegal “open-door” policy for all migrants, gave many of them freedom from prosecution for criminal acts and, in short, created a two tier system for Germany in which the German people were given second place. She has continued to follow this subversion of the German culture by such things as forcing police authorities to accept economic migrants even though they have failed the police entrance examinations and many such similar “government by dictate contrary to law”.

To keep this hidden from the German people, a policy of suppressing the independent media (i.e. the 5% not owned and controlled by the banking cartel, pharmaceutical cartel and “friends”) by bureaucratic fiat confiscating their bank accounts, etc.. And much, much more: Those of an inquisitive mind set will, with diligence, find a very long list of Ferkel’s* illegal and criminal activities.

Now, for her swan song, those who have trusted her with their lives and their livelihood are to receive the final stab in the back:

I, as have probably you also, have noticed how the controlled media portrays this UN dictate as harmless and as having little to no effect upon Germany. The reason for this carefully manufactured lie is quite clear when one takes a close look at what has been going on around the world over the last two decades.

There are around 3 Billion people on this World living at or below the poverty line. Very, very many look with jealousy upon the wealth of the people in Europe, the USA and Australasia.

Merkel has presented Germany as a “soft target” for such for some years even, according to as yet unverified reports, personally addressing unemployed Third World youth asking them to make their way to Germany.

Given the fact that around 2 million mostly economic migrants have taken the roads to Germany even though immigration was illegal and the countries in between were not welcoming a very large (but undisclosed!) number have been given free rein in Germany.

Were the UN “open borders” dictate to be ratified by Germany, it is by no means an unreasonable assumption that 20 million economic migrants would make their way, assisted by Soros organisations, to Germany. This would bring about the final collapse of the German economy and the German culture; the desired objective of the Ferkel’s* bosses at the banking cartel.

Now, it is wise to take a look at why the banksters want to destroy Europe’s economic power house.

It appears to make no sense to destroy their main hope of continuing to steal the wealth created by the German people. If, however, you take a longer look, it does make sense.

The often, in public, declared objective of the owners of the banking cartel is to become the owners of the entire planet and the owners of the rest of humanity. To achieve this it is necessary that the “resilient” cultures of the World be destroyed.

Tony Blair successfully destroyed the cohesion of the British people. Obama bin Barak made great strides in this direction with America. This process should have been completed by Hilary Clinton creating a nuclear war with Russia in March of 2017. The American people, however, rejected this course and voted in the “outsider” Donald Trump who, since taking office, has set about reversing all the damage that Obama did.

Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin

Under Yeltsin, the bankers took complete control of Russia and destroyed its economy. The Russian people then elected Vladimir Putin who set about reversing all the damage that the bankers had done. Just this year, the last of the bankers was ejected from Russia and all debt eliminated.

The above, incidentally, is why you only hear negative reporting about Trump and Putin in the controlled press.

So, what cultures are left over? China and Germany.

For historical reasons having to do with the Tang and the Dragon Families, it has proved very difficult for the bankers to gain any degree of control in China. This leaves Germany.

Twice in the last 104 years, the bankers tried to destroy Germany by military means. Neither attempt succeeded because the German people bounced back and re-built their land. So, the bankers have decided, the German culture itself must be destroyed by flooding the country with tens of millions of ill-educated economic migrants all expecting to be given a German standard of living. The inevitable result is a civil war in which many, many millions will die and the German culture disappear for ever.

Make no mistake, the intended flood of migrants will happen because the banker backed Soros organisations will see to it that the necessary tens of millions will be promised a better life in Germany and given financial and logistical support to go there.

This is to be the Ferkel’s* final legacy.

The necessary legislation to ratify the migration pact was passed in the German parliament in which, curiously enough, exactly 666 members took part in the vote. At the vote, it was said that it would only be signed into law in the Autumn of 2019 to allow time for a judicial review. After the vote, Ferkel* decreed that it would be signed into law as a matter of highest priority by the 11th of December this year.

Twice in the last few years, most recently in September 2018, the International Court in The Hague has ruled that the Federal Republic of Germany has no standing before the court because it is not a state but merely an administrative body operating under the aegis of the allied victors following the Second World War.

In Ramstein, the largest US military base in Germany, in 2009 the then president Obama gave a speech to American troops in which, in answer to questions, he reiterated that “Germany is an occupied land and will remain so.”

This is in accord with legal opinion in Germany amongst those who have done the necessary research. Ferkel refuses to answer any question upon this!

It would seem, therefore, that “Our Donald” has the authority to save Germany by vetoing Ferkel’s last act of betrayal. Will he do so?

Next year sees the centenary of the last German uprising. Although it deposed the Kaiser, it achieved very little else because no plan had been made about what to do if the uprising succeeded and so the previous ruling powers changed a few faces and continued as before.

*Ferkel is the German word for piglet.

From Germany by Karma Singh…

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7 thoughts on ““Big Pharma’s” Merkel And Her Final Betrayal – “The End” of Germany and Europe?…”

  1. while some info in this article appears to be true, the ultimate conclusion is so subjective and without any validation. just pure bigotry which is what this blog has become along with support of an elitist, nationalist; ie, fascist political tendency. and you wonder why so many anti-vax people refuse to work with you.

  2. tamarque — exactly. I read this blog to try to understand the mindset that minorities and refugees have to deal with. Bolen is certainly right about vaccines, but then he, like Trump, has no compassion for those who have suffered the ill effects of a corporatist food supply, economy and healthcare, among them the disabled, LBQT and young people who are just trying to survive and get an education, with everything being MUCH more expensive than just 25 years ago, and wages having risen hardly at all in the same time span. And not because of immigrants.

  3. The “migrants” are the invading armies in disguise. Wake up people.

    Is Angela Merkel a fallen angel shapeshifter?

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