Are Barrett’s Handlers About to Buy Off Terry Polevoy?

The quackbuster operation is having its woes these days.  It seems that everywhere they turn there is another fire to put out.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch… 

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

This particular fire is going to cost Stephen Barrett‘s handlers over $450,000 US dollars – I’ll explain below.

And, much more is coming their way.  As well it should.

A few months ago I wrote an article “Is Terry Polevoy the Information Source for Doctor’s Data?…” suggesting that, perhaps, Canada’s Terry Polevoy might be an information source for the attorneys representing Doctor’s Data against Stephen Barrett, Quackwatch, inc, and the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF).  Frankly, I was joking – for no way would I believe that Polevoy was smart enough to figure out, or use, that kind of lever in his case against his former Co-Plaintiffs in the Barrett v Clark case.

That is – until he, Polevoy, got the idea from the article I wrote.  (smile here).

Realize that EVERY quackbuster reads my articles.  It’s the only way they can keep up with what’s really going on – for they cannot rely on their own information network for anything other than the official propaganda line.  And, as Polevoy found out the hard way, there is no honor among thieves.  Polevoy got left holding the bag so to speak, in the Barrett v Clark case – where he ended up with a Court ordered Defendant’s legal bill for $311,000 (now up to $450,000, with interest) in his lap.

Terry Polevoy is suing the attorney, Christopher Grell and twenty “John Does,” to get out from under that debt, claiming that Grell and Stephen Barrett conspired to shift the debt over to him, from themselves.  Now, that case has approached the “Discovery” phase, and SUDDENLY (smile here, once again) attorney Grell, who is being accused in that case of not answering “Discovery” demands is begging for “Mediation” rather than be Deposed himself, or having Stephen Barrett Deposed.

(A belly laugh is fully appropriate here).

Why is it (sarcasm intended) that quackbusters are so allergic to answering a few questions?  On video tape?

The DANGER to the quackbusters…

The Defendant who got an Attorney Fee Judgment, Ilena Rosenthal, against the Plaintiffs Grell, Stephen Barrett, and Terry Polevoy is angry – as well she should be.  Ilena claims the Plaintiffs harassed her all through the suit, even sending thugs to find her, and frighten her – and, harassing her business partners and associates.  She, and her attorneys, are on a mission – period.  They intend to get the money – one legal way or another.

I have suggested some courses of action to them that I thought might be appropriate.  For instance,

(1)  I did point out that Terry Polevoy could be court-required to give blood, weekly, at a place where they pay fifty dollars a pint.  If he gave two pints a week he could have the debt paid off in 86.3 years (without interest added).  After a month or so Polevoy could get movie bit parts playing a vampire victim, sans make-up, for more collectible income.

(2)  Then too I suggested to Ilena that perhaps she should sell off pieces of the Judgment, say in five or ten thousand dollar segments, at a discount, to interested Canadians (Polevoy victims) who would be in an easy position to collect – maybe twenty of them.  They could have fun “collecting” Polevoy’s car, his shoes, his stapler… his little red wagon…  You know – something to do on a dull Saturday, or a Tuesday?

But, let’s be reaIistic.  Any money that changes hands in the Polevoy v Grell and twenty John Does, case is going to be immediately claimed by Ilena Rosenthal‘s attorneys, and they don’t have to negotiate anything.  They have a Judgment, amounting to about $450,000 US – which is good forever.  They can hound Polevoy beyond his grave.  In short, Polevoy needs $450,000 US to make Ilena back off.  So, Polevoy’s Mediation is, in legal language, going to pretty much say “gimmee the money, asshole…”  Mediation is not going to change the amount owed.  Not at all.

If the Polevoy v Grell case goes into Discovery phase then keep in mind that the Doctor’s Data v Stephen Barrett Federal Court case is running strong and every bit of that Discovery is subject to Federal subpoena.  It won’t matter if there is a confidential settlement – the Federal Court can simply order the records unsealed.

And will Doctor’s Data want this Discovery?  Yup.

So, what will probably happen?

My guess is that there will soon be money in Polevoy’s hands to pay off Ilena Rosenthal – Every bit of that $450,000 US.  Stephen Barrett, and the nineteen other “John Does,” simply cannot be dragged into Depositions that would tie their activities into the assault against Doctor’s Data.

So, where will the money come from?  Well, maybe Doctor’s Data will subpoena THAT information, eh?

Things are getting VERY interesting.

So, stay tuned.  There is more coming.  Much more.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate