Barrett’s “Back” BROKEN (figuratively speaking)…

Say goodbye to the “HealthFraud Discussion list.” The lid’s been put on the cesspool.

Opinion by Tim Bolen

In a message, the other day, members of the “HealthFraud Discussion List” were informed that the list would cease operation August 31st, 2001. They didn’t say why they were shutting the list down. But, I suspect that it’s because they got named in the lawsuit filed against Barrett, et al, by New Century Press (NCP). Details of the suit can be found at Commentary at

What do you bet they have “An Accident” with the archives – all those years of evidence, “accidently” deleted?

The list, used by Barrett and his parrotts, to bash leading-edge health practices that spurned the use of mega-dangerous drugs in favor of more natural remedies, has long been pointed at by the the forces of GOOD, as a gathering place for society’s vile, and bile…

It looks to me that Barrett used the list to reinforce his crude, and uneducated opinions about non-drug therapies. After sending an inquirer (victim) to his own words on his own website on a subject, Barrett then directed them to the “HealthFraud list” for so-called further “expert advice.” There, one of his parrotts (frequently Bobbie Baratz), would pontificate on a subject he also new little or nothing about, to the unaware victim.

No studies have been done to determine if anyone was injured, or died, due to Barrett, et al’s activities.

I think Stevie Barrett probably forgot to tell his parrots that someday their words could come back to haunt them.

Now, is the time.

Tim Bolen